Something funny

The Burro is powerful. I have not figured out if it has something to do with the imagery of Juan Valdez, one of the most recognizable Colombian icons, but every time the Burro leaves a snarky remark, I feel like the voice of God has come down from the heaven and told me my blog really sucks. Just as my post yesterday attempted to spark the curiosity of people to read a book that I found quite interesting, he has to come and tell me hey what cult did you join. As I start to argue with a Burro, I think, why am I giving this quadruped any importance… could it be because I respect Daniel’s opinion. I then come to my senses and think of my tally of wining, “You know how I know you are gay” arguments with Daniel, and think of Donkey from Shreck when Burro makes a comment.

People seem to be very afraid of ideologies. Once someone has picked one, it sticks to them like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. It makes them impossible for them to be eloquent in anything different and arguments are diminished to third grade level my daddy is cooler than yours. It is as silly as making me being all excited about how maybe reading more books in a certain subject could make me quicker at judging something, comparable to Jonestown. While I am not suggesting that the Burro is as extreme as the people plotting to kill a cartoonist for making fun of Muhammad, I do feel persecuted for making my post about something positive compared to joining the ranks of the followers of Xenu.