Root for the home team!


I learned to dislike band wagon jumpers during the 90’s thanks to Bret Favre and his cheese heads. You have no idea how many people from the Chicago area automatically became Packers fans. While it did get me more interested in football, it did create a solid dislike for that team. It is great to have a good rivalry in sports… then you move!

Barcelona beating Chelsea is not easy thing to do, but they did it and they are now going to face Manchester United. To the people that don’t follow soccer it means nothing, I could be pulling names out of a hat. It is very significant for these clubs to be playing in the UEFA cup. It will be an exciting match to watch, however, those are two of my favorite soccer teams.

When I lived in Michigan I did not pick up any teams to root for, and it was not because they all sucked, the Pistons did win a championship while I was there. However, since Jordan left the game I have not cared much for basketball. This season is the first time that I even payed attention as the Bulls made a run that almost took the Celtics out… but that fizzled.

I have seen both the Royals and the Chiefs play in their side to side stadiums now a couple of times each. I also saw the Royals crush Detroit last time I was there. I saw Greinke do some amazing pitching and enjoyed every second of that game. I have been toying with the idea of actually picking up the teams, both of them as teams I root for… but until I heard of Barca vs Man U I did not make the decision final.

The Bears are my favorite football team and well, you cannot understand what being a Cubs fan is like unless you are one and have been to Wrigley field. However, they are both in different divisions than both the Chiefs and the Royals. The probability of the teams facing each other in a final is possible and maybe even probable this season, but the decision is not a hard one. I know who I would be rooting for.

As Barca faces Man U I will be wearing my Barcelona shirt. The decision was simple to make, it did not require thinking. So I am officially becoming both a Royals and Chiefs fan… and I hope I don’t catch any heat for jumping in the Royals bandwagon, but come on, how can you blame me… This Saturday it could be SEVEN! Go Royals!