Caliente Closed

My favorite spot in KC is now closed. The wife and I noticed that they were closed last time we were at the legends, but we hoped it was only a temporary thing. I loved Caliente because it had excellent food and you could dance to good music by resident DJ Jalapeno, who happens to be someone I actually know. I did get the feeling that the place was not being wisely managed because the bartenders were on the rude side. That told me that management was never really around to control or take care of that.

Here is the information I found thanks to the Kansas City Star:

Now the new CalienteCuban Restaurant is in trouble.

Legends of KC, the legal name of the Legends at Village West complex at Interstate 435 and State Avenue in Kansas City, Kan., has sued the Caliente Legends company, plus Kerry Duffin, Herman Duffin, Darin Duffin, Peter Castillo and Thomas Gray, in Wyandotte County

The Legends says Caliente, which opened July 25, has not paid rent since July 22, the commencement date of the lease.

On Nov. 14 the Legends told Caliente to leave if rents weren’t paid by Nov. 17. Caliente has refused, according to the lawsuit, and the Legends puts its damages at $99,975 as of Nov. 14, with costs and damages accruing. It also is asking for legal expenses.

Kerry Duffin referred calls to his attorney, who did not return phone calls.

Caliente has other legal troubles. Numerous liens have been filed against the company. The lawsuit mentions several: Arrowhead Drywall Supplies for $13,271 (but Arrowhead said it received $4,000 of that this summer); American Fire Sprinkler Corp. for $30,314; Desco Coatings Inc. for $7,784; and DMA Electric Inc. for $124,793.

According to the Legends, the restaurant’s last operating date was Dec. 6. Customers concerned about holiday parties scheduled at the restaurant and who cannot reach Caliente management can call Legends management at 913-788-3700.

It is a shame the place closed, but I could almost see it coming. That area of the legends already has enough restaurants, and with two other Spanish places opening right next door it was going to spell tough competition. The sad part is that most people never realized what being a Cuban restaurant meant and kept on trying to get chips and salsa. I guess I am going to have to find another place to get some good “ropa vieja” sandwiches at and where to get my salsa on… but it will probably not be in the same building. Their my space says that they are coming to KCMO, but that remains to be seen.