Mt Dew Is Evil

I first heard of Mountain Dew Mouth on an ABC news report. I am not sure if the news reporting was sound or not, but it was a little scary to think that whole communities are addicted to something that can cause so much harm. While some of it comes down to personal choice just like smoking, I find it troubling that people can be as ignorant as to give MtDew to a toddler.

My Dad worked for Postobon, the distributor of Pepsi back in Colombia. I am very familiar with the whole process of making carbonated drinks. I have visited the bottling plants so many times that I lost count. I did a couple of school projects on how the production works, heck I even almost crash one of the delivery trucks when one of the drivers told me to move it forward when I was 12 and I was not familiar with air breaks. I love pop and have been drinking it for years, however, it never caused me any harm (besides getting me fat) until I started to drink MtDew.

I discovered MtDew during college. This was before there was Redbull and the whole energy drink craze. I used it sparingly to stay awake. However, it became a habit during my first job. It was a start up company where we had to do everything from programming from running big printers. We worked long hours and there I had my only 30 hour work day when some servers went down. I drank MtDew like it was water mostly because the fridge at work was always full of it.

I started to have horrible stomach pains every time I drank it. At first I thought it was the caffeine, but I could drink coffee with no problem. Since back then I have very rarely drank MtDew anymore. My only recent memory about the product was the whole uproar in the gaming community when they changed the flavor of Diet MtDew.

It was very sad to see what look like so many kids addicted to MtDew. It is a parent’s responsibility to keep stuff like this from a toddler’s mouth. Dentist seem to think that this is the worse soft drink because of its acidic content combined with sugar, not even taking into account the high amount of caffeine. The other part that troubled me about the report was that it insinuated that MtDew is used as an antidepressant because of it caffeine & sugar high it gives people.

I don’t know if Pepsi set out to create the most addicting and damaging soft drink, we have discovered that tobacco companies did work on making cigarettes even more addicting. I am also not a conspiracy theorist that believe that it can lower your sperm count, even though it is a scary thought that teens now think it can be used as a form a contraceptive. I guess watch you have to watch your teenager’s MtDew consumption for several reasons now.

I do believe that it is personal responsibility and education that can prevent this kind of things from happening. Any product out there can be abused, it is just a matter of knowing when to stop. I know that MtDew will never be part of my regular diet, but talking about it makes me want to go get one from the vending machine. I think my swimmers will be just fine.