Oh Noes! Britney’s Sister is Preggers!

I am so tired of people being called role models… just because someone is on TV it does not make them role models. The media is so two faced about the whole thing too, they are the one actually telling everyone that the girl is pregnant.

We live in a TMZ crazed society where even our kids are more interested about what celebrities are doing than who is going to be the next president of the country.

I personally say, who cares if she is pregnant or not… isn’t she an actress… the actors from when I was growing up had drug problems and even worse, but I did not find out until the True Hollywood story. I guess they ran out of material for that so instead of waiting until the person either crashes or redeems themselves we want the play by play.

Our addiction with celebrity voyeurism probably started when OJ’s chase was on TV and then the following trial… but I seriously think we need to just go to rehab and stop caring about what those people do with their lives. In the end, who cares… if you are not a mentor to your kid and chose to have the TV as a babysitter… turn off the TV and don’t expect Nickelodeon or any network to make the parenting decisions for you.