American Gladiators

American Gladiator Titan

American Gladiators premiered last night. It still has all the charm of the gladiators I remember watching when I was younger. They seemed to have tried to keep everything that was good from the original from the corny names to the best events.

I was very surprised to see Laila Ali as a host and not so surprised to see the Hulk. I compare the Hulk’s commentary to Madden’s in the sense that they both try to be serious but sound hilarious. They did move things along and I was very pleased with Ali’s skills as a host.

The challenges are a mix of new and old, some of the stuff even borrowed from the Ninja Warrior, and MXC aka Takeshi Castle. It think they even borrowed the voice of the main announcer. I also swear that the main referee is the same one that appeared on Dodgeball, but IMDB did not confirm it for me. I was glad to see hang tough and powerball come back. One of the funnest to watch beside the eliminator is the pyramid where the contestants are just totally outranked in size by the gladiators.

The gladiators are hilarious, Titan looks like a real live Ken doll on steroids because he looks almost made out of plastic (as pictured above). Wolf and Toa are totally made to be characters that just grunt and howl but Wolf seems to forget and talk once in a while. The only shame is the Hellga was not on more, We want Hellga!!!

The show is actually going to be on tonight on their regular time slot of 8/7 c so watch it, there is really nothing else on TV. It is pure dumb fun entertainment, you will laugh for sure.