Carole Rule is a Handwriting Expert who is available as a speaker, analyst or teacher of Graphology, which is the science of interpreting handwriting. She has a blog called Your Handwriting Explained and before the last round of the Handwriting Meme we have never crossed path. She did a handwriting analysis for me and here are the results.


From your writing I can tell even without having read in your blog that English is your second language from some of your phrasing and letters.

Even your cursive is a print and cursive style called print script and an indication of a fast mature mind. The fairly fast writing sometimes becomes illegible because of the openness of the oval letters and the stretching of others.

Loyal to your family, friends and employer you expect the same in return and if they let you down you may continue your association but never fully trust them again.

Independent and preferring to do things your own way you will procrastinate, putting off jobs you don’t want to do until the last possible moment and then you run the risk of making mistakes.

You do like to talk and will listen to others ideas and opinions but it will be hard for them to change yours.

Decisions for you are based on facts, logic and how they will or will not affect you. Emotional appeals made to you have no chance

You use the th combination of a person who is able to convey information to others in an understandable way.

You like to talk and would especially enjoy reminiscing with friends or family about growing up. But you need your space to relax and unwind.

Usually an optimistic person you see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

I was surprised at how accurate this was. While some of it could be called general and applicable to many people, it did really apply to me or at least how my personality is by nature. The thing is that we all change behaviours to correct certain behaviours. The thing that jumps at me the most is procrastination. It is something that I do no like in other people and therefore I correct on myself. I have task list both in my head and written down that are prioritized by importance rather than for what I want to do, which is what I think everyone would do if given the chance.

The loyalty thing was the one that really took me back a couple of steps. I did not think that someone could read that from my handwriting, not even from reading my blog. Anyone that knows me IRL for a while will be able to tell you how high I put trust in my list of values for those around me.

The more I thought about this analysis, the more I found uses for it. I think the one that jumped to my mind right away was an interview tool. When you interview people for a job, you have to make several snap judgements based on reactions to what you say or ask. I think having an applicant write a page essay about maybe a childhood experience, how they handled a high stress situation or a past project at work, could then be analyzed. I am not sure if it is something that is feasible, but I think having a handwriting expert give you a report even as short as this one could be used in conjunction with what your perception was during an interview.