Same Sex Marriage

Sunday, Miss California might have thrown away the chance to become Miss USA. She certainly did not get “fabulous” Perez Hilton’s vote. While I could sit here and talk about the legitimacy of an event that uses Mr. Hilton as a judge, I do think the spectacle raised a good issue that seems to be getting hotter and hotter because now Iowa and Vermont have legalized same sex marriage.

I wrote about this topic a while ago and if anything my belief that we should allow two people to enter this kind of union regardless of sex is even stronger now.

To even enter this discussion I now ask people the following question. Do you believe that being gay is a choice or innate?

The gay people I have talked to have always told me how difficult a live as an openly gay person can be, and that many people would not chose that life. While there has to be exceptions to every rule, for me it is the way that you are born. From what I have read, science tends to back that up also. I have formed this opinion over years and friendships, however the thing that tipped the scale over was that most gay people I have talked to believed were born that way. People like Ted Haggard might believe that those “impulses” is something that can be “cured,” but I think it only leads to pain and deceit.

I believe that fighting to keep people from getting married is a waste of energy. Proclaiming that it should be only between a man and a woman is a pretty weak argument in today’s world. I understand that government sees the potential for children as the basis for the language in marriage law, but I certainly think that more and more people chose not to have children but still enter the covenant of marriage.

I think conservatives should really concentrate on how to keep marriages together before they start telling other people what to do or not to. Divorce to me is a way bigger problem than same sex marriage. The only marriage prevention I would like to see is letting people that are too young or unprepared for the commitment enter into marriage. Educating people before they get into marriage I think would prevent a lot of divorces, maybe even discourage some from even entering into them, but this is a topic for some other day.

Perez Hilton is someone I don’t particularly like and actually think he helps fuel the whole celebrity culture that swallowed what used to be pop culture. However, he does have a point when he says that Miss California should be trying to unite rather than to give her personal opinion when giving the Miss USA stage. Same sex marriage should be legal for many reasons, and we need to start making this a human issue and not a gay issue. Homosexuals are humans and should be allowed the same rights.

Marriage between two people

Marriage is a union between two people that love each other. My religion tells me that I should not accept the relationship between two people of the same sex, they also tell me abortion is wrong and that I should not use contraceptives. Even though I still like a lot of things about my religion I do not believe in some of their rules, specially the one about marriage.

I have seen several marriages fail. If I knew back when I was 19 what I know now I would have told half of my friends not to get married, and I would not have done it either. While not all of them are divorced I have seen plenty of them very unhappy and felt almost trapped by situations they did not want to be in. However I still think a marriage is a beautiful thing if it happens with the right person.

The other side to this is that I have friends that date someone from the same sex and would like to get married. I really do not see why it is that a marriage is not about the love of two people but about what sex those two people are. If a homosexual couple can adopt a kid, they they should also be allowed to get married.

I guess it is easy for me to think this way since I believe that homosexuality is not a choice. The moment you start thinking that a homosexual can be reformed to be heterosexual you enter very dangerous territory. I think that the law should allow people of the same sex to get married and make every single couple go through a course before they get a marriage license.

Just today I heard about a couple getting married next week, the guy wanted to enter the church to the theme of the wrestler Steve Stone Cold Austin. If that is not a reason to say that someone is not mature enough to get married I am not sure what is. Thankfully he was talked out of, but maybe he should be thinking about what journey he is embarking on and that it is not a face spectacle like professional wrestling is.