Fired because wife is a Porn Star

I am actually proud that one of my readers is an actual adult sex worker. I have never been in the position to use a sex worker, but I am not opposed to pr0n at all. I don’t find it to be something dirty or shameful. I also think that everyone has baggage when coming into a relationship and being an adult film star is no different to me than having had to work in McD’s. Two close friends have dated adult dancers in the past, and I would never think less of someone that did what they had to do to survive. It is party because I believe that people use sex in a marriage as currency are no different than prostitutes. I know some people’s morals are different, but what you did on your past and is not prosecuted by law and your spouse does not mind should not be anyone elses business.

How the city council in Fort Myers Beach, Florida came to the conclusion that their city manager’s wife’s past made him unfit to do his job is beyond me. Their reasoning was that it would bring attention and distraction to the city, and by them firing the dude it did just that.

We all have different things that are willing to compromise in a relationship, and if this dude can handle being married to a porn star, then good for him. To have him not be able to hold a job because of that reason is pretty ridiculous to me. We live in a society where someone that kills another human being while driving intoxicated can go ahead and continue to earn millions, but we don’t let someone that married a porn star work?

I wonder how the city council found out and if they had to verify it during their closed door meeting.