Acused of something you did not do

One of the reasons I started reading Daniel’s blog is because of the spotlight he shone at the West Memphis Three. The case has moved people and most that hear the story will really be amazed that someone can be accused of murder for simply looking the wrong way or listening to the wrong music.

What people say about you has a lot of power. Not only can it affect the way you view yourself to some degree, but even when you do not hear it, others around you will form opinions of who you are based on someone else’s thoughts. While my experience with this does not come close to being accused of murder, I did end up having to lose a job in the past because of other’s perceptions that made my life at the place not as good. When someone trows the “not a team player” card into the mix simply because of jealousy, it can really affect you if you do not have a chance to defend yourself.

There is now DNA evidence that could reopen the case and finally set these 3 guys free. I could write out the whole story here, but I believe it has been already better articulated elsewhere. There is even a movie called Paradise Lost. Larry King also featured Echols on his show recently. I am not telling you to pick this up as a cause, but it is something scary to even consider. You never know how you might be able to help.