Monkeys All AROUND ME!

Maybe it is because I am reading Next by Crichton, or maybe it is because I am really surrounded. Monkey’s are a part of my life. A day does not go by where I don’t see one. I also love the word monkey and use it quite often. Now I know the Chimps are also going to be all up and arms about this, because they feels that even though they are simians they are not monkeys!!!

I wear an Acid Chimp shirt that my buddy gave me, or I should say the Acid Chimp myself. He is actually somewhat famous because he is part of the Hairball John radio show for the people that love the heavy stuff. He even has his own movie segment. You can listen online. The Chimp loves some of the obscure Asian films that are and acquired taste for some but I totally dig.

I am close friends with the Evil Monkey Racing group and their womanizing antics, even though now that I think about it two of the monkeys are married now… so there is only like a Monkey and half really lose. I make fun of the monkeys every time I can because even though they do have some pimp wisdom, the even had an advice column @ ChicagolandSportbikes.

I also visit Chimpotle every single day and laugh at the ranty manner in which he writes. He is the Chimp I want to be when I grow up. Recently I found that another chimp links to me. It even turns out that Hey Monkey she is a Chicago Monkey. I wonder if she is related in any way to the Evil Monkeys, probably not.