Dirty Audiologist?

For those of you that have asked I will give you an update. I saw my doctor today for my post-op and everything looked great. I am healed up and I am super excited about being cleared to swim again! Woohoo, pool here I come!

There is another post that I will be posting tonight or tomorrow about having my hearing back, and what the experience meant, but I wanted to quickly share something funny.

My surgeon has had me take audio tests before and after each operation. I had the same audiologist for the last two. She is very young and very nice. She almost looks like a high school girl, but I am getting old and it might just be my point of view. She obviously finished some kind of college.

The first time she did my test she asked me about my accent because she is also a speech therapist and has friends from South America. She knew at least that my accent was from the lower part of the continent. She said it was very similar to her friends from Chile.

She brought up the conversation again today and I thought it was nice she noticed. The audio test is interesting but long. They hook you up and make you press a button to see if you pick up on different tones. However, there is another part of the test where you repeat words the audiologist says. Even though I had always over analyzed the words, trying to figure out maybe a pattern or a group of words that belonged together, I never concentrated beyond that wondering stage.

Today I was repeating, cowboy, baseball when she said something that totally tripped me. I am sure most of you have seen American Pie when the flute girl is telling Jimbo to say her name. Yeap, that is what she sounded like when she asked me to say “IT.” I am not making this up, she did not say, “Say” pause “it,” she said “SAY IT.” 99% of the time I would have replied with a comeback but I was not ready for this… so I came back with a dumb, “I did not catch that.” This time though, she did say, “Say, it.” So I did.

I would probably have let it go and not said anything if the following word was not, “as” and even though this is my second language I totally heard another s added at the end of that one. So I obliged. It continued getting worse and this time I could not hold the chuckle back when she said, “Say, Wet!” and finally “Say, Nun.” Trust me, I did not expect to crack up at an audiology test, but I figured they have to have fun too. I did call her on it and the only thing she would admit to, even though she repeated the “SAY IT” one more time, was that I said the as with an extra s and she hoped I did not think she was swearing at me. We both laughed and were glad that my right ear is almost at 100% now, and my left is probably in the high 80s.