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Logtar’s Cat Humor Humor Looney Lunes

So, for Todays Looney Lunes, lets have a little Caption Contest! Who can come up with a better caption for this picture?
Caption Contest
Yummy, tastes like chicken!

Logtar Looney Lunes

I had an excellent weekend, hopefully you all did too :) well it has come for me to do another LLL and this time it is about the city or town where you were born… a sort of beginings meme.

1. What is the name of the city where you were born and what does the name mean?
2. Tell us something historical about your city? (When was it founded, by who… etc)
3. You probably know a secret about your city that outsiders would never know… tell us.
4. How big is your city? (population wise, size wise, etc)
5. Do you still live in that city? Would you ever move (or if you have moved away move back?)

Bonus Question.
Why should anyone visit your city?or why should anyone stay away?

Copy and Paste the questions to your blog, answer and link or track back! Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Click here for my answers. Read more…

Second Logtar’s Looney Lunes

Well, Today might be the last time that we have the LLL :) since BDI is back up I want to direct my influx over there… so participate today and don’t forget to go do the mambo!!! THE CRAZIES ARE BACK

Today we move from word association to scent memory. I know I associate certain scents to memories, or better yet a scent can bring back very vivid memories. Now lets not exclude those that are olfactory impaired and just let them use their imagination. It is easy to play, just close your eyes and think of the scent and then tell us what comes to mind. It does not have to be a memory, but if it is share 😉

Fresh Rain:
Hot Cocoa:
The Ocean:

Now lets keep on thinking of scents and lets come up with some goofy questions.

1. What air freshener do you prefer to use in your car? New car smell, Strawberry, Lilac? Why do you like it a memory attached to it?

2. Does the smell of doctor or dentist office bring you what kind of memories? Lets not forget that if we have a loved one in those professions it might not all be nightmares 😉

3. Candles, incense, air fresheners… are there anything items that you use to make your home scented?

Logtar’s Looney Lunes

BDI’s closing has left a big hole in our community. Even thought in the recent months it had declined in participation, it was a place where a lot of people came to get a laugh or two. Since I started blogging I had always wanted to start a MeMe of my own and today in the drive to work the idea popped into my head. Lunes is the word for Monday in Spanish and well Looney refers to a tip of the hat to the crazies at BDI.

So here it is your first LLL or 3L or whatever we are going to start calling this thing.

We are going to start simple with a goofy word association game… Use the word, what comes to mind?


Then for the second part a little music bit, answer the following 3 questions.

What is the song or artist that you love to hate?

What is the song or artist that you love but don’t like to admit to?

What is the song or artist that you first ever remember listening to as a child and loving, or that you purchased their first CD. Any story behind it?

So answer this question either here in the comments section or our blog, and of course track back and links are welcome. If this works I will start making other things for it like an actual category and links… so play and have some fun.

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