My blog gets hit more because of the Boondock Saints than for anything else, all due to an old post where I reviewed this awesome film. It was back when I had first started writing the blog and after the many comments and questions I have decided to put a little FAQ together to help people out. As it always changes with outside links please let me know if there are any broken links.


1) What does Aequitas (and or veritas) mean?

Simply stated,

Aequitas = Justice & Veritas = Truth

There are longer definitions to this question but this is the basic answer. The more literal translation of Aequitas in English would be Equality, but we all know that Truth and Justice makes a lot more sense.

2) Why is this movie such a cult classic in but not popular in the US?

This movie was set to be released around the time the tragedy in the Columbine High School happened. This was not the only movie affected, many others got either shelved or released straight to video in the US which was the case for The Boondock Saints. I think it is a more popular film in the US now since all the people that have watched are looking forward to the release of the sequel.

3) There was a sequel? Yes, and even other stuff like comics and stuff!

4) What is the family prayer, what does it mean?

The Family Prayer

“And Shepherds we shall be

For thee, my Lord, for thee.

Power hath descended forth from Thy hand

Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.” (In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)

For more on the prayers and speeches go to the msn group.

5) I want to get the tattoo’s where can I get images?

Here is an image,
Boondock Saints Tattoos
You can also get temporary tattoos from the official website’s shop.

Still have questions? Want to know more? Go over to the wikipedia for lots of good info

126 comments on “Boondock Saints

  1. whats that movie where there on this planet and its snowing and theres some things chasing them that look human but there not and the real humans cant telll the difference unless the get cut and they dont bleed and the man cuts her hand to see if shes human or not and they go to escape but only the kid gets away and the teddy bear he takes with hime is evil.. and the woman was evil tooo…(like most woman)

  2. Hey all you Saints,

    Okay, since I can’t find the choir songs ANYWHERE on the web, I decided to make my own mix. I was able to extract the audio from the movie and convert it into a 3 minute song, complete with quotes from the movie. I’m just not sure where I can post it so you can all enjoy it. Any suggestions?

  3. and if any one knows the theme for wolrds wildest police chases, id like to know

  4. cowboy you can post it on lime wire? and grave digger you dont know how much sleep ive lost trying to figure that one out thanks

  5. same here…that song is really pissin me off. I dont know what the deal is with it but I pretty much gave up on finding it. thanx for the mix cowboy.

  6. Did you guys ever consider that the characters in the Boondock Saints are doing the exact same thing that the terrorist os 9/11 were doing: Killing in the name of their religion. THe only difference is that the Boondock Saints killers are Irish and Catholic as opposed to Arabic and Muslim. The glorification of killing in the name of religion showcased by this movie is dangerous these days. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this. I wonder how popular this movie would have been if the main characters had been arab muslims?????? Food for though.

  7. Um, I think there is more to this movie than just killing people in the name of their religion. I think the main message was that they were trying to make a difference in the world by exacting revenge on those who deserved it. The main focus being the rapists, murderes and basic scumbags of the earth, that is slightly different than ramming a plane into a building. I dont believe that the attack on 9/11 was exactly targeted on those who deserved it, and was more of just a way of saying “we hate Americans”. It was exactly like the name implies, a terrorist attack…an attack on innocent civilians, not murderers and rapists. Now, of course, religion does play a part in this movie, and you do make a valid point, but i think there is just more to it than that.
    Im no expert or anything, its like you said…food for thought.

  8. I stumbled upon this website while looking up information about the tattoos in the movie.
    I was quite surprised by some post, especially the ones where people ask information about “in what language words like Aequitas etc are”?
    Duh? have you guys ever been to school?
    Ok, not everyone has had the opportunity (including me) to study ancient laguages like Latin and ancient Greek, but one can at least derive the language by reading a word, no?


    # Dan Says:
    March 28th, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    What language do they speak in the bar, if it is Latin like the tattoos what website could i find Latin language and translations

    OMG! With all due respect, Dan, can’t you even hear that they were speaking Russian, or at least an East-European language? Reading your message, one would almost think you have never heard of Latin as a language before, because if you had, you’d know that fat, mob-looking, 300 pound bold people with guns and bad intentions don’t speak Latin,especially not in a bar!

    Thanks for the 5 minutes of good-feeling after reading your message!

    Anyhow, excellent movie!

  9. Mason, the movie is not SCREAMERS, as gravedigger thought. It is, in fact, THE THING. (althought I doubt you’ll check back here…)
    And yes, this movie is one of the most badass movies EVER. Too bad that there’s no sequel :( (at least no known sequel at the moment) It sure would be awesome.

  10. Wait nevermind, I made an assumption, sorry, I was wrong about THE THING. I just read the “In the snow, with an alien that looks human but isn’t and they don’t know until they cut it.” Since they do that in the movie. Sorry about that…

  11. Hello all you “non-terrorist” SAINTS!

    I’ll be posting the mix I made of the choir songs on Limewire. It’s titled “boondock saints choir mix” Artist is none other than me, The Cowboy.

    I hope you guys like it.

    In the meantime, keep the faith!!!

    “I’ll tip her!!!”

  12. I’m sorry I have to do this, but that whole thing about the 9/11 terrorist attack being similar to the Boondock Saints is a bunch of crock…
    First of all like Mark said, the terrorists killed thousands of inocent people and the Saints killed those who do evil.
    And religion does play a role in the movie, yes they’re religious and believe in “GOD”, but they don’t kill in the name of their religion. In the ending courtroom scene, they say: “Do not kill! Do not rape! Do not steal! These are principles which EVERY MAN of EVERY FAITH can embrace.” – “And we will send you TOWARDS EVER GOD, YOU WISH.” Meaning it doesn’t matter what religion someone is from the laws of MAN apply to all.
    It’s a story of morality, not religion, they use religion as a cover, a catch, something to base it on.
    So there it is… sorry if I seemed harsh…

  13. maian i thought it was the thing too so i rented it and well the thing is a badass movie too better than that ultra violet movie i swear its like kids are writing these movies now, you would thing with all the money involved with these big money productions they would atleast make it easier to believe the plot or better yet the characters as well, But… to be fare im not easily entertained by movies now days…

    on Another note …im sure youve all seen someone in this chat/post/???whatever greet us a saints. if in fact we were saints im sure that we would take the time to read the bible or atleast parts of it, everything in the world is going as to plan the dome of the rock will be destroyed and the jews will rebuild there temple there.. this war is the product of times cogs unwinding …dont break just follow whatever god you believe in and d
    eath will become heaven

  14. I must thank my boyfriend for making me watch this movie. Unfortunately i have just now seen this movie, but i can’t stop watching it. It is an amazing movie. I mean, it’s not only serious but it is also slightly funny. And it has a point, and that point kind of screams at you. But the comparing this to the 9/11 incident pisses me off. don’t get me wrong, you have the right to say whatever you please, i just don’t see how you can compare this movie which is killing evil people to 9/11 which killed thousands of innocent men, woman AND children. if you don’t recall when they see Agent Smecker on TV talking about the case and Rocco made a comment, they said “He isn’t to be touched” “He’s a good man” they don’t want to hurt innocent people, they are protecting them. and yes, religion does play a role in this but it isn’t the same as 9/11, not even slightly. anyways awesome friggin movie. i am saddened that there is not yet a sequel out and i hope there will be in the near future.

  15. Ive been looking around for the sequel for rumors, plot line, release date (mainly this) etc..but i have come to nothing everything i find eihter the website doesnt work, or its unavialbe whatever..does anyone have any information on this at all? Any news would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Happen across this site and thought that I would add my two cents to the mix. Boondock Saints is great. As a matter of fact, it is a big hit in Iraq with the soldies serving there. I should know…I have already sent several copies because they have worn them all out….
    I am looking forward to the sequel, just hope that they will get all the court bull shit wrapped up soon and get it started.

  17. what is the song that they play, when the two brothers are praying at the beginning of the movie, WHAT IS THAT SONG!

  18. Hey Tim,
    There are actually two songs in that scene. One is a celtic choir song that is not published. It was specifically made for the movie. BUT…You are in luck. I made a mix of that song which I’ve posted on Limewire titled “Boondock Saints Choir Mix” complete with a few movie quotes dubbed in, such as the “THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT!!!” quote from Willem Dafoe.

    The other song after they leave the church and light their cigarettes is an Irish song called, “The Blood of Cu Chulainn.”

    For the rest of you Saints, check on Limewire for the choir mix!

    Keep the faith!

    “Ohh… that right rambo?”

  19. Hey,
    I just sat down this past month to finaly watch the movie with my “significant other” and after seeing it (I LOVE IT ) I was downloadin some of the songs off of Morpheus, i know some of you had been looking for that … if you have a downloading program just put in Boondock Saints in the search engin in your downloader program and is should come up…

    Im also wondering, Does any one know the opeing Prayer lyrics….
    the part about the flashing sword… does it just stop at I will take vengance upon my enimies?


  20. Hey…
    I was wondering why the macmanus brother tattoo “AÈQUITAS” is spelled with the little “´” above the E when everywhere else it is spelled without it??

  21. Whoa whoa whoa wait. just one minute i need to know if any one has screamers on there computer

  22. okay, so what is going on with the sequal???? First all I hear is that All Saints Day is coming out. Than I googled Sean Pattrick Flannery to see his filmography and on it it is posted that the Boondock Saints-All Saints Day{and referred to The Second Coming} was made in 2002. But now others are saying otherwise, so is or isnt there a Sequal!!??

  23. okay I just went back and looked at that filmography again and it says the sequal was made in 2004. Sory, I got the year wrong. But if thats so shoudn’t it be released already or what ?? But its only stated this on this one website on any other filmographies this isnt stated.
    Why would the director start a rumor like that?? Makes no sense.
    I love the boondock saints I think the movie is inspiring, not in the aspect that we all should go out and kill those we see or think as “EVIL” but if you think that I don’t really think you get the movie and you should maybe take a deeper look.
    I think movies these days are lacking entertainment and artistic visions like this movie has. I love it so much that I probably have gotten overboard. I have the tattoos that the brothers have in the same spots on my hands. and the prayer in between my shoulder blades. I LOVE IT.
    So I just want to know if anyone has some substantial facts about the 2nd movie.
    I guess it might be better without considering that sequals end up to be a dissapointment anyway.

    But heres the website that says the movie was made in 2004.

  24. The sequel was in production but there is a legal battle with film rights. It was originally scheduled for release in Sept. 2005, but it’s been put off. Hopefully it’ll be out there soon though!
    As for the comment on killing in the name of religion…You see this in so-called Holy Wars, which most religions will actually admit is a mistranslation of scripture leading to unusual periods in history. The brothers are not killing for their religion. They are generally pious men who see the evil being done and more or less at the prompting of the Monsignor (who said something along the lines of there being more to fear from the indifference of good men, than of evil men) decide that some justice should be done. Not because their religion requires it, but because they wish to make a contribution. Not to mention, they recognize that what they are doing goes against Catholicism in the end saying “There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth, not to push the bounds and cross over, in to true corruption, into our domain.” They recognize that they are making a sacrifice, condemning their own souls, by ridding the world of some of it’s evil and warning the public not to fall victim to corruption.
    Now…Terrorism…not exactly the same, is it? The 9/11 attacks were a way of making a presence known. The attackers, as it were, essentially considered Americans and our government evil. I think we can all agree that’s a pretty serious and frightening generalization. Now, you didn’t see Connor and Murphey blowing up thousands of people at once; women, children, innocents alike. They had specific targets which most people would probably agree were a drain on society. Of course, everyone will always invent a justification for their behavior. Were this movie in fact news, it would be no different. I suppose it’s similar in that they considered themselves instruments of God, but dissimilar in that they were targetting sinners who were a danger to others rather than being hell bent on destroying a population.

  25. when i first saw this film? i absolutely loved it & even proceeded to watch it several more times after.

    like many of you, i too am wating for the sequel….although i wish Wilhem was game to be part of this project, but what the heck? it’s a sequel.

    furthermore, for the similiarity of BOONDOCKS to 9/11? i agree with the general consensus of this group. it is not the same thing; however, do find VERY FEW (but do) some of Mark’s commentsm to be right.

    all of us can sit here & say what we will about “we what feel & believe,” as far as THAT issue is concerened….but as the ironically humorous & hypocritical film DOGMA states:

    “it’s better to have AN IDEA, than A BELIEF.” why? a belief is trickery to change. *or, something close to that.


    Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.
    The straight-to-DVD release of the Boondock Saints had nothing to do with the Columbine incident. That’s it’s potential release date and the school shootings happened around the same time was mere coincidence. True, there were indeed a number of violent films whose release dates were post-poned because of Columbine, but the Boondock Saints was not one of them. To save face, the Columbine incident was the excuse Troy Duffy and Co. hid behind to obscure the fact that Duffy, while doubtless a brilliant director, somehow pissed-off the executives at Twentieth Century Fox and the studio brass, in turn, refused to release the film into theatres. It was nothing more than a clashing of egos. That is why we still have not seen Boondock Saints II. What the studio execs did not expect was that the straight-to-DVD release of the movie and persistent word-of-mouth turned the film into a cult-classic.

  27. I’ve read through all of the posts and can’t seem to find the song that is played with Rocco’s first kills with the brothers. The part when they make fun of Rocco’s mask? It sounds like good techno. I’ve looked everywhere for it for awhile, fruitlessly. Anyone know what it is?

  28. This site seems to be the only place people are talking about this movie. I am happy to see that the posts are so recent.

    I tivo’d the documentary “Overnight” about Troy Duffy who was the writer and director of the Boondock Saints movie and just finished watching it tonight. On a search for info about a sequel I found that there is not a lot of information out there (on the internet that is pretty amazing).

    The documentary is not flattering to Duffy at all. In fact the only thing that I take away from this is that he is an ass, so much so that his attitude eclipsed his talent and no one wanted to work with him. After he got his movie deal with Miramax for some reason there was a delay getting things going. I expect this is pretty normal in Hollywood, but Troy Duffy just pulled out his control freak attitude that he used with his brothers and his band. Unfortunately for him there are not many people outside his circle of friends that want to put up with crap like that. This movie definitely states that the movie was not picked up by any Studio’s, and alludes to it being because Mirimax dropped the movie no one wanted to step on HW’s toes by picking it up after he dropped it. Intentional or not, it equated to Troy Duffy and all he touches not being picked up by anyone.

    I have to say I’m a huge fan of the movie. I evangalize it to everyone I know that I remotely thought would like it. William DeFoe creeps me out big time, just like he should and the brothers are hot and saintly. The action scenes ROCK, and that makes the movie for me.

    The comparisons to terrorists is natural in a post 9/11 world. The big grey area here is that these guys play judge and jury, and what makes them qualified to do that? You have to buy into the premise of the movie, that they are saints (or saints to be when the movie starts) and will be able to accurately separate the evildoers from the bystanders. Which of course I did!

  29. hey does anyone know where i can get a pic of the celtic cross tatoos the mcmanus bros have on there arm

  30. Hey just wondering if anyone knows all the locations of the brothers tats? i know the bead one or whatever is on the neck (left side only?), veritas/aequitas on the index (veritas on left hand of Flannery, aequitas on right hand of other brother), and the cross on the forearm (which arm?)…and are there any other tats? haha, my bro and i are going to be them for halloween so i think itd be good to know all the locations!


  31. hi RJ this is for ya

    the mary tatoos ar on the the left side of their neck (of both)
    u just know about the fingers …
    the cross are on the flannerys left arm and specular on the other brother arm(right!) ..(if u see the same as the fingers because they kill with that hand!)
    cool for halloween …send me a pic then at

  32. hey everyone!!!
    what the HELL is the song called
    on the main menu on the DVD.
    I’ve been looking for it FOREVERRRR

  33. ok i have a nomine patris et filii means :in the name of the father ,the son and the holy spirit.but what dose spiritus scanti mean?

  34. NO, “In Nomeni Patri Et Fili” meens “In the name of the father, the son”…
    “Spiritus Sancti” meens “Holy Spirit”…..

  35. I am wondering what the song is called when the Boondock Saints and Rocco go into the house during the poker game and kill like 10 guys. Can’t find anything on that song.

  36. I am wondering, (as many, many others) the name of that song, when the brothers are in the elevator.. And are going to the hotel room.. I can’t find it anywhere..

  37. I need the music for this movie, It is freaking amazing. If someone knows any place to get it please tell me!!!!!!

  38. Quik,
    Since there is no offical soundtrack recording for The Boondock Saints, I have taken the liberty of compiling my own. It features all of the songs from the movie, including a few audio snippets. I have to admit it came out very well. All of my friends, who are big fans of the movie, love the soundtrack I made. If you like, send me your address and I’ll mail you a copy of the CD with a track listing. No charge.

  39. if you are gonna write the prayer please done slaughter the way its supposed to be written:
    In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

  40. Mike Cordasco, I’d love to have your soundtrack, but I couldn’t find your mail anywhere. How can I contact you?

  41. Hey cowboy, I’d really like your choir mix of boondock saints, would you mind sending it to me?

  42. I’d really like a copy of that soundtrack as well, how can I get in touch with you?

  43. Some of you have been looking for the font used in the latin tattoos “Veritas” and “Aequitas”. The closest font match I could find is “Aquitaine Initials”. Search for it…most likely you will have to purchase the font. Good luck!

  44. what’s the name of the first song that actually starts the movie when they(brothers) go out of the church?

  45. hey yall.just wonderin about the story behind the mary tattoos on their necks.anyone know what it means?!?! thanks

  46. The song with Rocco walking into Sal’s bar to kill everyone is called ‘Holy Fool’. The artist name is, apparantly, the Boondock Saints, though that might just be limewire and this random lyrics website working together against me.

    Anyone able to read the backwards tattoo on the meat-packing dyke’s throat? ‘Untouched by MAN’ :)

    This is a beautiful movie. I’m praying it gets a much deserved sequal, but without Willam Defoe… :(

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