My blog gets hit more because of the Boondock Saints than for anything else, all due to an old post where I reviewed this awesome film. It was back when I had first started writing the blog and after the many comments and questions I have decided to put a little FAQ together to help people out. As it always changes with outside links please let me know if there are any broken links.


1) What does Aequitas (and or veritas) mean?

Simply stated,

Aequitas = Justice & Veritas = Truth

There are longer definitions to this question but this is the basic answer. The more literal translation of Aequitas in English would be Equality, but we all know that Truth and Justice makes a lot more sense.

2) Why is this movie such a cult classic in but not popular in the US?

This movie was set to be released around the time the tragedy in the Columbine High School happened. This was not the only movie affected, many others got either shelved or released straight to video in the US which was the case for The Boondock Saints. I think it is a more popular film in the US now since all the people that have watched are looking forward to the release of the sequel.

3) There was a sequel? Yes, and even other stuff like comics and stuff!

4) What is the family prayer, what does it mean?

The Family Prayer

“And Shepherds we shall be

For thee, my Lord, for thee.

Power hath descended forth from Thy hand

Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.” (In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)

For more on the prayers and speeches go to the msn group.

5) I want to get the tattoo’s where can I get images?

Here is an image,
Boondock Saints Tattoos
You can also get temporary tattoos from the official website’s shop.

Still have questions? Want to know more? Go over to the wikipedia for lots of good info

126 comments on “Boondock Saints

  1. i have been looking for a site with downloadable soundtrack to the boondock saints. now im not sure i want the WHOLE thing, because there is one song that has a bad ass guitar riff at the beginning, its when Rocco says, “catch you on the flip side” and hangs up the phone…that song that starts when hes walking across the street is bad ass, and i want it. if you can let me know how to get it on the internet, that would be bad ass.

  2. The language is Latin, and while your name might have derived from Latin, I don’t think you might want to use your “Latin” name in a tattoo, being a dead language and all.

  3. The song you are looking for is “Holy Fool” The song is performed by “The Boondock Saints” a band formed by the director of the movie. I read up on it and it seems they started as a band and while trying to make it wrote Boondock Saints, and got hired to direct it. Their alblum is also titled “Holy fool.” You can look it up on and preview all the songs on the album.

  4. I want to know the song that’s played on the menu. It’s also played before they break through the vents into the russian mob meeting. i have been searching for this song since forever and I can’t find it! Anyone know? If I could understand the sort of words being sung i would search that but I can’t understand them.

  5. The Boondock Saints is the most kick-ass movie ever made but they should never have killed Rocco cause he was the bomb. In Nomine Patrie, Et Filie, Spiritus Sancti.

  6. I was wondering if anyone knew the song in the opening of the movie. Been searching around and I can’t seem to find it.

  7. the song in the opening of the movie is titled The Blood of Cu Chlain. it’s composed by Jeff Dana. It’s an awesome song.

  8. omg the movie changed my life, i thought it was the kickenast thing i ever saw, i loved it automatically and it has some killer views, i’m irish myself and i loved it even more, best movie ever and i’m waiting for the sequel

  9. I was wondering what song places with the Celtic Chant…like what is the name of the song? I’m trying to find it to download it.

  10. helllo everyone! can anyone tell me what kind of font was used for the latin tattoos? if so, where can i find this font? thank you for your help

  11. I wanted to know if there is a clip of them actualy saying the preyer

    And Shepherds we shall be

    For thee, my Lord, for thee.

    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand

    Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

    And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

    In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.

    Because i try to say it and its out opf rythm and i would like to hear the actual rythm if possible


  12. I also am trying to find the font they used for their latin tattoos. I have had zero luck. If their is anyone who has this info please pass it on it would be so very greatly appreciated.

  13. found this by mistake, but anyway . . .
    Kevin: you can find the prayer under boondock saints soundtrack on Ares or ares Lite. thats where i got it. called ‘and shepards we shall be’ there

  14. check it, branded
    latin is’nt dead.
    it is the language of the gods, and in such a time of tyranny and social jaunts unplanned,
    there are no gods left to persecute our existance.

  15. hi!… i’m searching the gregorian song that is in the opening prayer…
    i’ve found the opening prayer,but i’m searching the song(a gregorian style i suppose)that is under this prayer…
    can anyone help me?sorry for my bad english…

  16. I cannot believe it took me 6 bloody years to finally watch this most exciting and funny and somewot strange movie,it was absolutly brilliant,cannot wait for the sequel!
    Grand movie,totally grand!

  17. So i was just messing around and I found that the name of the sequal ” All Saints Day ” means in our terms Halloween.

  18. This was one of my favorite movies – been waiting for the sequel forever, but can’t find any information about it. I’m assuming it’s been scrapped.

  19. I love the music in Boondock Saints! I have been looking for one of the songs from the movie and I can’t find it. It is the song playing after Rocco gets off the phone and starts to walk into the dinner. I just wanted to know if anyone knew what that song is called or if it was released at all.

  20. Been doing some research and found a rumor that there isnt going to be a sequal. It said that the director put out the rumor that there would be a sequal for publicity. Dont know if the rumor is true or not hoping its false, it would be a kick ass sequal just like the original was.

  21. What language do they speak in the bar, if it is Latin like the tattoos what website could i find Latin language and translations

  22. The language they speak in the bar scene is Russian. That’s why Defoe’s character originially asked the McManus brothers where they learned to speak Russian fluently. Oh, and this is easily the second-greatest movie ever (sorry, Braveheart’s better- but that’s a really high level of expectation).

    “Well, you can’t do much damage with that, now, can ye? Perhaps it should have been ‘rule of wrist.'”

  23. Hey, I’ve been reading up on the movie for a while now, and no doubt about it, this is the best form of street justice there is. I’ve got a design for a tatoo now, but i’m trying to find the font which is used in the movie.. anyone? help please!

  24. Does ne 1 know the song that was playing while the two bros. were in the elevator going up to knock off those mafia? its kind of an opera type song. ne help would be nice…thnx.

  25. yo fans of this great movie!

    id like to know which one of the brothers is left handed cuz im left handed 😀 ..i may sound weird but i just wanna know 😀

    …and what about the sequel? any news? :/

    somebody wanted a clip or something with the brothers saying the prayer … there is a The Boondock Saints Interlude by a rap band Jedi Mind Tricks so go check it out, it rocks!

  26. no not that one….the one when there in the elevator and and there going up and one of the brothers asks the other if he’s “nervous?”. And he says “a bit”. thats a different song than la boheme.

  27. Yo “Fura” I think I’ve got it… the brother that’s left handed is ‘Connor McManus’, the one played by ‘Sean Patrick Flanery’…

    And I’ve also been searching the font used for the Latin tatoos and i’ve had no such luck if ne1 finds it please tell us…

    Oh and heres the link for a complete Latin dictionary for whoever needs it.

  28. yeah the song playing in the elevator when they are on the way to go into the ventalation.
    that same song plays in the main menu selection screen of the boondock saints DVD.

    if someone finds out that song. PLEASE email me at i would greatly appreciate it.

  29. connor is not left handed he just has the tatoo veritas on his left hand

  30. what does this really means… In Nomine Patrie, Et Filie, Spiritus Sancti ??



  31. In Nomine Patris, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti = In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

  32. In the end, when they kill Papa Joe, Connor fire the gun with his left hand, and also when they do the russian guy in the round room, he stands on the left and his brother on the right, Connor holding the gun with his left hand, as in the end. So one can only asume that if his brother, stands on the right, and holds the gun with his right hand, Connor does the same thing, just with his left hand, left handed…

  33. I am looking for a picture of the celtic crosses the brothers had on their forarms. if anyone knows please let me know. thanx.

  34. The name of the song when they are in the elevator: Pompeii by E.S. Posthumus from the Unearthed album.

  35. Hey all you Saints, I think I might ‘ve been mistaken about the post for the song when they are in the elevator:

    ” The Cowboy Says:
    July 3rd, 2006 at 2:13 pm

    The name of the song when they are in the elevator: Pompeii by E.S. Posthumus from the Unearthed album.”

    It’s a good song, but I don’t think its the same one from the movie. I am currently on a fucking MISSION to find all the songs from that movie, even if I have to knock on Jeff Danna’s door!

    I won’t leave you hangin’, I’ll be back if/when I find them!

    “Name one thing yer gonna need this stewpid fuckin rope for!!!”

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