Back to the Gym

The last couple of nights I have actually done some push ups and crunches. However today I woke up early and actually got out to the Gym. I have not done it in a while, and it is the right time to start up the routine again. I am not sure how religiously I will start doing it but I do hope it starts getting pretty consistent.

I don’t like diets, I love food and the only option I have is to exercise as much as possible so that my metabilism stops thinking that the Y2K actually affected it. I swear I am still carrying weight from the 2000 holidays. Oh well, maybe this is the beginning of my weight loss… we’ll see.

Unpacking 65% done

We are probably not going to unpack every single box; thankfully we have a pretty big basement that is going to be our storage unit. When moving, never go from a bigger place to a smaller place, man do we have lots of extra stuff. The townhouse has 3 levels, the basement, the main floor and the upstairs where the bedrooms are at. The main floor is looking excellent after the weekend. We have the TV and computers all set up, and have gotten rid of a lot of the boxes that needed to be unpacked. Besides the kitchen I think we are almost done unpacking the main floor. Upstairs is not looking too bad, but there are still tons of things that I have to “put together.” I really need to find my drill charger or my arms are going to fall off from using the screwdriver to put things back together.

We also had some pool time this weekend. It is great to have a pool just a couple of steps away. It is going to be hard to move from here without having a pool for sure. I say in about 3 weeks we should be all unpacked, or at least done with everything we plan on unpacking. Hopefully we will not lose anything in the process.

I have am also starting a new workout routine. I woke up today and did about 30 minutes of cardio and about 10 minutes on the weight machine. I am hoping that it really helps me out. Today is weighed in day, so if you are participating on the challenge, don’t forget to e-mail me or leave a message on the weight loss page so I can update your progress.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/5)***
Blockbuster having both of the movies we were looking for in their return box.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/6)***
Having KC Masterpiece BBQ at a KC Masterpiece restaurant.

***What Makes Me Happy Today (8/7)***
Half-asleep good bye kisses.

Weight Challenge Redux

Candy was our biggest loser the first go around. I got a new job and that just made the whole process a lot more difficult. I am still commited to losing weight and now that I am stablishing new routines it is the best time for me. There has also been some interest from new participants, so the weight loss challenge starts again today! August 1st. If you want to participate e-mail me your weight today. The weigh in’s are going to be on Mondays for the next 8 week’s. Lets see who can lose the most this time!

Being Fat Make Me Invisible?

Weight is a hard subject to discuss. A lot like racism it is hard to hear people’s opinion if one belongs to one group of the other. I have been overweight most of my life. I’ve had some periods of time when I was a little lighter, but as I joke about my metabolism checking out with the Y2K, there is a lot of truth to my battle to staying fit.

I have always strived to be in shape and have a nice looking body, not just to be skinny or follow societies standard for beauty. I do not find overweight people repulsive like so many others do. The sad part is that a lot of people that feel that way might be right next to you and you would never know.

Does being fat make me invisible? that is something that I have wondered at times. I have encountered a lot of people that are overweight and are almost shocked when I say hello or smile if we pass by at a mall or sidewalk. I get a look of surprise mixed with disbelief. I then started to understand that sometimes being overweight makes you invisible to others… or in some cases the cause of ridicule or gawking.

While there is a certain level of personal responsibility that goes along with being overweight, there are many factors that contribute to the problem. Some emotional, some hormonal, some cultural, and sometimes all of them at once. I don’t blame Mc Donald’s for making America fat, but I do to some level blame our lifestyle. Food becomes everything but what it is supposed to be… believe me, in other countries they don’t use the term “comfort food” like we do here.

So for whatever reason you are fat… does that make you less of a person? does that make you undesirable to society? Should you then just be sent to a camp with all the other overweight people so that the “pretty, skinny people” can just look at each other?

Our society is very superficial and almost incapable of accepting anything other than the norm. The scary part is that the norm in our society is dictated by pop culture, and more recently celebrity culture. I get to talk to a lot of young people via the motorcycle message board, and I constantly hear put down towards overweight people. It is sad to know that unless you are someone that looks like Barbie or Ken, most young people today will not even look at you.

I strive to lose weight for myself, to feel better physically and mentally. I don’t deny it, I would love to have a six pack instead of a keg for a belly… but it is more vanity than wanting to comply with societies standards which are unrealistic and idiotic. Other cultures look at being overweight as a sign of health, and while that is not what I promote I believe that we need to start looking at people in other ways instead of the groups that their appearance puts them on.

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