Interview – Mike Piatek-Jimenez

One of the coolest things about friendship is being able to admire the people that surround you. Mike and I became fast friends while I was living in Michigan. We bonded by our mutual love of movies and computer programming. He is now living the “dream” by being the owner of the software firm Gaucho Software developing apps for Macs and iPhones. Mike and his wife Katrina have become one of my closest friends as an adult, and our love for good restaurants and interesting conversation have made their visits to Kansas City as much of a vacation for me as it has been for them. When I heard that through the Mount Pleasant Rotary Club Mike was going to spend a month in Thailand I could not wait to hear about the experience and see the pictures. The more I heard and read about the trip, the more I wanted to interview him to share some of what he learned while being in such a different culture. Some of what he found out while in this trip might truly surprise you.

Logtar:Had Thailand been in your radar at all before the opportunity to do a cultural exchange there?
Mike: Not really. Of course I had heard of the country, but I didn’t know much about its people or their culture.
L: Had you ever thought about visiting places for the cultural experience rather than just a relaxing vacation? if so what was your top pick?
M: Whenever my wife and I go on vacations, we always try to learn about the culture of the place we are visiting. We’ve traveled to different countries in the Caribbean, for example, and instead of hanging out on the beach all day, we will usually try to do things the locals would do. Things like go to plays, or attend fairs or festivals in a park, etc. If I had to visit a country just to learn more about the culture, Ireland and Poland would probably be my top picks, as those are the countries where my family is from.
L: How many different cities did you get to visit while in Thailand?
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An Award Just Hit Me

Best personal blog in Kansas city? Just as I was about to post one of the things I have been writting and expanding on I get a very weird e-mail. At first I thought it was simple spam, but then I saw that the url was actual and not some link that promised to make me rich via Nigeria. I guess I am the “Best Blog in KC 2009.” or at least just the first and best personal blog. I read the post and I saw that the writing is good but I did not recognize it. The only thing I can tell from the e-mail address is that they are Sienfield fans.

My favorite part about the award post is

The blog also sports clean design and organization (favored indulgences of The Editors), as well as a gratifying lack of blinking gewgaws, polls and other useless crap (dark beasts, one and all).

lol I had never heard of gewgaws before! lol I think I have a favorite word of the week. If someone can help me with how to pronounce it without offending Meesha, give me a call.

Some of my favorite blogs got honorable mentions :) Frighteningly Uncommon Sense and Hip Suburban White Guy, and even one I had not bumped into before Curb Girl. If anything I am excited that we have a place to find new KC blogs :)

Thanks for the award!

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Failure to Communicate

Debate and dialogue while grossly different are seldom differentiated here in the US. I see dialogue as something productive and where both parties learn about a subject that they do not agree completely on. Debate is just trying to get a point across often to the attempt to destroy the other person’s decision. While I see how debate teams in high school might help form future lawyers, I think that dialogue should be a more important part. How often do we ask ourselves if we could see something redeemable in something that at first we find repugnant? Are we willing to listen to a counter point and not just find common ground but actually willing to see the other person’s point of view?

TKC can be one unpopular dude. It takes guts to be as visceral as he is at times. I have seen him cross the line into the personal quite a bit, but that is what satire is all about. When he has hurt those people that I call friends it makes me feel like I should defend them, but then I consider the source. Paying attention to what someone says online is like getting into a debate with a troll online. While TKC might not be a total troll and sometimes does have good intentions by trying to create exposure for others or a topic that he thinks need to be addressed, he sometimes spares no feelings. The problem with TKC is that he seldom participates in the discussion outside of his own blog, and I think by rule if you are going to “dis” someone’s blog openly, you should at least have comment in 10 posts. I am always thankful of the traffic that comes my way from him since he was one of the people that actually directed me to the local blogging community. However, it means more to me if he would actually participate here in some of the discussions and became a part of a community that reluctantly he trows water balloons at… I guess the fear of the people that got wet retaliating is a little too much.

Nick is one of my favorite commenters. He always tries to share his point of view and broadens whatever topic I post on. I am thankful for that participation even when I don’t fully agree.

He brought up the point that there is no real truth, or at least in the sense that I had tried to define it in the context of romantic relationships. I thought about it, and while I still believe that love is probably the only true, most important and universal feeling he does have a point. People often fail to communicate.

TKC is trying to say, he I acknowledge your community and why were the numbers so low in the last meetup? (the answer is it was impromptu and Spyder and others were on vacation most of the month so it was decided to wait until a later date to start planning the next big event. Also we have all formed friendships and get together in smaller groups all the time.) However, it comes out as a complete disregard and attack at one of our most respected members that has done nothing but try to keep a community of a wide variety of people and backgrounds together. So what we got here is failure to communicate. I could only wish that someday he would let me interview him not just as TKC but as the human being behind the satire blog.

First Annual KCBvsT

Welcome to the first annual Kansas City Bloggers vs Twitters competition.

We had initially thought Laser Tag would be the best event to keep the geeks from having to take oxygen, but after The D stepped in and scared the twitters with his military background and my fear that he will go into “combat mode” and just Chuck Norris us all in the battle field, we have switched this year’s event to be Whirly Ball.

Honestly I looked into the local Laser tag centers and it seems that they are all way too run down. I even thought about the offer from @wrytir to have it be dodgeball, but I don’t think 140 characters would be enough for the twitters to cry about balls flying at high speed to their faces.

The Place is going to be Power Play in Shawnee Mission
The Date is TBD
The Time is TBD. < - No excuses, be on time because we only have the court for an hour! All the participants need to contact me via e-mail at logtar(at)gmail-dot-com for some more detail$ I have placed the wafflers (Shane and the D) mainly because of Shane's re-branding, that just makes him an automatic twitter. There is still time to sign up! so join your team and let the smack talk begin! The teams for #KCBvsT stand as follows

Bloggers Twitters
Logtar @wrytir
Sponge @duckman1221
Betizuka @JohninKC
A Librarian @JeffIsAGeek
Faith @arogersphotos
Average Jane @kcklo63
Chimpotle @hoopstar311
Meesha @Vivid13
T-Rave @whitneymathews
The D @ShaneAdams

Bloggers vs Twitters

The Challenge!

I think Bloggers RULE! and Twitters are just a FAD! Well, maybe not really but I had to come up with some cool fighting words!

The idea is that we should have a friendly competition between the two groups here in KC, and since I don’t think many people would sign up for a paintball all out WAR, I am calling for a simple LASER TAG match. Time, Date and Place to be determined.

The rules would be simple, if you have both twitter and a blog you can pick sides. I of course will be on the blogger side and I am openly challenging @JeffIsAGeek to command the twitter people!

So what do people win?

If the bloggers win the match, the twitters would have to tweet about each one of our post for a month as well as comments.

If the twitters win, we would have to write a blog post dedicated to a twitter, be their company, an interview, a post that they get to chose the topic of.

The matchups would be randomly selected out of a had from the people that compete.

Sign up here. I believe most laser tag places do 12 on 12, but once I have the list of participants I will call around and set it all up. So pledge your affiliation here and lets see who rules the KC Social Media WEB!

*Update* – Use the Hash #KCBvsT
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More details on this event will be discussed at this Month’s Blogger/Twitter Meetup!