Harry Potter 7

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I started reading Harry Potter sometime in 1999. Once I had picked up the series I started to wait for the books to be released. Prisoner of Azkaban was always my favorite and I almost stop reading the series after Order of the Phoenix came out. I had become very attached to the characters and seeing die such an early death in the series felt like I was being cheated.

The third time I read the Order of the phoenix I had already read the Half Blood Price and the story seemed to be a little better. The book made a little more sense and the death was something that I was able to deal with. It was almost destiny that every single father figure Harry ever had was destined to leave the series in one way or another.

I am not going to spoil book seven for you, so don’t be scared to read if you have not finished. I will even go as far as saying that this book stands on its own. It is a great read even if you did not read the whole series. I am also glad to say that Rowling puts the whole Snape is good or bad controversy to rest.

Come to think of it, the gift that she has is that she did an excellent job at closing all the circles she opened through the story. I think re-reading the whole series now that I know everything that happens will only make me cherish the build up even more. She created a world that while not completely out of her imagination, she does borrow from mythology and other great authors, it is her own interpretation of what a magical world should be. It is fresh and very unique, it has its own rules.

I remember the whole controversy over the book corrupting people because it was about evil and witchcraft. I know think back and see that the same message that the new testament tries to give all of us, that it all comes down to love, its the same in Harry Potter.

If you have only followed the movies, I assure you, you are missing out. The books paint a picture that the movies can only reproduce like a masterpiece made into a stamp. Every book in the series tells a tale that when put together makes a lot of sense. It is not just a story about grief, sacrifice, responsibility and courage, but also friendship, family and love.

I am glad that the series ended now that I read the last book. I was a little skeptic as to how so much build up could end in just seven hundred and some pages. It did, it satisfied my craving and made me part of the generation that read Harry Potter when it first came out.


Transformers Bee-otch (****)

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It has been a while since I had this much fun watching a movie at the theater. After the horrible experience that was Spiderman 3 I did not want to hope for a blockbuster anymore. Transformers however exceeded all expectations 10 times over.

I really think you should watch this movie as soon as possible so I will not talk about the story that much. What I can say is that they do give all of us geeks our taste of nostalgia while blowing the doors out of any other movie out there. I think that Transformers is going to be the best movie out this summer because I just got out of the theater and I already want to go see it again.

The CGI, music, comedy and even the acting was very well executed. The laughs were followed by non stop action and the robots did not look cheezy, they looked cool and not out of place. Stop wasting time reading the internet and go watch this movie!



Best Pizza in KC

Every time I have moved to a new city I go on a quest to find good food. KC is a food town almost to the level of Chicago :) but of course it is not quite there yet! I have visited many cities in the US and I have never found a place with better food options than Chicago. However KC is slowly but surely giving Chicago a run for its money. KC has excellent BBQ, but I am not a huge BBQ eater. Chicago still has the best pizza in the world, Giordano’s or Nancy’s deep dish pizza is not in the same league as the one from Uno`s Pizzeria. However I have found the best think crust pizza I have ever tasted.

The place is called Pizza Shoppe and it is also famous the pink stuff… their salad dressing. I have to admit that the salad dressing is very good, but my favorite thing there is the pizza. They have awesome ingredients that taste very fresh and their dough is superior to anything else I have tasted elsewhere. The cheese is also plenty but the pizza is never greasy. It has always been hard for me to find good pizza and I am extremely pleased with what I have found so far. So if you are in KS, MO, OK or NB go check out one of their locations. You will not be disappointed.

Maroon 5 – It Won`t Be Soon Before Long

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It is no big news that I am a huge Maroon 5 fan. Their song Harder To Breath addicted me to them because of the beat and excellent lyrics and then Tangled made me a fan. Like Deguia said in his review of the new Linkin Park CD it is hard to review material as a fan, but after on listen to this CD there are two songs that are almost instant classics.

Right now the radio is playing Makes Me Wonder right now, but it is really not what I have chosen for a single even though it is an excellent song. Little of your time is what I have chosen to be the first single from this CD, it captures the sound of the group while still sounding new. Can`t stop is also another song that makes you want to shake your booty. If you have not bought this CD already, do so from Amazon by following my link, or pick it up at Walmart, I got it for 10 bucks. Listen to the new CD on their website, I am sure you will enjoy the music.

Heroes Finale Thoughts

I have to admit that I was a little dissapointed when I first saw the season finale. I felt that it did not have the strength that the “future” episode did. However, I started to realize that if we wanted another season of heroes it had to end this way.

Like a good wine this one is getting better as time passes. The more I think about it, the more I like the way they left things. We have 4 of our heroes potentially not coming back. While I hope they all stay in the series there is a possibility that they might not.

Also we see Simone again, and her Grandfather being one of the group of people that Linderman and Peter’s Mom is a part of does make it very possible that she is still alive. We never knew if she had a power of not, but she very well could have being related to someone with power, potentially.

A big question for me is what are some of the powers of the older crowd. We knew that linderman was a regenerator and I can almost bet that he is Peter and Nathan’s real Dad. What about Peter’s Mom… do powers get “bigger” with every generation or are they simply genes that are passed on?

Hiro going back in time also opens up a lot of possibilities. Will he become a Samurai and then come back badass? Have we had Heroes all through history? Was Hercules one? My mind just keeps going on with possiblities.

The more I think back to the finale the more I like it. I think it was a good way to end the season… not a total cliffhanger, but surely full of possible storylines for next season. Sylar is for sure the ultimate Lex Luthor.