Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

It is very rare that a book actually can move you to tears. I love reading because unlike movies you can actually use your own imagination to create the pictures that tell the story. Tuesdays with Morrie, makes you think about life and how you are living it. It poses a lot of questions that you should be asking yourself constantly. The book is a very easy read and very short, but in that limited space you enter a world where you get to see a very close relationship between a teacher and a student.

The student-teacher interaction was the first thing that made me want to read the book, but then the facing death part of it really captivated my attention. I am afraid of getting old, death is not really my biggest fear but more like not being able to take care of myself later in life. This books really helps you deal with those thoughts in very blunt way.

Morrie is a sociology teacher who is a wealth of applied knowledge. He has a way of being able to show you with his words the simple things that are in front of you but you do not quite see. I think you will be way better off reading the book than me trying to say how wonderful it is, or trying to explain the lessons inside it. There is also a movie about the book which I have at home but have not watched. I will be doing that really soon. The movie is supposed to be very close to the book and I would like to see if that is really true.

Another cool thing about the Author is that he has his own radio show in Detroit as well as a column in the Detroit Free Press, who would have thought that a sports writer that did not set to be writer in the first place could compile a book that has jumped into my top 5 list.

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Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

I just finished this exceptional book and all I can say is WOW. I would probably tell people that read the DaVinci code and enjoyed it that, this is a must read. If you have read neither book start with this one for sure.

The character of Robert Langdon is just extremely multifaceted. It has the characteristics or almost an anti-hero mixed with victim and hey he seems to… well do not want to really reveal too much. The book discusses the topic of science vs religion quite a bit, but makes a wonderful case as to why they really do not have to be at war, but could complement each other.

I would urge you to go and purchase this book asap. If you enjoyed watching any of the Indiana Jones movies, this book will appeal to you for sure.

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Maroon 5

Ok, if you have not heard of this band (specially if you listen to radio in the US) you have been living under a rock. Marron 5 is very classic rock with a pop feel to it. Some of their songs are more pop than rock like Tangled and Harder To Breath. It is rare than I like more than 2 songs in a CD but this CD is good from begining to end. Some of the songs took a couple of listenings to really like, but afterwards is a put on the player and let it go.

The band has a very decent website, and you can listen to some of the songs right from their nav bar. Also the lyrics are superior to what we have been getting out of mainstream acts. I give it the thumbs up and a definate buy.


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Wow, an actually decent movie.

Even thought is movie is more of a rental than a buy (unless you are a skater… but then I think you will probably have better footage yourself). Tons of cameos and some decent acting for the level of movie this was. There was some great lines… one of them came from this conversation inthe movie

Matt: I’m in a dry spell…
Dustin: To be in a dry spell you have to have been in a wet spell
Matt: I’ve had sex.
Dustin: With a human being?
Matt: Man, whose making up all these rules?

I was impressed by the cameos, like Milton from office space and some people from like 80’s movies as well as Bam Margera and co.

Logtar Rating System
* Don’t bother
**If there is nothing else in the video store
***Rent it for sure
****Go watch it in the theater today, or buy the DVD

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2 Fast 2 Furious (*)

I am glad I got to see the DVD first, because I would have been upset if I had paid to see this movie at the theaters. I really wanted to like this movie, but the acting was so horrible that I just could not.

The story tries to build on the first one but it falls short… I mean if you tought the first one was bad, then stay away as far from this one as you can. It is not even entertaining, because every time that you think it is going to get better, or the action cooler it deflates like a fart ballon.

The cars are ok, but nothing to be to impressed about. Women are good looking but not depth to any of them at all, as in the first one the female characters had a little more to do with the movie. Vin Diesel is defenetly missing from this movie… if the movie would have paired him and Paul Walker again it might have worked. Paul Walker for some reason cannot pull a character by himself or a as a lead man… as a supporting actor he was great in the skulls, but as a leading man he needs help.

Don’t waste your money even renting it, you know what remove it if you have it in your netflix cue, it will some day make it to cable.


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