Heroes Muthaf0k@!

If you don’t watch TV, are not in the US(even outside the US, you can now watch! JACKPOT, thanks Daniel! ) or basically have a life outside the boob tube you probably have no clue what I am talking about, but Heroes is one of my favorite new shows. Even though the season is coming to an end, today you have the oportunity to be totally entertained because the SCI FI channel is running a six episode Marathon. Yes every single episode. Now if you totally hate TV and think it is a waste of time, at least check out the graphic novel. It is truly a work of art.

As the story begins you have no clue that this show will take so many twists and turns. It really is a comic book but without the cartoons… its hard to explain how well done this series is. It manages to have so many cast members and storylines and yet make it all work. I want to know what is going on with each one of them. Seriously, check this series out if you have not done so already and if you missed an episode, today at 6/5c.

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Borat! (****)

Borat!: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is one of the best movies I have seen this whole year. While at times it is hard to see how ideotic middle America can be at times, the movie makes you laugh out loud at the stupidity of some of the people in this country. Whether completely staged or somewhat real, the interactions of Borat with the American people are priceless.

The movie has an endless supply of quotes, Sexytime, Vagin, and YES the soundboard is HERE. I have to say that this movie is a must see, and believe me you will be offended but not too much. I mean if you want to fend off the evil Jewish cockroaches you just need to throw money at them. Just keep in mind that actor Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish.

Don’t wait another minute, check out your local listings and go watch it… NOW!

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Logtar & DeGuia’s Movie Review

Logtar and Daniel DeGuia, discuss the movie Equilibrium and hopefully make you want to watch it. Also why Christian Bale sucks. Go give it a listen.

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Talladega Nights (***)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby does suffer from movie trailer disease, but I believe that it does do an overall good job at entertaining. I was expecting a little more, but overall Will Ferrell delivers. Ferrell has the capability of playing a complete moron in such a believable way it is outstanding. I cannot wait to see him on a dramatic role or a serious interview, I am sure the guy has to be pretty intelligent.

Ricky Bobby prays only to baby Jesus, if you want to pray to bearded Jesus he does not have a problem, but he chooses to only pray to baby Jesus. I find this highly amusing, and feel that I should follow it. I should pray to only baby Jesus from now on too. ***Warning*** this is not a movie to take your kids too, it is rated PG 13, and as tempting as it is to take your kids after seeing Ferrell on Elf, just be mindful of the crude and sexual humor, language, drug references.

The story gets and interesting twist as French Formula One Driver sponsored by Perrier enters the NASCAR world. All the French jokes you have ever heard before are wrapped into one character, and surprisingly it entertains. Ricky Bobby has to recover from an accident, more mentally than physically.

The racing and special effects all looked spectacular. It is obvious that NASCAR was onboard with the movie, even though I admit that more driver cameos would have been better. Maybe because I don’t know much about NASCAR and I only recognized Earnhardt Jr. maybe there was a lot more cameos that I missed. Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile, Daredevil) does an excellent job with this comedy and continues to impress me as an actor.

The movie was entertaining, and overall worth the price of the movie ticket. Don’t worry too much if you have to wait for it on DVD it should still make you laugh then.

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Talladega Nights.

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Movies that you probably have not seen…

but should!

I decided to put a little list together of movies that a lot of people have not seen, but I believe people should. Some are better known than others, but I believe every single on in this list is worth your couple of hours.

The Boondock Saints
This movie is a little on the violent side, a lot in the funny side, mostly in the smart side and all about good action. The score is unreal, the acting is great and the story makes you say “man I wan to do that.” This movie was never released in Theaters in the US, but became a cult classic. Some people are into this movie so much that they have tattoos that are related to the movie.

Some movies make you think about how you live your life, this one is one of them. Even though it is a SCI-FI/Action film it really touches on what society can become… or has society already gotten there? Watch the movie where the gun kata first appeared.

City of God
If your mental pictures of poverty all come from sponsor a kid commercials it is time you take another look. City of God is a movie that will show you a reality that as a society we don’t want to face. This movie is even more relevant after Katrina, because while some people think that poverty and “third world” problems are so far away, the disaster showed how close to us poverty really is.

So what are you waiting for, go rent these movies or add them to your netflix list.