Mission: Impossible III (****)

You can say all you want about Tom Cruise, he might be an alien wannabe scientologist, Oprah killing, “Coo-Coo” for Cocoa Puffs, and the list goes on; but he is a darn good actor and I don’t think anyone can play a better Ethan Hunt. This movie really earned the non stop action term to qualify a movie.

M:I II was mediocre even though it had a great director. I did not think this movie was going to blow me away the way it did. The special effects were done in a way that they helped the story and did not take center stage. The supporting characters were also great but the story centered around a love story for a now “retired” Hunt.

I had hoped that Philip Seymour Hoffman was going to steal the movie, but even though his performance was ok, it was Cruise’s movie from the beginning. Cruise made me believe that he was in love, he made me believe he cared for his team, he even made me believe that he fought for what he believe above all.

I really cannot complain about this movie, the locations were all excellent. The tech was very believable. The explosions looked real. The only thing I can say is, go to the movies and see it on the big screen, it is worth your money.

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Mission:Impossible III.

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V for Vendetta (****)

Viewing vendetta vindicated various vast views.  The only thing that I had heard about this movie was that the Wachowski brothers wrote it and that their first assistant director on the Matrix movies directed it. I had stayed away from reviews on purpose even though most headlines I did read were positive.

Vendetta is a movie that made me wonder, “How the heck did this get released in our country?” It is an unapologetic attack at how we live right now. A film that not only has us rooting for a terrorist but makes us look at government satire and then say “wait a minute, this is not too far from what we see right now.”

While V is not an action packed film, the action that you do see in the movie is executed beautifully. The sword fighting, knifes, and guns all play like instruments in a big opera. The interesting part about the action is that even in the scenes that you do see action, it is all about enhancing the story and not driving it. The music in the film also fits the theme perfectly.

I have never seen the Professional, and the films that I have seen Natalie Portman on have shown me a mediocre actress at best. No, I am not an angry Star Wars geek by any stretch of the imagination, but until this movie I did not see Portman as a great performer. She did an excellent job with the Eve character. Showing vulnerability and strength in a very natural way was necessary for making this character really work and she truly delivered. Hugo Weaving as V was not only an excellent casting choice, but it made for some excellent inside jokes… not going to spoil anything here, lets just say the Matrix is quoted here and there. Weaving also was excellent acting behind a mask, I am amazed at how expressive a mask can be when used the right way.

While V’s political plot that mirrors what could happen (or has already happened) to our world is hard to miss making it an excellent movie, I look at it more as a true piece of art. It has been a while since a movie can be called art and this one really deserves the title.  You have to love a movie that in today’s age of fear makes a terrorist the hero, but it also makes you root for him. If you have not seen this movie, go catch it at the theater.

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V for Vendetta.

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Ultraviolet (*)

It is a good thing that I was not a fan of the comic before I went to watch this movie or this review would have been a lot more bitter. Ultraviolet makes you wonder why there is not someone reviewing projects so that the money is saved for the future instead of making a mediocre movie about the future. Director Kurt Wimmer is not to blame for the whole movie, even though I did expect a lot more from the guy that directed Equilibrium, one of my favorite movies in the genre.

Mike Smith was the stunt coordinator for both movies and I was very disappointed by his work here. There was nothing innovative about the martial arts at all. The sword fighting was mediocre at best. My biggest complaint in this department was the implied fighting. When they used this technique the first time, I went “ok, that’s cool.” after that I was almost ready to yell at the screen, “where is the action? How did the killing happen?” While I get that maybe it was supposed to give you a comic book sense, it kind of failed.

The special effects were another mess. I think they ran out of budget during the movie, some of the effects looked very well done and blended with the movie, others gave me a sense of Saturday morning cartoon, Power Ranger kind of feel. Don’t get me wrong, some of it was done very well, the guns and other technology looked good, but then having the last scene being picked apart by my 9 year old as crappy tells you how bad it was. I hate comparing it to Equilibrium, but since both of them have a similar futuristic theme I have to. Equilibrium did not have the best effect either, but they help they story along instead of making you stop and think how crappy they are.

The story was the only thing that you can save here. However they had a comic book to borrow it from. I would love to hear from a fan of the series to see how true to the comic they were. I loved the fact that they did not let you know from the very beginning that this was a movie that had vampires. I felt that was done well.

I would not even recommend you rent this movie. I think that after paying Jovovich to star in the movie they did not have enough money to finish the film effects. If you want to be entertained rent Equilibrium.


From The WikiPedia

Screen Gems edited the film from its original length of 120 minutes to 88 minutes, against the wishes of director Kurt Wimmer. He was quite angry with this, and many fans agree that this decision lowered the quality of the film significantly.

It might be worth the wait to see the director’s cut, because to me the film just seemed like a mess.

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Zathura (****)

Based on the best-selling book by the acclaimed children’s writer Chris Van Allsburg (“The Polar Express,” “Jumanji”), Zathura is a heart-racing sci-fi adventure about two squabbling brothers who are propelled into deepest, darkest space while playing a mysterious game they discovered in the basement of their old house. (Sony Pictures)

Most of the children’s movies that I have seen in recent years seem to want to cater to the adults with a lot of humor that either relates to pop culture, other movies or sexual innuendos. I understand the business mentality behind it, but I think we are giving our children an inferior product when we go to a movie that entertains us more than them. At times I feel like children’s movies have forgotten about the kids all together. Movies like The Sandlot, The Bad News Bears (I cannot wait to see the what they did with the remake), or even E.T. seem to be a thing of the past. I was very excited when I first saw a preview of Zathura and really wanted it to be a good movie, but I was cautious not to see it with over inflated expectations.

Zathura is unrealistic and unapologetic about it. It is predictable and far-fetched… and, I loved every second of it. I have not seen a children’s movie this good in years. The movie uses imagination as a central theme and all the characters really help deliver a great story. The kids that were cast fit the roles perfectly.

The special effects were believable and fit the movie while not making graphics a centerpiece of the movie. The overall message of being nice to your siblings came shinning through as well as parents not having enough time for their kids. Tim Robbins was excellent as the father even though he was only in the movie for the introduction of the characters but he really help set the kids on the roles they would play throughout the movie. The humor was great, the laughs kept on coming and it felt like a true story.

I love movies that stimulate the imagination of kids in today’s era where videogames and movies at times seem to corral the imagination of kids to confined spaces. I also think that a lot of producers can learn from this movie that adults still have children inside of them and they can reach that adult or teen audience if they have a great product like this movie. I did not have the pleasure of reading the original book but I can only hope that the movie captured the magic. I not only recommend you watch this movie but I urge you to buy the DVD. If you don’t have kids it still makes a great gift.

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Equilibrium (****)

Some of the best movies I have watched have been recommendations by friends. In some cases those films that did not have any commercial success but still become “cult” classics by simple word of mouth. My best example is the Boondock Saints, a movie that most people that watch it instantly love but was never released in the theaters (more here). I had not heard of Equilibrium until one of my motorcycle friends used a picture from the movie as his avatar. The picture was a guy in a very cool looking white suit holding two guns in an almost martial art like stance. I was intrigued and after asking my friend about it he said it was a must see.

Expectations were not super high, but I did want to see some awesome gunfights. I love John Woo kind of action, so I expected something similar. As the movie began, I started to realize that this was not your typical action flick; it had some images that set the tone for an almost political history channel documentary about the 20th century. Then without slowing the movie too much the the background story is presented. Then the action begins and makes you wish the gunfights would never stop.

The movie makes you think- something I love about any movie. I don’t want to give away too much, but lets just say that it deals with the promise of a perfect society. This futuristic theme has been explored in many movies, but I like the way Equilibrium did it because it really dug into the fundamental thing that makes us human.

The acting was very good. Of the roles that I have seen Christian Bale play, I would say this is the best. I think he did an ok job with Batman begins, but at times he was more of a supporting actor to Liam Neeson in any scene they were together. Bale leads in this movie and does it well. Another good actor is his son in the movie; Matthew Harbour does an excellent job with a character that would have been challenging to most adult actors.

This was not a huge budget movie, and I think most of the budget was spent on the gunfights. It was money well spent because they are all very engaging. The overall scenery works, but it is not a wow factor. The rest of the special effects are not the best, but they help tell the story. Overall the story and drama are the true center stone of the movie and make it work. I think everyone should watch it, and even though it is a little sci-fi don’t let that turn you off. Go rent this movie today you will not regret it.

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