One of the lessons learned

I don’t believe that being positive is something that you are born with, but a concious decision you make. I posted not too long ago about free will, and I think being positive plays a huge role into decision making. It has taken a lot of pain in my life to become the positive person that I am today… I know at first glance that statment does not make a lot of sense but I will elaborate.

Having difficult times in life really shapes who you are, I would not take any of the moments in my life that might be seen as painful… mainly because I believe that they truely shape who I am. I have made the concious decision not to let all the negative things in my past, present or future to turn me into a negative person, I choose to be positive, I choose to look at the good side of things… I feel like there is no other way to look at life. The glass is always half full for me and for the I am starting to see that it does work.

Being positive has built incredible freindships in my life as well as keeping me sane through some rough spots. If I can say anything to anyone at a moment of depression is that, nothing bad happens unless something good is right around the corner. Counting your blessings always helps the fight. Try to be positive for a whole day (if you are not already) smile at people and you will see what kind of difference it makes.

A think that I always like to do when dealing with someone in customer service in any situation is trying to make them laugh if I can. If they are trying to solve a problem for me, I always make sure I acknowledge that they are not the person that cause the problem, but hopefully will be the ones that are going to help me solve it. 99% of the times this strategy has worked for me, and I have gotten a lot more than if I would have been nasty and demanding… don’t get me wrong if I do not get results I alwasy ask to talk to a manager 😉 but always in a positive way.

Do computers help us or hinder critical thinking?

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”
– Pablo Picasso

Computers are moving us forward, they are making us more productive than we have ever been… or are they?

I used to think that human interaction was being stopped by computers until I joing a motorcycle message board. Then I got to meet a lot of people that I called friends around the Chicago area. Then when I moved to Michigan I met a lot of new friends using the message boards and different chat services. So are the computers killing human interaction or redifining it?

Like Picasso said, computers are really useless they can only give you answers. We are the ones that present them with the questions, we are the critical thinking minds that drive them. Even artificial intelligence is just a poor attempt to mirror our capabilities. Would it ever be possible to create a machine that can do critical thinking?

Assuming… making an A$$ out of U and ME

I got some beef to deal with to day. Is it human nature? is it just plain stupidity? is it society?

So many people assume things every single day. Since spoken word was developed by our ancesters it seems like we (humans) have not learned how to use it. We constantly think for other people, thinking that we can guess what they are thinking or feeling. Worse, we think we know how their lives are. That just enrages me.

Yes this has to do with something specific, but I am not a liberty to discuss it with the world. But I do want to rant about assuming things. I think our interaction with others would be so much easier if we stopped assuming things and just communicated. But not pretend communicate (when we only give half of the story) but really communicate. Ask the question and be direct. Why do you do this, or What is it that you want. BE DIRECT.

Dam it… I wish I could be more specific about this but I cannot. Thanks for reading I will quit ranting now.

Helping others

“Help a man against his will and you do the same as murder him.”

Beatriz, who by the way has the same middle name as my Mom Eugenia, was kind enough to post a link to my site and another Colombian blogger. I went and visited Fabian Rodriguez’s site, and found a very interesting post. He talks about how we sometimes help others but they take it for granted. That made me look online for famous quotes about helping others.

Horace in his quote says something that seems extreme, but it is very true. We need to learn that in relationships with other people helping is actually complicated. Help for the most part is provided when someone asks for it, or at least it should be that way. But sometimes people just try to help others even when those people did not even as. This is often misconstruted into a negative thing… or maybe not even misconstruted but it is really a negative thing. I have been a victim of that giving plenty of unwanted advice, and trying to “help” others when they did not even ask.

I guess it is all a matter of growing as a person and realizing that people if they need help, they will ask for it. No matter how compelled I feel to help someone now, I now wait until they actually want my help.

Now back to the post by Fabian. He pointed towards an article that is in Spanish but in a very humorous way pokes fun at the pitfall that many of us computer geeks fall into. Helping a friend or family member buy a computer… which instantly makes us their primary tech support. I have now solved must of that problem by pointing them to Dell… they have the Dell dude and their own tech support.

Not eating Los Cuatro Amigos anymore

Well, my fav Mexican restaurant around here just got closed by the health department(was closed for a period of time, but it was not related to their food). I still need to investigate the reasons and such, but I am both pissed of and bumbed. The way I found about it is kind of funny though.

Ok where to begin, just recently they opened up a Los Cuatro Amigos really close to my place of employement, the restaurant is a branch of one in Bay City (one of the towns in the TriCity area where I live). The one that got closed is the one on Bay City. (It has since been reopened and a new location in Midland is also serving tasty food.)

Yesterday I am about to head out to lunch with Esther and Mike when I get a voicemail. I was like that is odd… did not recognize the number so I decided to check it later. We go to eat at Los Cuatro Amigos for lunch. When I got back from lunch I remembered the message I had, so I check it… is was friend letting me know not to eat at that restuarant because they closed the one in Bay City. I had no choice but to crack up and let Mike listen to the message.

So now I am Mexicanfoodless again. (or so I thought, full update here)