The Mind That Fires the Gun

This post has been floating in my head for quite some time. I tend to dislike guns and associate them with negative things. Some day I will be brave enough to discuss the details, but for now I will say that my first experience with guns was at a young age and it involved being shot at. Subsequently an extended family member that was a cop came over to our house and I saw up close my first revolver… as a means of protection for our family. Later in life I have encountered and even fired a lot more guns, and still did not care for them. It is amusing to me that people think that Colombia is this backwards “third world” place, growing up I thought of hunting as something that humans did before modern agriculture. The only people that really hunt in Colombia are the natives in the Amazon; unlike here that people mow down Bambi with high powered rifles.

I have plenty of friends that own guns. I have wanted one for personal protection for quite some time. I know that owning a gun is not enough, being trained on it and actually firing it in a range is what will make it effective in a life and death situation. This year as a present I decided to get a shotgun, for the nurse. The story of why will come soon enough, but because of something unrelated to this post I told her about it. She has not seen the shotgun but she knows about it. It is still kind of a surprise in that sense.

A Chiefs player killed his girlfriend a block away from where we live. We had no clue that we had an NFL player living in the neighborhood. The weird thing is that around that same time I was buying a gun as well. It was an easy process, I was amazed at how easy. Granted, I have no criminal record and I am a citizen but I could not help but be at awe at how easy it was to get one.

I have no problem with people owning guns, I just don’t want crazy people having access to guns; the hard part is how do we determine that.

A young man, possibly mentally ill kills 27 people, 20 of them very young children… like my nephew, like the nurse’s nieces… I cannot imagine how parents feel. I know my Mom was freaked out when she heard the news because she had no idea where Sandy Hook was located or what was happening. Even a second thinking your loved ones are not safe is hell.

This horrific event seems to be shifting the gun control discussion. I honestly don’t think it will accomplish much. If the mother of the kid that lost it was a good citizen and sane she could have still purchased the guns. Limiting assault type rifles seems logical but how many of those guns are already out there. The real problem is not that guns kill people, its that people that “lose it” either temporarily or permanently are the ones that kill people.

So the problem is not guns, it is mental health. You can call it evil; but I thought we were past the middle ages and thinking that winged monsters are the ones responsible for bad things that happened. People that lose their grasp of reality are the ones that kill others.

Mental health comes with a huge stigma still. A lot of people still don’t see it as an illness that needs to be treated. This is what really amazes me when people think that universal healthcare (including mental health) is something we don’t need. I dare you to read this article and reflect.

Make the Stupid STOP!

I used to think that everyone had a chance at being somewhat intelligent and capable, however I was very short sighted… I never accounted for the people that just don’t want to see. Most people without an actual mental condition that prevents them from learning become stupid by simply being lazy. Yea, lazy. My Gradpa that recently passed away did not go to school, he was an orphan that lived on the street and had to learn to read from picking up discarded newspapers. He eventually got a nursing certificate by passing the exams without any schooling. Because of that I value education, because I think everyone deserves that opportunity to make their lives better. You cannot help stupid.

Obama won… and why did he… simple math. You cannot win the election without the minorities or women. The republican party doubled down on the Tea Party and lost.

I remember what changed my mind about people being capable of being smart no matter what. It was not the “sheeple” attitude of listening and repeating only soundbites. It was racism. Racism that reared its ugly head once again.

Let me clarify, the following statements are RACIST!

You voted for Obama only because he is black. <- Obviously someone that has never read my blog and understands that to me Education and Energy are more relevant than race. “Let’s make the white house, white again.” <- Yey! Tea Party. I am not foolish, I do know that some black people did vote for Obama just because he is black. I know some voted for Romney because he is white. Latinos in the other hand voted because of the issues and not because of race. I wonder how this would be twisted when the first Hispanic actually makes it into the ballot. I’m compassionate first. Let me repeat that… I care about people first. Let me make it clear, I have volunteered in the past and will do so again. I have given to charity, but most of all I believe that social programs are what makes this country great. I believe in personal responsibility and while there are people that certainly game the system, it is naive to think that the cancer of our society is the people that live in welfare and not the rich guys that pay less taxes than all of us combined. Wake up people and realize that until we as a country start to fight the real problem which is that the money we put into the system is sometimes not used properly. That said something has to be done. Lets first make sure that we have no sick or hungry people in the country first, then lets get rid of the criminals that because they have a white collar can get away with using their church tax exemption to pay less. That is just the start though, from there we need to make sure that we create a place of true fair competition and we move ahead from this era of “by any means necessary.” If we learn anything from the past two decades is that we cannot continue to build sand castles and expect them to be there next summer. Lets build a future by staying engaged and learn that this country will be strong again if we wake up, stop the racism and divisiveness and concentrate on the real issues, that rich people are trying to buy the country little by little. Don’t be fooled into thinking they want you at their table too. Keep the middle class strong!

Almost a month without a rant

– I think this is one of the longest Chester that I have gone without posting.
– Funny thing is that I have tons to talk about, just waiting for the right time.
– Politics is really amazing me right now, from the blind sheep to the flip flopping.
– The nurse spends enough time in a hospital each week to have two family members hospitalized right now, just does not seem fair.
– I hate hospitals already, even more so when they make me sick.
– My immune system still kicks ass, but this weird bug/cold/flu thing lingers enough to make me want to go to the doctor.
– Working on a project for TCCC or The Coca Cola Company.
– It sounds funny when a Colombian says that he has to work some more hours to make that Coke money.
– The irony of inside jokes… I guess.
– Some days I feel like unleashing the inner douche-bag full force on some people.
– There are too many bullies in the world.
– Passive aggressive bullies are the worst.
– You know the ones that don’t get at you directly but try to do it through third parties.
– Come right at me fools, you might get the full douche bag treatment.
– Nuke and I decided that douche bag was ok to use.
– Daniel’s kids are growing up so quick its making me feel old.
– So is my niece, she just turned 12.
– She probably does not know that I got my first tattoo after she was born and it always reminds me of her.
– If you take your under 12 year old kids to a rated R movie, you are a douche bag.
– If you then leave the kids unattended in a movie that just showed sex and guts all over to take a phone call outside the theater, you are a bigger douche bag.
– People like that make me long for totalitarian regimes that will control who and who cannot procreate.
– Sarcasm, is it still lost on most people.
– Humor and wit alone do not make sarcasm funny, the other person has to laugh or get it… otherwise you are just a douche bag.
– We have become regulars at a coffee shop locally… I knew not because of Yelp but because I was greeted by a high five coming in.
– Why can’t the Vietnamese place be open on Sundays?
– Facebook might really change the way we look at relationships completely.
– Its like having TMZ follow just your friends.
– I still use it as my food porn repository.
– I have been thinking about unleashing politics rants… then again, I lost lots of friends the last election.
– I was glad to lose them though.
– Have you seen the Newsroom yet? Sure its fantasy, but it gives me hope that the real republicans are hiding somewhere looking for a way out of the hostage situation their party turned into.
– I am not cool enough to call myself an independent.
– I used to consider myself a republican and a JR Senator from IL changed that in 06.
– I also share views with this rant from The Newsroom, said it back on 08.

Separation of Church and State

Just like our country does not have a State language, we don’t have a state religion. For a long time the argument of separation has had a lot to do with meddlesome church people… you know the fondling type. I am now starting to think that it should be used so that hearing people get political does not make me want to go from an affair with atheism to full on marriage.

Secularism is something that transformed a whole region in Canada. It is an interesting chapter to read about. I like it because it makes swearing in French fun specially every time that Spyder cringes. I do get physically punished in the process, which to some might mean that my Catholic upbringing did its job steering me to BDSM. Now if I could only have ballroom butt… inside joke.

What pissed me off this morning on the radio was hearing Chuck Norris get all political and mix religion. Oh man, I don’t even know where to start. I am not even sure if he was going all New World Order tin hat foil or just simply being stupid. The thing is that to use the whole evangelicals should vote, and then assume that it means that they won’t vote for Obama is what bothers me. To call out someone because of socialism while using your religion as a springboard (which by the way its all about being your brother’s keeper) makes me think that logic is not something we are allowed to use as Americans anymore.

You can have all the political views you want, but don’t call on your “congregation” to vote not even for the Mormon, just against the socialist is kind of weird. If the country is going in the wrong direction, is a more religious nation the right direction? When did the republican party get all hijacked as the Christian party?

Keep on beating those drums people and see how more and more people leave the republican party. You will have lots of fun talking to empty chairs with a bunch of tea party people.

At least you will have Chuck Norris on your side.

Dangerous Liaisons

Nothing to do with the old movie or the more recent adaptation. Somehow my brain thought of this title to the rant that is really pissing me off lately.

I had a million reasons to come back to Kansas City but once of the cool ones was that a good friend was already saving me a spot in an indoor soccer league. We will come back to this in a bit.

I love the sport of soccer. I like watching it live and playing it a lot more than actually watching it on TV unless it is the world cup. The game is not exciting to watch on TV unless the level of play is at a very high level. Now to watch it live or play it is another story. I am not a soccer nut by any means, but I do have favorite teams in all the mayor leagues and I keep up with some of the international stuff.

Back in Chicago I was very curious about playing in an indoor league. I played outdoor in highschool and tons of street soccer back in Colombia. Indoor was completely foreign to me but it seemed like something that would be a lot easier to play and a great way to get in shape, or at least as an excuse to stay in shape. I talked to a couple of friends and they told me that it was a horrible idea unless I wanted to end up with a broken ankle. It had happened to one of my college buddies brother. So I steered clear. The way the story was told to me, and I hated the fact that it had that qualifier is that the “Mexican” teams were very dirty and took it way too seriously. As it was explained to me there were other nationalities in the hispanic community there but none dirtier than the team that played under the Mexico flag.

When I moved back up to Chicago my cousins and I played “touch” football one weekend. After seeing how they went full force with no pads I could see hospital visits in my future. I said no thanks to future inqueries to join their “fun” games. I guess I am officially old when I don’t think blowing out a knee should be a part of my weekend activities.

Fast forward to my KC friend talking about indoor. The selling point was that it was a co-ed league so there would be no dirty play. Also that it was an amateur league so the play was not very competitive. I was excited and even after the first game it looked like a promising thing. I was looking forward to getting in shape so I would be able to be more than just a sub but actually play entire periods.

Chimpo made fun of me on twitter before I started and thank Jebus that it was not profetic when he mentioned a broken leg on his little jab.

The second game that I was a part of was against a team where the guys all looked like they played soccer every day and on top of it were on roids. The girls on that team were also quick. First ball I get, first intimidation kick I get right to my shin. Lucky for me years of soccer and martial arts have killed enough nervs in that area that it barely registered.

It was a slaughter. The shots at our goal resonated throught the whole sports complex. I think the score was like 11 or 12 to 1 by the end of the match. It had the feel of when small country teams play the dream team in the olympics. It was pretty silly to have that level of team play with the amateurs.

The following week I had a personal thing come up so I could not make the match and that is when the drop that filled the cup happened.

Two of the girls that play in our team are related. Mother and daugther. They are both good soccer players. The daugther is probably one of our best players overall. Great speed, great ball management and can probably kick harder on goal while running than I can. This is a second hand account of what happened because I was not there.

One of the “Hispanic” teams played against our team. Again I hate the fact that it has to be identified as that and it is a little embarrasing since I am hispanic. I was not there to confirm nationalities either… actually I am pretty glad because I would have been happy to lend my swearing skills to the encounter. One of the girls fouled our best girl pretty badly and an actual physical altercation ensued. Mother defends daughter and they both get suspended for 10 games (so basically the rest of the season and into the next one.)

I am pretty new to our team and have only been to that All American Sports a handful of times throught the years. From what I hear the place has become all about taking people’s money and not really providing a service. Our team is pretty much dissolved since both our captain and our best players are not allowed to play. Granted they were involved in a confrontation but who goes full force in an amateur league where you are playing just for fun.

I am pretty dissapointed that I won’t get to play soccer on Fridays anymore. I might get in shape and eventually play outdoor again. They all have the possibility for injury. I know some of the people that play soccer are going to start playing kickball… I guess a safer alternative. Maybe it is better to just stick to the home gym.