Monday Ramble

– Today does not feel like a Monday.
– It feels more like a really weird Wednesday.
– I think a lot of people took the day off.
– The weekend seemed to have gone by way too fast.
– Trying another Indian Restaurant failed again.
– The bar is maybe set too high from our favorite place back in KC.
– I keep on saying that its the service, but that is not true.
– Food should not make you sick after you eat it.
– We are spoiled having a Colombian bakery to make up for bad food.
– Old posts seem to be getting comments lately.
– I want to revisit some of those posts.
– I make tons of simple mistakes when writing because I write too fast.
– I try to edit every post before I hit publish.
– If i edited everything to perfection I would never post anything.
– I actually have a day off mid week!
– Looking forward to the break in the middle of the week.
– I never realized how much I miss my good dentist in Michigan.
– At least we found an awesome ophthalmologist.
– KU graduate nonetheless.
– I did not set an alarm for this morning and still woke up in time.
– I went to bed kind of late too.
– I am still concerned that we might have to pay for the nice weather.
– I love being able to feel the sun on my face in the morning.
– I have not listened to podcasts in a couple of weeks.
– I guess it is time to start my podcast with DeGuia then.
– Thanks to him I am reading The Game of Thrones.
– So far so good.
– The Hunger Games movies comes out in March.
– My little niece wants to see it.
– It is interesting that she is old enough to enjoy things I like.
– She had no clue who Madonna was.
– We got into an e-mail war over Lady Gaga > Madonna.
– Madonna is def the chicken with Lady Gaga being the egg.
– Per DeGuia, Lil Kim is the chicken, Nicky (Manige?) is the egg.
– The older I get the more I like some country pop music.
– Dam you DeGuia, I also love me some Rockabilly.
– Nuke and I agree that youth is wasted on the young.

Word Rambling

– I find it interesting that people see humor as one dimensional.
– Offensive is subjective and one size does not fit all.
– I am not a jerk, that is why I don’t try to offend people not because I worry about “readership.”
– To care about hits/followers/friends numbers when you don’t make money is silly.
– Brian has made some great comments on my religion post.
– I thought I know the line between honesty and personal.
– I am blessed by having people that challenge me to be a better person.
– I wish people would see that Travis and I have been friends since college and have inside jokes.
– I wish people would judge less and try to understand someones point of view.
– Smart people don’t try to say you are wrong, they try to make you see a point of view.
– Is the future of corporate America, do the job of as many people as possible to drive profitability?
– We killed Deathwing while I was drinking from his cup!
– Why is mainstream now thinking that electronic music is cool like its new?
– I have been working out in a very passive way with kettle bells.
– I might be upgrading to really pumping iron at the gym again.
– I wish I loved to run, but I hate it.
– I can take go up 7 floors now without being winded… the last 2 still a work in progress.
– I was so busy this week that 2 out of 3 days I did not get to fill my big water container.
– I think I am starting to get tired of the cafeteria food.
– I still enjoy their salads, the soups not so much.
– Colombian food is evil… too good.
– I have not played basketball in 4 maybe 5 years.
– I have not played soccer in almost as long.
– I have not looked for a martial arts dojo either.
– Read a short perspective from a Catholic on gay marriage, you might be surprised.
– Marriage is not what it used to be.
– I posted about race, but it was not the aspect of it I really wanted to discuss.
– It was more about marrying outside your race.
– After discussions with a couple of friends I think I need to let the subject stew a bit more.
– I am very lucky to have found my wife.
– I hope everyone that is married feels as luck as I do, it is a great feeling.
– I feel sad for the people that read that and think I am trying to minimize what they have or lack.
– Jealousy is something most don’t understand and therefore live with it constantly.
– Most problems in relationships are born out of jealousy.
– I sometimes wonder if social media is based on that, and not on connecting people.
– Do people really care that much about what other do or have?
– Do people really attempt to show others that their life is better?
– I guess I am even sadder for those people.
– I knew that we would pay for the good weather days we had, snow is coming!
– I want spring here already.
– I would like to start playing more chess, but I think I need a more physically active hobby.
– I hate cat litter.
– I think whoever came up with it is genius and making so much money.
– I think both of my cats would be easily trained to use the toilet.
– Having a cat poop in the same toilet as you still freaks me out.
– It would same money on litter though.
– I wonder if the hard part would be to teach them how to flush.
– I know that it is not part of the training, but one can dream.
– This year is going to be awesome, I have a feeling.

Continue Rambling

– I was going to post about race today.
– The post has been brewing for years even, but I read some cool stuff lately.
– However Brian posted on my religion post and I would like to see if anyone else has some thoughts.
– My wife believes I hate apostrophes.
– I don’t hate them, I am just trying to make up for all the wasted characters I typed while double spacing after periods.
– I do dislike granola bars.
– Not because of how they taste, but because I feel like I should brush after every bite.
– No it is not because I would mind being called granola breath.
– I do hate hippies.
– No you are not a hippie.
– Hippie to me is the alter ego I built of my best friend where he is everything that is wrong.
– It is almost like a third persona in the relationship… is it like a trinity?
– Yes I am being blasphemous… darn heathens!
– The Lint Lizard Frolics in the Savanna while bitching at everything in its path.
– Yes that is an inside joke.
– No I am not going to explain it.
– Yes, a comma would have been nice, but I am trying to annoy the grammar Nazis.
– Yes, that is you, and you too, but not your or you’re.
– I wonder if Tim Teabow is pissed that God loves Eli Manning more than him.
– I wonder if Tim Teabow is like a Ken doll and not anatomically correct.
– I am betting he is a robot made by the makers of Kyle XY.
– I know you hate yourself a little if you got my last reference.
– That is like 4 I’s in a row.
– My wife’s sanity was kidnapped by Pinterest.
– I am afraid to go rescue her because they might convert me to that cult.
– Actually, I think we should all join a cult at least once… just have to have an escape plan.
– I cannot believe that people actually read and like this way of posting.
– I need another creative outlet.
– Drawing supplies bought 8 years ago are still somewhere.
– I want to travel this year but don’t have much vacation.
– I want to go to KC, Puerto Rico, Sonoma County, Tampa Bay and InDiana.
– Yes I say IN Diana in conversation as well.
– I was never IN Diana.
– I am looking forward to posting about race.
– It will be controversial for some… funny to others… maybe not.
– I had an awesome birthday!
– If you search for birthday in the blog you can read some interesting stories.
– My Mom informed me that my love of meatloaf could be prenatal and caused by her.
– She was craving meatloaf the day before I was born.
– My first cartoon character was named Peppy.
– He might retire before he ever becomes famous.
– The next one might be name Clint the Fat Lizard or Clint the Fit Lizard.
– He has eyebrows.
– Partly to annoy my wife the biologist.
– Yes I love her!
– No you cannot see him yet, he is still being “born.”
– You might never see him.


– I might start a new post method to use when I don’t feel like really writing.
– We’ll call it ramblings.
– I have done it before on various forms.
– I like the name, Ramblings I think I will create a category.
– This weekend was sucky. My uncle’s ALS is progressing to the last stage.
– It scares the crap out of me to someday be in his shoes.
– The rest of the weekend was great, but the sadness did linger with me.
– I hate situations where there is nothing I can do.
– Bea and I will be looking for a house this year.
– Settling in Chicago is a big decision, makes me almost feel grownup.
– I still miss my Kansas City people… I also miss my California people.
– They should all move to Chicago and hate winter with me.
– I don’t think I will ever stop hating winter.
– If humans were meant to live in the winter weather we would have thick fur.
– I am reconnecting with the motorcycle community.
– 2012 will probably be the year that I get a bike again.
– It will probably not be a sportbike.
– I think Bea would have a heart attack if I actually got into a race track.
– We will be going to Colombia in a couple of Months.
– I still think about moving down there permanently.
– I would love to live in weather that was not as extreme as it is here.
– Also fresh fruit available all year around.
– No you cannot get fresh fruit in a supermarket, trust me.
– There are several varieties of mangoes and bananas that most people in the US have never tasted.
– I wish winter was over already.
– I have started to dislike raw onions in my salad.
– I mix two kinds of soup to break the monotony in the cafeteria.
– Most of the soups have way too much salt.
– Eating healthy is easier when bad food starts to taste like crap.
– Taco Hell for some reason still does not taste like crap.
– I think they put more of whatever addictive thing fast food has.
– Taco Hell is still a guilty pleasure some days.
– I never though I would not miss red meat.
– I still consume it from time to time, but I don’t crave it.
– I think I need to go to Fogo de Chao and maybe restart that addiction.
– I am surrounded by cyclical eaters.
– People that love something for a period and then want to eat something else.
– I can eat most food I like every day without getting sick of it.
– Except PB&J and Popcorn.
– Maybe I am a cyclical eater too, but I have a longer que time.
– I wonder of this is annoying someone.
– It makes me smile that someone might be annoyed by it and still reading this far down.
– I am having too much fun with this, but I think it should top soon.
– I am not writing all the comes to my mind.
– By the time I finish one, 3 different trains of thoughts have gone in 3 different directions.
– Spam e-mail seems to interrupt my train of thought the most.
– Spam is annoying, its almost like internet littering.
– We should have Spam cleaning crews.
– Apple and google should pay for them.
– As as service back to the internet community.
– Ok, enough for one day.

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