Monday Rant

I felt ranty today and started a post but then I figured I might as well just ramble.

– I never thought I would get into the whole renfest dressing up thing, but I now have a hat and an idea for a whole character.
– I guess that is probably the interesting part of the whole dress up thing, the story behind it.
– It keeps your mind occupied and allows you to forget about the election.
– I have been holding back because I don’t want to have to unfriend more people.
– The stupid meter was almost broken recently with people really pushing its measuring limits.
– I am not implying that I am all that smart either, but at least I try to not be stupid.
– When do people just stop trying, maybe some just never tried at all.
– Back to the renfest, I consumed a turkey leg.
– Way more impressed with the apple dumpling.
– I have to write a post about manliness.
– I might actually upgrade to a straight razor shaving in the near future.
– More effort but way better results.
– Ingrown hairs are angry little pains.
– I have some BBQ sauce that I need to mail.
– It taunts me every time I see it and makes me feel like a procrastinator.
– More like I am getting old and forgetful.
– I want to shave all the pets in the house.
– My throat feels like I am going to cough up a hairball every morning.
– It could just be that allergies are getting to me.
– I need to get back into a workout routine.
– I have to find a bar near the house that has the Bears game every Sunday.
– The nurse has a style of cooking totally different than mine.
– I am learning tons of new stuff and coming up with great new ideas.
– We work well together in the kitchen, its like a little dance.
– I am starting to get the itch to go into teaching.
– I knew I would end up becoming one eventually, but I think it might be near.
– First getting set up financially though, then teaching.
Longboards might be my favorite place to eat fast food.
– Pandas might make me very sleep deprived over the course of this week.
– I love when I write a sentence that seems like should never fit in with reality.

Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!

– It is kind of amazing that my first little project at work had me talking to people in Bogota, Colombia.
– My brain hurt after having to do simultaneous technical interpretation.
– I had done medical stuff before, but technical is a bit harder it seems.
– Maybe I am just out of practice.
– So work is going pretty good.
– I love my nurse!
– I respect her for being able to endure 4 shifts in a row, that is just crazy.
– Every day it gets easier to think about my uncle.
– I truly feel he is resting in peace now.
– My future MiL’s first computer virus was the “Batman” virus.
– Not sure of she was just trolling me.
– Supposedly it displayed a banner on the screen, “HOLY COW, you have The BATMAN virus.”
– She made meatloaf last week.
– I skipped soccer on Friday.
– Its a double header and my back was just not into it.
– Appearently our team captain got into it with another chick… like fist flying and stuff.
– Glad I was not there.
– Seriously people, this is amateur soccer.
– I need to start bike riding again.
– And going to the Gym.
– And training the dogs.
– It’s actually really good to be busy.
– Even better to relax a little.
– The nurse and I saw the last Batman movie this week.
– It was hard not to think of the Aurora tragedy.
– The movie was excellent, great acting… lots of possibilities to spin something off.
– Christian Bale still sounds ridiculous when he makes the Batman voice.
– To think the best movies out lately have been superhero movies makes me both happy and sad.
– It seems Hollywood does not have many original ideas.
– Don’t even look at the remakes they are making the next year.
– I spent the weekend with the parentals in law.
– Stopped the shark week madness and made them watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
– Seriously had to stop the madness when I saw a hammer head shark growl underwater.
– There should be a law about movies that bad.
– Mr. Recommendation has a way to get me into all kinds of trouble, both good and bad.
– I am now part of Operation Thermal Reunion board members.
– Yes, I will be working on the site very soon to bring it to the current millennium.
– It screams geocities doesn’t it.
– It is an awesome faith based organization that wants you to play golf.
– Helping firefighters is a great cause.
– I suck at golf.
– I think I make good contact with the ball only a handful of times on 18 holes.
– It did not help that I played soccer late at night the previous day.
– Little sleep makes for horrible golf.
– Did I mention meatloaf already?
– Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Live from OP KS

Working for a security company sucks because being behing the monstrous firewall prevents me from freely trolling the stupid people that want yo move to Canada to avoid Obamacare… Funny part is that Canada does not want you and they have their own pre-existing condition clause.

I am officially back in the KC area, living in Raytown which finally makes my 816 cell legit, but working in Overpriced Park which would kind of would put me in hypocrite waters if I start hating on the JOCO d-bags.

Things are going amazing with my lovely nurse. It seems like my whole life had been leading up to us being together. Finally found someone crazy enough to want to be happy every day.

I am slowly catching up with everyone here and looking forward to hanging out. Will be playing some indoor soccer tonight!

Really looking forward to a lot of things coming up.

Only sad part is my uncle is getting worse and worse. Less responsive every day. I do feel like I did much as I could fit him. Now it is just the matter of waiting for him to rest in peace.

Glad to be back in the cowtown.


– Still stuck on inside jokes.
– That and I am dating a nurse. Hello Nurse!
– Until about a month I had taken maybe 3 naps.
– Since I have taken about a dozen.
– I can still function well on 3 hours sleep.
– It is pretty nice to be able to wake up at 7 AM.
– My uncle is getting worse.
– I am starting to dislike his wife more and more each day.
– When the head enters the sand to ignore reality it also block hope.
– “Punishing” someone already in their death bed is not just cruel, it should be criminal.
– I have the love of more mothers than it should be legal.
– Say it with me, Chi-Jua-Jua like a military chant.
– Remember the movie UP? now instead of squirrel say CHODE!
– I will wait until you go to google.
– CHODE > D-Bag
– Golf is in my future, like lots of it.
– I love sushi and also the train that carries it.
– I got to grill a little bit this weekend, looking forward to more grilling.
– Good vibes, yeap, good vibes.
– Sometimes what you ask for is not want you need.
– Sometimes what you need is not what you want.
– Its good to be wanted, specially when you are not needed.
– I miss hard rock and heavy metal, I think I am going to have a love affair with it again.
– Wiggle x3 YEAH!
– Music does not just get me through the day, it gets me through life.
– I might check Japan out of my bucket list sooner rather than later.
– Then there is the whole not wanting to be a human glow stick problem, so it might be later.
– Tomorrow my future step father is getting surgery.
– I am looking forward to that wedding.
– They have been together for years.
– When you know, you know.

TGIF Atheist Style

– I like saying thank God as a figure of speech.
– I used to say THANKS God before someone corrected me… it might still slip out.
– I admire guys like Hitchens and Harris.
– “Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.” – Hitchens.
– I still find comfort in religion and my imaginary friend.
– I am comfortable in a biker bar talking about boobs and beer and also in a highrise with a bunch of PhDs and their dissertations.
– I might do both of those in the same week.
– Smart people fascinate me, not sure why they intimidate people.
– Stupidity is way more intimidating.
– I met this dude last night and he was not intimidating.
– I also promised to troll him, but that would require some reading and I don’t feel like it.
– Political science is intimidating but I like Aristotle.
– If my website were to screw Meesha‘s site and get it pregnant you would have Ed’s website design.
– I will use intimidating again and it is because I am scared.
– It has been a long time since I have been this scared.
– Most of the time fear goes away with the use of simple logic.
– This time it is not working at all.
– It amuses me when people think that being controlled with your emotions means that you are controlling.
– I don’t manipulate people, I use all my powers for awesome.
– Just because I can think clearly in stressful situations it does not mean I don’t feel.
– During this whole ordeal with my uncle’s terminal illness I have not felt the need to talk to God about it.
– I think God and I have a marriage of convenience, I try to love him but his actions make me think he does not love me.
– I love the fact that most people that read what I write only get about 2% of what I am trying to say and 72% will find what is serious funny and 28% what is funny serious.
– I personally belong to the percentage that finds what is funny serious.
– I might not be telling the truth about those percentages.
– Does a disclaimer have to come before you lie or after?
– I am not sure if lies hurt the liar more or the one that was lied to.
– In Spanish the word innocence is used a lot to convey unaware, we also use “he had not broken his fast.”
– I need to stop reading books that revolve around hunger when I am trying to lose weight.
– Nope it is not the Hunger Games, it is the Game of Thrones.
– I should have asked the political scientists that I was hanging out with last night to play chess with me.
– I did not want to stereotype though.
– Oh! btw, Fuck you Travis! I love you too.
– Life continues to remind me that in the end it is all about love.
– I think I am going to spend the rest of my life learning about patience.
– Waiting for something for years to happen should show patience.
– The more patient I am asked to be, the better the result I expect.
– This weekend will be rainy but I will be indoors most of it.
– I still hate meetings.
– I hate the fact that I get happy when there is communication happening in a meeting.
– Meetings where communication does not happen should be refunded… time wise.
– The academic world sounds a lot more fun, their meetings always involve food.
– Is it time to become a full time teacher?