Imagine that the crazy Michigan Militia was not just the bunch of nutbags that produced Timothy McVeigh, but an organized guerrilla group that had taken control over the whole state of Michigan.

Then imagine that a presidential hopeful, and even though I want to use Hilary but I do not find her as eloquent or as loved as maybe Obama is, is kidnapped for 7 years. Then imagine the U.S. military rescuing the presidential candidate along with 14 other people that had been kidnapped without firing a single shot. That is what happened yesterday in Colombia. No big Hollywood production with a Rambo mowing over rebels left and right, just a well planned operation were everyone left alive.

Que Viva Colombia, Que viva la Libertad!

Obama for President

I have been a conservative for many reasons in the past. However, ever since I heard the Obama name I have been intrigued by this man. Before you say that I am jumping in the bandwagon because he won Iowa and is looking pretty good for New Hampshire, I mentioned his name back in September of 05 and then wrote him an open letter in December of 06.

My friend Daniel just posted Obamas speech after Iowa, go check it out. He has been supporting him with badge which I am now going to do. I have been waiting for the correct moment to start spreading the word, and I believe now that a predominantly white state was able to vote for him over Hilary.

This country needs change, and right now out of both parties he is the candidate that looks to me like the face of change.