You are the air I breathe

Life has a new meaning
When you find love
It marks a new beginning
To live more and more

Now I have a quest
To make you happy every day
To fulfill your every dream
Your love a never-ending stream
Will be the that ray
That shines brighter than the rest

You are my lighthouse
You are my compass
Soon to be my spouse
Already my goddess

Without you I will fail
You are everything to me
Our love will always prevail
You are the air that I breathe

Endless inspiration

Feeling your heart beating
Was a wonderful experience
Giving my life new meaning
Just from being in your presence

Having you by my side
Has made my dreams come true
Those that I had to hide
Now many dreams anew

Meeting you was not chance
But it felt rather like destiny
I want to take you to that dance
The dance that will last an eternity

Much like the air I am breathing
Without you there is no life
That is why every day I am dreaming
Of the moment you become my wife

A Gift From The Sky

Gift from the Sky

As I looked up at the sky
I never imagined that I would find
Even if I did try
The love that I had in mind

But soaring towards me
It landed by my side
Slowly it embraced me
And it filled me inside

A love so tender and sweet
A felling so fresh and new
That it makes my heart skip a beat
And gives life a whole new view

A love that I thought never existed
Now lives inside of me
A love that cannot be resisted
Has now set eyes on me

In this sea of flowers
It graced me with its presence
And now adoringly it showers
Everything I am with its essence

This love is so complete
Because it gives itself freely
There is no time to compete
Only living life ideally

A poem for love

Why is love so complicated

When we try to get close
Our fire burns us
Even when I bring a rose
a thorne might hurt us

Why is love so understanding

Even though feelings are strong
And words slash our hearts
We know it won’t be long
Until wounds are of the past

Why is love so understated

We forget that love is real
and that it cannot be replaced
Because the way we feel
Has to be embraced

Why is love so fullfiling

Only God knows it
how our heart it fills
because he created it
and gave it to us as a gift

by John G aka Logtar