I went with Ty to a school field trip to Dow Gardens. It was a wonderful experience to go see the butterflies at the conservatory inside of Dow Garden. Once again, if you live in Michigan or just visit, Midland is a great place to stop by. Enjoy the pictures.

They also had some awesome plants and flowers in the conservatory. Even several different Orchids, which are my favorite flower, and the Colombian national flower. I hope that this is a sign that spring is coming, I cannot take the cold weather anymore.

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Its My BirF’Day

Thank you Daniel for the Birthday wish and the title for my post. Yes it is my Birf’day and I am going to party like its my BirF’day. Actually we partied yesterday to celebrate my birthday and we had an excellent time. Despite the weather conditions, we expected 6 inches over night, plenty of people made it out to the party some of them traveling over 2 hours to just make the celebration. I would like to thank all the people that made it out and made this a very special birthday.

I always think that there is not going to have enough food for the party and we end up with a lot of left overs the next day. We made Hot Dogs Colombian style (Pineapple topping and crushed potato chips), Arroz con Pollo, Congri, Papas Chorriadas, and other h’orderves. Lily, one of my coworkers traveled all the way from Novi, Michigan with her husband and prepared my favorite Chinese dish for me Jajang Mion. I was also lucky enough to get other gifts, which were all appreciated. I got gift certificates to my favorite stores and restaurants as well as some special birthday cards. Even thought we made the festivities BYOB, we also provided a little Sangria to celebrate.

Today is the actual date of my birthday and besides waking up right next to the woman I love I also got to have Jajang Mion for breakfast was awesome. Am I the only person that thinks that having “recalentado” (leftovers) for breakfast is awesome?

I also had a couple of online celebrities in my house. The AlmightyGuru (who lived up to his name being a wealth of information on our Scene It and Battle of the Sexes games) and MikeP and (star coder who just this week released a new version of his Weather software Seasonality) his wife Katrina all came out and had an excellent time.

I always like to remember this post about the day I was born the day of my birthday. Even though my Family could not be here with me for my birthday they all called me and gave thier good wishes over the phone. That and having my online friends send me their congratulations for another day lived is awesome. Now I have to update my little introduction to reflect another year lived.

They say success is not measured by the stuff that you have but by those around you, well I don’t think even Bill Gates can feel as lucky as I feel to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Thank you everyone for making my birthday such a special day.

*** Update ***

I share a birthday with a fellow blogger and online friend (and I did not even know) stop by and give Jorge Q a Happy Birthday!

New Photo Album

I keep must of my pictures over at flickr, even though I do have photos in other places. I have been wanting to set them up so they can be displayed a lot easier on both Cielo’s and my website. I finally found a plugin that is very promising and here is the new photo album.

It sits on top of flickr making it very easy to browse even their tags. Cielo and I are crazy taking pictures, we both love them… so tagging them helps find them but there are still tons of them to go through. Let me know what you guys think.

Relaxing Weekend

For a change this weekend was super relaxing. I have not come back to work and felt this refreshed in quite some time. Not even 3 day weekends have felt this good. Saturday we had some family and friends over to play some cards, we played some poker and had a good time… even though next time we will not clean the same day of the party, both Cielo and I were just exhausted by the time the people started showing up, but it was fun still.

Sunday we went to a bridal expo. While it was not as big as I had imagined, it was a nice size and the exhibitor were either nice or amusing. We talked to a lot of them and got some good leads as to what we are going to do for the wedding. We have a place for the tuxes now and ideas for a videographer. Things are starting to take shape and it is really exciting. We are going to try a medieval kind of theme for the wedding, so if you have any ideas of how to make that happen chime in. I also got some money off the tuxedo rentals by entering the money grabbing air thing… We will upload the pics latter on Pictures uploaded for your laughing pleasure.

Review Taste of Chicago

Saturday July 2nd we set out to go to the taste of Chicago. Mode of transportation, the Metra train. It is the easiest way to get downtown when there is a huge event going on. The walk from Union Station to Grant Park was not too bad, but it is still a good 10 blocks.

Let me just say that large crowds amuse me to no end. Seeing people push each other and argue over food or a porta-potty makes me smile. You see people from all different backgrounds having to interact in the same space. Speaking of space, personal space goes from cushy to non-existent once you are in the middle of that crowd.

I had never been to the Taste of Chicago on a weekend and now I know why. The number of people had to reach levels never seen before. It was amazing to see the sea of people with little streams running in all directions. Entertaining, that is the only way to describe the lines for people to get food. *Logtar tip* when in a large crowd try to enter the stands from the sides it seems to get a lot more results than following one of the center lines. It was crazy anyway you look at it.

Was the food good? Absolutely! I had deep dish Chicago style spinach Pizza, boneless ribs, funnel cake, Eli’s Cheesecake, and some ice cream. I wish I could have had more, but it was next to impossible to get more. The crowds did not let up as the day went on.

Santana and Los Lonely Boys were playing for free, the taste has entertainment every single day of the week and it is awesome to get to see big names play for free. I got to listen to a little of Carlos Santana playing, but actually getting to where you can see the show was just not going to happen.

Overall it was a great experience, I recommend it for anyone that wants to have good fun and fun. I do however advise against going on a weekend. If at all possible go to Chicago during the week and try to catch a free concert.

Enjoy the pics.

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