Even though most of my driving career has been here in the United States, I first learn the ways of the road in Colombia. While I still get a little shocked when I first drive there, parking there is actually too different to even include on this post. Lets just say that in most places you park you have to know people or the tourist thing will happen. You have to see Slumdog Millionaire to get this reference.

I learned how to parallel park in Chicago, and even though I am out of practice I can get my car into some pretty tight spots. Parking last night at 75th Street Brewery was a pain because the lot was full, so I got lucky and found a street parking spot where I would not be towed. Wait… no… just ticketed. That is when I realized something, I am super paranoid about getting towed.

I probably have seemed rude in the past here in Kansas City when in a suburb I park on their driveway when visiting them. In the Chicago area parking is a big ordeal. You have to have a city sticker allowing you to park there over night. However, just visiting friends can result on being towed or getting a ticket. After seeing my Dad get towed and having to pay a hefty fine to get the car back I became paranoid. These is one of those ordeals you do not forget and neither does your wallet because it can be more than $200 bucks down the drain.

I have to get out of the mode of parking on people’s driveways and just park on the street since there is no danger of being towed on the suburbs over here. You rarely have to even parallel park.

Laugh while I’m out

Friday night I actually went Karaoke… and for the second time in my life I actually got up there and sang with Chimpotle… there is a video of it, but you have to talk to Sponge about getting it posted. I am sure Spyder will have the full details on the fun.

Has everyone seen the Bush shoe incident?

Where was the secret service dude that was supposed to take the bullet for the president? how did the guy get to do two? Is ALL the secret service taking care of Obama and leaving Bush alone? … someone is going to get a talking to.

You have to love Bush’s reflexes, almost like this has happened before… did he have to defend himself from things flying at him before?

And to think that a pretzel almost took him fro us!

Also, tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. I will be in surgery! Prayers and good thoughts welcome :) and also remember to be good to Bea :) I will be passed out and getting cut and lazered (is that a word?)… she will be the one awake and worried. If you have my cell number, you also have hers, just change the last digit to 5. I should be out of surgery around noon.

Need a date?

I love being part of this organization!

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Kansas City World Famous?

At least today. I tune into my morning news source, the BBC World Service, and I hear not just Kansas City being mentioned, but even Funkhouser’s grave digger’s voice. Take a listen to the piece centered around the Mayor’s plan to make the city more bicycle friendly. The whole time I was wondering if one of the people along for the ride was a blogger…