Not ready to come back

To say that we had a good vacation in Colombia will be like saying that when Columbus discovered America he just found some island.

Bea’s family was not just welcoming to me, they made me feel like I had been part of their family for a long time. Any doubt that I might have had about them liking me was quickly erased by the time we spent together. Her two brothers have complete opposite personalities and I was able to relate to both of them, her uncles both had stories that made mine seem like short stories compared to their novels.

Her Mom deserves a whole post, but seriously words cannot express who lucky I am to have a wife with such a wonderful family. I had a couple of cups of coffee with Bea’s Mom every morning and we talked, talked and then talked some more. I have not met someone as wise as she is since my late Grandfather.

That was only half of the trip!

I also got to see my Granma, aunts, and cousins. Got to visit with some high school friends and my fifth grade teacher. All said and done, the people made the trip worth it… the rest (food, scenery, weather) was icing on a huge caked.

You have to check out the first pictures, and there are plenty more to come. I also have some posts that I have been saving for after we got back and I am sure you will enjoy them.

Sorry for the unanounced hiatus

We were in sunny Colombia, we are on our way back :) our internet connection has been spotty at best but I finally got both computers in Bea´s house in Colombia working properly, but darn it surfing on a 44k connection is painful… lots of post, lots of pictures, lots to come about our trip.

Being away had another side effect, my site was down due to some script misbehaving, but it should be ok until I am able to troubleshoot it. For now, everyone have an awesome weekend and wait for many things to be posted about the trip.


Many of us have heard stories of how someone has missed a plane that ended up being in a fatal accident. There is a very clear outcome to that twist of faith or is it destiny.

In our every day lives we make decisions that could potentially have that same effect. Should we be aware of them? are they important only in hindsight?

I have had a gut feeling before. For some reason I have decided to slow down just before I see a police trap. While that could be just my subconcious telling me that it has before seen one set up in that area or just plain memory those things happnes. Is there such a thing as instict? or is it just our brain working faster than we are aware?

I tent to listen to those gut fellings, when something inside me tells me there is something wrong more often than not it is true. When I meet people and I see something not right with them, it might not be for quite some time but eventually I find out that there is something that I truly don´t like or respect about them.

Do you believe in gut feelings? or do you think that instict just comes from our brain?


When a child tells you that they are bored, one of the easiest ways to motivate them is to tell them to go do a chore. Most will prefer to go back to finding that old toy interesting to having to clean their room.

As we grow up, boredom is something that can also be encountered. I combat it early on by having tons of things to do, and well lately video games do not let me get bored very easily.

I started to wonder if that is a reality, or am I just simply so busy that being bored is just not something that my crazy schedule allows.

I have plenty of books that I want to read, some already have been purchased. I have video games in need of finishing and some even just in need of playing. My acustic guitar has collected dust for years and event the 5 year old brand new strings show signs of aging.

Are we even allowed to be bored in this fast paced world?


The word sorry is used a lot. I hear it all the time at work, TV, radio… I see it all the time. The funny thing is that I get the sense that most people just say it as a part of their normal speech but never put much thought or meaning being it.

Forgiveness is actually a concept that most people don’t get. Webster says about this word

1 a: to give up resentment of or claim to requital for b: to grant relief from payment of

2: to cease to feel resentment against (an offender) : pardon

and I think it is correct, but not truly understood.

Forgiving is something that affects the one giving forgiveness as much if not more as the one that needs to be forgiving. People also forget that even if someone does not ask for forgiveness, giving it to them is better for us. Our responsibility is to forgive those who trespass against us, and trust me it is liberating.

Forgiving is something that people often forget to do with themselves. Even in a situation with no fault, many people forget that they might feel anger or frustration. While those feelings sometimes are not the best and can hurt themselves or others, the first step towards recovery is to forgive themselves for those feelings. We are only human after all.