Sleepy Sunday

Went to East Lansing yesterday. It was fun, saw a friends band play (ther are from Chicago but played a gig out here) Egostatic. They did an excellent job, despite the poor sound equipment the place had.

On the way to the bar, we stopped at Jim’s house. Who has a new baby. I will make a page for the baby once I have more pictures. Jim is one of Mike’s college friends, that is how I got to know him.

After Jim’s we stopped at BD’s Mongolian BBQ for dinner. One of my fav places.

The Venue for the concert was spacious, and the people were 90% college age. Over all I think it was good exposure for the band. I had a good time and I think that is what matters the most. Check out their site and download teenage lust. Kick ass track

So what is today?

Thursday I think, I hate when I cannot keep the days straigh. Stayed up too late playing gunbound again. Well, Bogs is trying to really help me out with the design of my page, and I think we made some progess yesterday. He hates the current design, so hey, you are a designer, do something bettter, right. I was going to upload some pictures today, but I don’t have my mem card reader here… tought I did, but is somewhere at home, or at least I hope.

I need to start remembering to post at night, so I can actually get into my usual non stop blabering, posting at work is no fun because all I do is think about what I am working on, and the 5 min break that this is supposed to be, turns into, lets try this or that. Programming isn’t fun. I wish I could turn it off sometimes, but I just deal with it, the non stop wheels turning in my head trying to make a program run, or get that last bug out.

Today was a bla day

Today was uneventful. Except for a car that had ran off the road due to the snow this morning, not much has happened. We are supposed to get like 8 inches. It should be fun driving home.

I was just thinking today about this blog. I would not even think of putting work related stuff here, but what about personal stuff… friend names, etc. Well, I guess what I will do is just put stuff until someone gets pissed of.

Yesterday was actually very eventful. Got to the Gym (been a nut about the elyptic running machine) again and did an hour workout. Trying to get out there 5 days a week. Then I got home about 5 mins late to a game of AoK. A real strategy game. Bogs(my best friend) and I have been playing with Mike(the dude with the farm animal fetish) and Jim (one of Mike’s college buddies), and getting our butts kicked. But finally Bogs kicked it into high gear and we wooped ass. I have tons of fun playing games. Just not enough time to play them. I still have 6 PS2 games that I’ve yet to open and about 8 Gamecube ones, is almost like I need a vacation just to play video games.

What is a Blog

A couple of my friends… we are all like 10 years behind on internet time, do not know what a blog is, here is the best definition I could find.

Blog — (weB LOG) – A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in cronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominantly.


Well, it is monday getting back to the grind. I just got a little chance to do a little post and activate some of my space online. My main picture album sits here but it ran out of space… which reminds me I should reorganize that one. So in my current quest for space I started to use some of the space I got thru an ISP and put some interesting pics of the sky I took a couple of months ago here. I was driving to Chicago from Michigan and the sky just looked super cool to me, so I decided to take some pictures. The whole digital picture thing is really growing on me, but it is hard to make time for all the stuff I like. I am going to do some work on the website today, updating some links and maybe starting the rantz section.