Let is Snow, let it snow, let it snow

Wow that is a lot of snow coming down. That is what I was thinking all day at work. Then I actually had to drive on it. I am surprised I don’t hate Michigan snow as much as I did Illionois’. The snow here is a little fluffier and less slushy. My complain is whet the snow removal people. In Chicago, two flakes and there was an army of plows unleashed. It was quite good. Here, I think the whole try city area has 4 plows. No joke.

Well, today I got my moblog working. Is kind of neat, now I can send pictures to an e-mail account and it almost keeps a photo diary. Some people use it as a blog, I am just going to use it as a compliment to this one.

Just got done playing some Age of Kings. Still love that game, and now I can go and play some gunbound. I am actually excited. I can finally join a guild. Took a picture of me driving in the snow. Click on my moblog to check it out.

My Blog has arrived

What am I talking about, well I got hate mail… yes people hate mail. I am not sure what amuses me the most, is it the fact that it was some of the classic one, or that the people saying it were just making fun of themselves.

Lets examine. The first one was a “Go back to your country” one. This one is beyond amusing because I highly doubt that it came from a Native American, so I will drink to a hateful descendant of immigrants this weekend lmao
The second one and very classic “Get a life” message. Well this one really made me chuckle, for me making entries to the blog comes as a break in the work day, a couple of minutes of just saying whatever is on my mind. Or a late at night, last thing to do before I go to bed. Now if you read, you will realize that I spend some time in front of computers because of work and the games I enjoy. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone how irrelevant the get a life comment is to any internet communication, it is still soooo amusing.

Dinner for Friends

Well, last night was kick ass. We played darts and had tons of fun. I actually do not suck all that bad anymore, managed to do probably the best I have ever done last night. Not keeping score yet, but I think a 1.8 mark average is not out of the question pretty soon. Actually managed to win 3 games with a partner, granted my partner is awesome, but hey I did my part too.

This morning I got up and went to the grocery store, cooking Arroz con Pollo for some friends tonight.

Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and Rice) is one of my fav dishes to make. Is simple even though it takes some time to make. If anyone is interested on the recepy let me know.

Friday Night is Dart Night.

I got some beef, with the Michiganders. Granted, is winter, and is cold but come on people we are humans, not bears that need to hybernate. How did you like that run on. Well at least I have Darts on Friday to look forward to. Every Friday we go out and play darts with mostly coworkers. I still suck, but there is hope. I might some day be actually decent. I am actually about to go at lunch and buy some new darts.

Happy event of the day, is me finding out that Los Cuatro Amigos, Mexican Restautan just open today. It is about a couple of blocks from work. For most people in major cities, this is no biggie. But Saginaw Michigan is lacking some good Mexican food. And I have eaten at another restaurant in Bay City(part of the try cities Midland, Sagina, and Bay City) by the same name and they are good. I do not mean good as in eatable… I mean comparable to the best ones I have eaten in Chicago and home cooked meals I have had by actual Mexican friends. So now this means that I will actually have a lunch place that I can look forward to.

Moving on, extending my geekhood has now taken the turn of renting movies online. I have bee thinking about it for quite some time, 20 bucks for netflix is still 20 bucks. So I will do the free trial to see how it works and then decide if it is worth the 20 bucks. I might not have the time to watch that many movies and if I just keep 3 for 2 mothsn, that means that I paid like 12 dollars to rent 3 movies. We’ll see.

Now that I think about it 20 is my magic I care number. 15 bucks I would not think all that much about spendig, but 20 hurts. Like if a friend borrows 20, I will probably remember, but bellow that is not a huge deal. Granted, you will not be able to get 15 bucks out of me unless you are a good friend, but 20 seems to be a magic number.

How could I forget

One of the things that drove me to start this blog was a little community called Phirebrush. I am not a part of it by any means, I don’t have enough artistic knowledge to compete with those guys, which I consider not only talented but inspiring. The sadest thing about the story about me finding that little community is that one of its members is no longer with us. Sarah Ruble(Violet) was not only an artist, but she was a daugther, a fiance and a friend to many. I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet her. I hope she is in a better place. :(

I promised myself that once I got this blog going, I would make sure to mention one of the factors that drove me here. Kriegs Blog was so profound, and so open that I decided that I could also start mine. I have tons of ideas and past experiences to share, and if some of those help just one person along the way… then making and maintaining this blog is worth it. Thanks Violet and thanks Kriegs.