Two Years

The wife and I just celebrated two years together in matrimony. Being the both of us had been married before, many people have asked, Why would you do that again? The answer is that marriage is the most sacred covenant for a reason. I don’t believe that marriage should be just for heterosexuals because I think that loves come in all different shapes and sizes. The emphasis on the word sacred has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the importance of that bond.

I think movies, society, and at times even Disney tell us that with love everything is possible. While I do believe that is true in many levels, when it comes to relationships it also requires a lot of work.

I am in love with my wife, but I know that it is more like a plant and a statue. In my life my rock is my faith, not only for God but also our relationship and most importantly my wife. I also know that I have to work on keeping that love alive and strong.

Loving is easy, being in a relationship is not as much. My experience with marriage has taught me to be very realistic about expectations and to make sure I am aware of them on both sides.

The biggest challenge we have faced is actually communication. You would think that having two languages in common one of them being our mother tongue would make that easier. We are learning more and more about each other every day, and now know that we all have a chance to be who we really are, a concept that we had never really experienced in the past.

This weekend we did a lot of things to celebrate, but the most significant for me was to watch the movie Fireproof. It is a Christian movie, and some people might not be able to get past that. I did take a lot from it, and one of the most important things is that before we get married we might have a high school level knowledge of our partners. As life continues we should not be satisfied with that level of knowledge, we should keep on learning about our significant other for the rest of our life. I am not sure where I am with my knowledge of my wife, I think that is for her to answer. What I do know is that I am happy learning more and more each day about her, and experiencing life with her is a blessing that I am thankful for each day.

The Interview

One of the aspects of journalism that has always fascinated me is the interview. I admire good reporters that can get information out of people that they might not want to give out. I enjoy the cat and mouse game that is played during an investigative interview. I also enjoy relaxed interviews and find weird shows like “the true Hollywood story” where they completely remove the interviewer’s questions.

I have been watching morning television for a while. I used to watch the Spanish channel’s morning show for years. I would get my weather online the night before so there was no need for local news. Weather here in KC changes so quickly that a look at what the day might bring before I leave out the door is actually useful. So I started watching the morning show which injects local weather right into their broadcast.

It has been an interesting experience because of their interviews. Celebrities peddling their latest project look like they are still sleeping. They are in a daze so deep sometimes that they are only somewhat aware that they are on TV.

Those are not the ones that entertain me the most. The celebrities are used to being interviewed so they enter an almost robotic state where they spew out canned answers probably crafted by some publicist. Regular people are the ones that just seem to be caught off guard when the camera begins to roll and their tongue gets all tangled.

Once in a while the interviewer can snap them out, but most of the time it becomes a monosyllables game. The interviewer trows the slowest ball about the subject or situation and anyone with a functioning brain can hit it out of the park, however the trance is not broken so they go to phase two. I call phase two when the interviewer actually spells out the answer for the person in order to get them talking again. This attempt I think fails the most and people just sit there looking at the camera like it hypnotized them completely.

I can almost hear the director in the background saying something like “we got a sleeper.” or maybe a producer saying “I swear I prepped them, I swear they were talking before.” Overall is just simply amusing to me, but it makes me appreciate the work that the interviewer does that much more.

FIF 121

And Here We Go

And…here we go!

1. Apparently there’s some sort of _____.
Rain coming, Go away rain.

2. _____ sunny day.
Today was a beautiful

3. 2009 _____ so far.
has rocked

4. _____ that was it.
knob Creek

5. For too long I’ve been _____.
away today

6. I am not obsessed with _____; I am not!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!
Baseball, Gaming and Drinking, start a diet!

Chinese Again!

Lent is over! and well I did end up giving up something after some weight gain, Chinese food. I love fried chicken smothered on delicious sauce, but it just seems like combination of grease, sugar and soy sauce is my kryptonite. So along with my promise of drinking a healthy morning fruit and vegetable smoothie I did not each Chinese for almost 40 days. I am looking forward to eating some fried goodness again, but a lot more conscious about what it does to my system.

The WLC has been a challenge for me this time. After being excited that my weight was way lower (probably just a low dehydrated weight or something) than I expected, BAM I saw what my real weight really was, and I have been able to stay around 251 consistently for most of the challenge. I have lost inches which is great and clothes feel better which actually means a lot more. Nuke has actually lost a whooping 22 pounds and Jeff 16 as of last week! (Great job guys.)

I might do a little push on the last two weeks and see if I can jump start my system and maybe get bellow 240. The weather is getting nicer and outdoor activities will probably be more conducive to getting in shape. I know nutrition and exercise will be the key to getting in good shape again, and it seems like this time the changes however small will be long lasting.

I am not white?

Believe it or not, I grew up thinking I was.

In Colombia children learn that there are three main races: black, white and native. The combination of those creates races like “mulato” or “creole”. When identifying with a race back then, I looked at my family and my blond hair and light eyes, and thought of myself as white. However, the whole label thing was never important and it did not come into play every single day of my life. I would like to think that I was not a minority when I would not think of people as colors. I did not know one of my parents was somewhat racist until much later in life, and I lived here in the U.S.

My rude awakening to race issues came on the first day I was in the US. I was sitting down by some members of my family, and was told that I should not socialize with pretty much anyone. Do not trust anybody, not even people from your own race… I was like what? wait? what race? slow down? How do I know how a Puerto Rican is different from a Mexican? And what the heck is Latin? I thought that was a dead language.

In just hours from leaving a bunch of friends and family back at the airport, people that were bawling their eyes out because I was leaving–some even that I did not know then I would get to see again–my world view had to change. Not only did I have to very quickly learn that wearing the wrong color at school will mean I would get beat up, but also that someone speaking the same language as me was not trust worthy. The only positive thing that came out of all that was that I tried to learn English as quickly as possible.

In some instances my family was right. The school that I went to was full of gangs. Mexicans hated me without even knowing me. I quickly learned the difference between a “Chicano” and a “Chilango.” I quickly learned that half of my vocabulary was to lay dormant because the Spanish most people spoke was limited. Most of the Spanish speakers I know were told by their parents to learn English, and their mother language was pretty much lost.

I still have a hard time fitting with the concept of being part of a race. I am very proud of being Colombian, but as far as being Latino, it is an identity that is hard to fully embrace, let alone define. I made friends in high school based on personalities and not colors. Working at McD’s I made friends with co-workers regardless of race. I am not fluent in “Vato” anymore, but could probably still pick it up. But thanks to my high school experience I know the differences between the Mexican and Puerto Rican dialects very well.

There is a movie coming out soon that looks spectacular. It has action, violence, a love story. However, when my wife saw the trailer she pointed something out that I did not think about. “This is why people think of Latinos as all being a bunch of thugs.” In a way I have to agree, because so much of what people know about my “race” is because of movies. Some might think that not being able to identify myself with my race makes me lack identity… but I would disagree by saying this. The color of my skin is not something that defines who I am. While I do not ignore the baggage that comes with being a foreigner or from a different color, I try to live my life as a human being that interacts with others at that level and hopes that I am being judged by who I am and not by the label this particular society tries to put on me.