Why I will be cheering for the hated Green and Gold

Besides the obvious that Rapistburger should not win a ring …I am still in shock that he got away with so much and it still earning money as an NFL player… I will be cheering for the “Pack” for several reasons.

First one is I lost a bet to Keli Deguia. I was seriously pretty confident that Cutler was going to get on a hot streak and just dominate the playoffs. I seriously thought we finally had an offense.

I hate Bret Fart. Having the Packers win without him makes me happy. He is a classless, self obsessed media whore that represents all that wrong with our spotrs/celebrity culture. At the end of his career he really showed his true colors, specially when he disrespected all the players that helped him in the past by constantly saying that the Vikings had the best team ever… please, give your teammates from the past respect… you would have been nothing without your receivers you dbag!

Aaron Rodgers. The dude is a stud. He is classy, handled the whole taking the team over from King Favre very well and has done an outstanding job. Don’t get me wrong, seeing him spit blood after that hit made me happy… but the dude deserves a ring and we deserve to be better opponents if we are going to win against them twice a year in the future.

Mike McCarthy. You have coached well… and your organization has now been lucky enough to have two great quarterbacks back to back… if we could only be so lucky.

NFC Pride. Seriously… we might hate the Packers and have to deal with all the crap that comes with them winning the Superbowl, but it is still our division and the team that beat us should beat the other division.

So, lets lose with some class like our Defense did. They went down fighting til the end, and we know Packers fan all over were swallowing their tongue when Ulracher grabbed that ball… darn it for missed opportunity. Congratulations Cheeseheads!

The End of Substance

We are more connected than ever before in history. I was watching a B movie that a friend had let me borrow. The movie was everything that I would expect from a B movie but it made me think of how much communication had changed. It had pigeons on it that were used to send messages in a modern setting… it made me think that we have come a long way from smoke signals… but in our lifetime we have stepped communication to a whole new level. During the 90s pagers became something that someone else other than doctors had access to, then everyone got a cellphone during the 2000s and in the last couple of years it seems like everyone is on Facebook.

This is an extremely exciting time to live in and witness how technology is making things of wonder, like the walkman, become obsolete. Entertainment, such as 3D movies, can now be enjoyed from your livingroom.

I do however feel that all this fluff of access and even instant entertainment is taking away some of the substance of communication between humans.

Twitter and even Facebook let us share small tidbits of our lives that others might even comment on. Our interaction there seems similar to what blogs used to provide, but in a lot of ways the interactions lack substance. Any kind of real discussion can turn into a Twitter war, and since people are not really face to face everything seems to escalate.

Back in the early days of the internet forums used to provide this type of interactions, often times around a hobby or common interest. Everyone kind of got used to each others internet tone and even though there was conflict it was almost always intended by one party to turn out that way.

Now I have seen several situations where people take a very public avenue to air out grievances while everyone else witnesses the onslaught. From a breakup being broadcasted to everyone in the “friends” proximity to a political or religious view bashed to pieces.

Conversations that would never happen around a living room or a family gathering seem to be out in the open; and while some of it might be positive (its always good to see people’s true colors) some of it lacks substance.

Besides my wife, I have only a limited number of people that I actually hold meaningful conversations with. Conversations that are discussions trying to elicit not just response but actual thought.

My interaction with people even around the world has been made instant, but the substance in many of those interactions seem to be gone and actual communication seldom accomplished.

Myspace is the perfect example. It was a useful tool for maybe a year but then it turned into an overinflated shoutbox with blinking text all over. I don’t think many people visit or even have a myspace anymore… well at least not the people I interact with. It seems that now points of view are about who has the loudest and most obnoxious sparkle than actual thought behind it.

What good is the communication age if all we do with it is shout our views to each other, but not actually listen or think.

McLovin for a Day

Officer Othree and Logtar
While I was looking forward to the geekfest that was going to be Blizzcon and hanging out with 14 guildies including DeGuia, I was super excited when months ago one of them offered to take me on a “ride-along.” Ever since that day I have been thinking of the Cops – Bad Boys theme playing over and over in my head.

I honestly had no clue what to expect. Watching a TV show and being there in the cop car do not compare. The first thing was to see Charlie in uniform. We had spent most of our time joking and even though I had cop questions before and heard his professional voice he is a funny guy with a great sense of humor. The uniform did not make him intimidating to me since I do know him and have had a couple of drinks with him before, but I could see all the people around me change.

The first stop was the station where I got to fill out a form that pretty much said I could not sue anyone if anything happened to me while I was doing the ride along. It did not scare me, because I do trust Charlie and his capabilities; however, it did make me think of what many reporters do all the time to “get a story.” Thankfully this was no war zone and the weather was nice, but not too nice so not too many crazies would be out.

Even though I could probably go into many of details of the day, I rather talk about what I learned from the experience. I know for a fact that I don’t have the patience to deal with people in this setting. Even though most people see a cop as someone they should respect, it seems like the brain does lock up. Simple instructions are ignored and even though the officer is giving mostly monosyllable commands, people just don’t listen.

One of the biggest challenges I saw was the language barrier. The neighborhoods we were patrolling had some pockets of minorities both Asian and Spanish. He had to deal not only with illegal immigrants driving without a license, but with elderly Asian woman that did not understand the word “stop.” While officers do have the option of getting an interpreter over the phone, it is something that might require time that the officer might not have.

Even on what he called a “slow” day there was call, after call, after call. Even though we were not doing traffic enforcement (I learned quite about this, and its a lot different than here in Chicago out in California.) people still do stupid stuff right in front of a police officer. One thing I will share with you that none my cop friends here in Chicago admitted me is that the older or dirtier the car, the more likely it is that you are going to be pulled over. There really was not much down time.

Any time you are stopped in a parking lot you are checking the computer for pending calls, calls in progress, finishing reports. We had a chance to stop for some food, but he admitted to me that on busy nights he sometimes does not even have a chance to eat. Also the area that he patrols is huge, and even though during his shift he has other officers helping him (and back up from adjacent vicinities) I now understand why the Police in many places feels so understaffed. It has nothing to do with how many people they need, it has all to do with funding.

Charlie has been doing this for a years and he is a very patient man. Most of the cops I have talked to would not be a nice as he was on some of the situations we faced. It was awesome to see all the little details of how he approached situations in a very methodical way and had my safety as one of his priorities. Maybe it was just that we had partied the night before, but after half of his shift I was pretty tired. My back did not like sitting on the car for that long, I cannot imagine what it would be like to sit in a car every single day.

I feel privileged that I had the chance to do this ride along and came out of it with a lot more respect for the job they perform. I have always had a soft spot for law enforcement because I have met so many cops through martial arts and the motorcycle world; but this game me a great view of what is really like. Thanks for an experience that I will never forget Charlie.

Awesome week… Awesome month coming up?

We will be in Kansas City very soon, and then later in the month we will be in California. We are looking forward to both trips because of the trips we will be taking.

One of my friends from KC just spent a couple of days up here and we had a blast. You cannot beat going downtown, eating Chicago style pizza and watching the Bears beat on the packers on Monday night football. That memory will last a life time for sure.

It was nice to drive around the city and show him why I love this place so much. He had an awesome time and was thankful for being able to experience the little out of the way places that he probably would have never been to otherwise.

I cannot wait for Daniel to get up here :) hopefully soon, but better than that we will be spending some time with him at the end of the month. There is also another propane powered go kart race night coming up! so October is looking pretty good.

I have a bunch of stuff half written that will get posted this month, just need some time to finish it up. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you soon KC.

Because I have not annoyed Mesha in a while

My favorite Nurse spammed me… so I figured I would spam Ya’ll


Yes, My Dad… the tradition in my family is that my name shall become my Son’s middle name… Daniel John is the name that is currently in the running if mini Logtar shall arrive.


A couple of weeks back watching an anime that is pretty close to my heart.


I do






YES! I am awesome.
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