A boy named Sophie

– Actually not a boy, an actual gender bending cat.
– Not his fault he was sexed incorrectly really.
– Nope the title has nothing to do with anything.
– Inside jokes can still be funny to outsiders.
– A person’s name was mispronounced for almost a month and it sounded like Fabio.
– The actual name was not even close.
– Don’t you love multi/city multi/hour meetings?
– Someone used the word “googlish” meaning like google in the meeting.
– It amused me greatly.
– Hand-holding awesome in personal situations, infuriating when it comes to business process.
– It is comforting to see meetings be cancelled as soon as I schedule a day off, not that it means that I am the only one that actually works.
– My mood elevator is broken, its more like a green room now.
– What is up with tree hugging doctors, light healing just does not cut it.
– I actually got a workout in this week, not sure if it will see a repeat.
– I want warm weather, not humidity!
– Talking about God with atheist is amusing.
– Work would be so much better if I could play bullshit bingo.
– I also created a new meeting drinking game.
– I do Starbucks shots every time I hear “Synergy or -Like, You know”
– My internal messenger status is “I’m still alive.”
– Have you heard Cake’s version of “I Will Survive”?
– Pretty fly for a brown guy does not sound funny.
– Pretty fly for a beaner does not either.
– I love beans, so beaner works.
– Oh yea, Colombians are now known for good looking prostitutes! Thanks Secret Service.
– 49 bucks for a handy… that is so “Money”
– You have to do p90x to get the – so “Money” joke.
– See now you are almost IN the know.
– Are we there yet?

Post April Fools Ramble

– Words like ventilator and tracheotomy change in meaning when you have to use them in a sentence involving a loved one.
– I need to write a living will soon.
– How a person looks should not be part of a hiring process if they will not be facing the client.
– I know it does, I would not show up to an interview in shorts and flip-flops.
– The more I seem to get better at communication, the more I lean towards saying less and listening more.
– Silence at times says more than words.
– I love it when an idea that I present is slightly changed and passed as original.
– I think that is kind of what Steve Jobs used to do to his people and that is why so many of them loved him.
– From his own mouth, “Good artists copy, great artists steal!”
– I have come to hate most meetings now.
– Sometimes it feels like a real accomplishment to get a point across and achieve communication.
– Its funny when communication happens very seldom in meetings.
– I need a vacation.
– I have a vacation coming up but it is not coming soon enough.
– I also have a wedding I really would like to attend.
– I also want to go to Vegas… and California… and KC… and Tampa… maybe I should become a consultant again and get paid to travel that much.
– I don’t miss the consulting world at all.
– I am just really sad about people close to me having health issues.
– Even winning the powerball would not have helped the health issues.
– Really puts things into perspective.
– I hate this heavy heart feeling.
– I am trying to crack myself up and having a hard time with it.
– I am thankful for the people around me that can make me laugh.
– Laughter is the best therapy.

CPR on Chivalry

One of the topics that I don’t discuss enough is feminism. One because of the militant nature that most people associate with the word. Recently I have thought about the subject a lot more. Specifically about how women seem to be more cyber-bullied than man, also stalked and harassed because of what they post.

That certainly does not scare me, but it does bring up a point. I can still remember the day when I stopped holding doors.

A lady I worked with took offense to me offering to help her carry some heavy stuff she was carrying. I mean she was truly offended and was very vocal about it. I never meant to offend her, it was just the way I was raised. For a long time I stopped doing chivalrous things because of it.

Equality is a very nice abstract concept, but it is very hard to apply in actuality.

I believe everyone deserves the same opportunities regardless of sex. I also believe that I should be able to be chivalrous without it being perceived as sexist of a put down. I work with a lot more woman now than I have done in the past, and I see plenty of them in the elevator. Recently I actually carried some heavy stuff for someone all the way to their car. I said who gives a crap if someone will take offense at the offer. It made me feel good that she took the offer and was thankful.

I also got a kiss from my wife this weekend when I helped an older man in the hospital parking garage find their car. That made me feel good as well. I will continue to look for things to bring chivalry back into my life more and more. I think it should be part of being a man.

Thursday Rambling

– I need to go see “bedroom eyes.”
– That is the nickname that Bea and I came up with for my barber.
– She could be my Grandma and is a sweet old lady.
– She also really likes my eyes.
– For whatever reason she found it appropriate to tell me I had “bedroom eyes.”
– I had never heard that before.
– So she became “bedroom eyes.”
– She is also Italian, but loves Mexican food.
– Yes she knows I am Colombian.
– She has questioned me on bean preparation.
– I don’t mind being a “beaner” I love beans.
– I finished the first book of the GoT.
– Awesome birthday present from DeGuia.
– My wife has not started it, but I think she will enjoy it.
– Did I mention I hate cruises.
– But I love my wife more than I hate cruises.
– So a cruise might be in my near future.
– We are also going to Colombia soon.
– And after that to Kansas… but not KC… its a wedding.
– Not too soon though, still weeks away… or is it months, I am horrible with time.
– Not really, I just don’t want you in my business.
– I am losing a loved one soon.
– Terminal illness is a bitch.
– At the same time, we are all going to die some day.
– Sickness scares me a lot more than death.
– Even though ALS is not hereditary I do think about it affecting me.
– Main reason I stopped red meat was medical.
– I think I mentioned it before, the great uncle that seemed to share the most genetic makeup with me died of a heart attack.
– But the thing that made me really cut back the red meat was actually gout pain.
– People talk about pains, but having pain on your toe to the point you want it to be chopped off is no joke.
– Cutting back a the red meat was not as hard as I thought.
– I wish it was because I hate GMOs
– or because Beef carbon foot print is the size of a hummer.
– But no it was totally because of a pain on my big toe.
– Bike riding is enjoyable.
– Way more than running.
– My workout routine now includes Kempo.
– I miss TKD and Kungfu.
– I miss my teachers more.
– I need to get to Michigan this year.
– And California, and Colorado, and KC, and Puerto Rico, and Tampa.
– I guess its not a bad thing to have friends all over the place that want to see you.
– The weather is too nice outside.
– There should be an automatic day off per weather niceness index.
– It would be good for the soul.

Let it ride!

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. This would be bike #4 in my life. By far the nicest bike ever. Bea and I are really excited about it since we have a nice paved bike less than 3 miles for us. We rode a bit yesterday and it made me think about the bikes I’ve had.

My first bike was pink. I am not kidding. It was a hand me down bike from my cousin when she moved here to the US. It was a banana sit type of bike. It looked something like this.

I rode that bike pretty consistently until I was around 8 or 9. I really did not care too much about the color of it… heck so me of the kids on the street a lived in did not even have a bike.

My second bike was a BMX type of bike and was red. It was not the sturdiest of bikes and I broke the fork on it numerous times. I probably rode it until I moved to the US myself. I probably did not ride it half as much as i did the pink one. It is weird to think of not going to far from home because you are scared that someone is going to steal your bike. That actually happened quite often. It was not an unsafe neighborhood persay, but bikes are one of those things that an older teenager can easily steal from a younger kid.

As an adult I bought a cheap bike from a big box store. I don’t even remember the brand, it was kind of a beige color bike. I literally rode that bike twice. It was sad to see it just gather dust and eventually rust. I never really got used to the sit and overall just did not enjoy it. It was more of an impulse buy than anything else.

The bike I have now was well researched and vetted by a lot of my friends. Most of them are doing road stuff and even some triathlons. I have to dig the pictures of us when they were wolfing down burgers with me. We are excited to start riding, the focus will be fun, the health aspect of it will simply be an added bonus.