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Angry Black Cat is one of the new blogs I have been reading. It is the blog of an interracial couple that blogs on the same domain. The topics are mostly race related, but the writting is witty and fun. Another thing that I believe they have executed better than anyone else I have encoutered is the related post part… they call it If you liked this post, then try these…

I have posted related links in the past and even done some compilation posts, but this one seems to really grab you and keep you reading their stuff… so I am going to steal the frase and start putting the…

If you liked this post, then try these…

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Guitar Hero III ROCKS!

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My wife secretly wanted to be a rockstar and when we saw guitar heroes this weekend she wanted to tell me to pick it up, but she held back her dreams of fronting the band until I actually brought it up. One of my buddies said he was going to get it and I expressed interest… then I mentioned it to my wife and she was like go pick it up. I did a 180 on Panther (yes my car has a name) and headed to the nearest Best Buy :)

If you have never seen Guitar Hero, picture a toy guitar that interfaces with your console almost like DDR. The notes come down a bar that resembles a guitar and you are supposed to match the color and time your strum. It is really that simple, the rest of the stuff you pick up as you play the tutorials. It is very rewarding to string together combos to your favorite songs.

I am not sure what kind of song list past versions had, but this one is impressive and I am not even 1% into the game. It seems to have a lot of extras for good replay value. I think what makes it a must have is the online play. You can battle against people online as well as link your Wii to your GuitarHero.com account and show off your stats.

If you need a reason to get a Wii, guitar hero is just one more :) the wii remote fits nicely into the wireless guitar and you are rocking in no time. The first couple of times I played it seem like the initial load was taking forever, but a full power off and power on of the wii took care of that problem. If you are going to get a wii for the holiday season I highly recommend you pick up this title!

Want to battle me? take the friend code from the sidebar and send me an e-mail with yours.

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200 bucks Ubuntu PC

Did I become an Ubuntu fanboy? not quite, I have not been able to really break it in yet with my busy schedule. However it does excite me that they are going to be selling a $200 PC with Ubuntu on it at Walmart.

Why do I care? Because it shows that free software is moving forward and possibly into more and more regular homes.

I have a couple of friends that are in the market for a PC that will do just the basic tasks, no games, no heavy applications and this would be the perfect solution for them. The company Everex behind it is going to be limiting production so they can provide the best support possible for the machines, which I think is awesome.

OMG Ubuntu!!!

ubuntu linux penguin
This past weekend my uncle had computer problems again, yes the one that was ripped off by the geek squad before. He knew I was in town just for a party and going back. He did not want to tell me that his computer was messed up again but I knew it after looking at his face. I said I would stop by and fix it. I only had a couple of hours to spare and was expecting the usual virus or spy ware to be slowing it down but when I got there it was a lot worse than that. His wife who is the primary user of the computer loves to download (caunta porqueria se encuentra). I had to say it in Spanish because it has more meaning, but it loosely translates to every little dirty thing that she can find on the net. From every disc cleaner to the almighty registry sweeper she had downloaded things I had never even seen before.

Looking at the situation I weighted my options. I could take the computer and clean it and have it back to them on my next trip. I could also talk my uncle into just buying one of the very well priced computers they have at all retailers now. For about 350 bucks he got himself double the performance and Windows Vista. My experiences with the OS have been less than satisfactory so I knew that setting it up would be a pain… but it would be about a couple of hours which I was willing to spend. Even though the original set up of it did not take too long, getting it functional was very painful with the constant “are you sure you want to do this, are you sure you want to do that?” However I had an overall good experience this time (last time I was troubleshooting a laptop for a friend that just would not do what it was supposed to, and it was partly vista’s fault).

Before I left my uncle said, go ahead and take the old box I have no use for it. We had dinner, talked and I totally forgot about the computer. We were about to take off, already in the car when my uncle came calling and said don’t forget to take the box. I went back in and got machine full of viruses and God knows what else.

I have always loved Linux since back in College. Even though my experience with it on my actual hands is limited and even though the web server my site runs on is also Unix based running Apache I have really never used the OS itself, I have always done things either via applications like Cpanel, PHPAdmin and a command prompt here and there but nothing really on the actual OS level. I’ve had a red hat 9 disc for years and a couple of machines that I had ready to put it on but I never pulled the trigger out of lack of time (read lazy).

Fabian Rodriguez is a Colombian Tech Blogger that lives in Montreal. Coincidently he and my wife are good friends but have not spoken in some years. Fabian and I know each other just via our blogs and I really did not know much about my wife’s friendship with him until her and I met IRL and she told me she had actually been to Fabian and his wife’s house and actually had a friendship outside of the internet world. She mentioned in passing that Fabian had installed ubuntu on her machine but she forgot the password and never used it.

My first thought when I got a hold of that box that is only about 3 years old and could use a whole new set of system files was to put a linux distro on it. Then after Fabian and my wife connected again via facebook ubuntu came back to mind and I downloaded the ISO.

You have to remember that I am a corporate programmer that works on client server applications and have always worked with windows based software except for a couple of minor projects. I can move around Linux and can actually compile an application from the command prompt but I have gotten windows fat and lazy. I can click around like no one else remembering where settings are even without having labels… (I had to troubleshoot both of my wife’s machines at one time or another and everything is in French… my French is like grammar school level and windows settings go right over my head… demarrer, demarrer).

I was mentally prepared to have to read up a manual bigger than the bible to learn how to do beautiful things with ubuntu, I seriously thought that to get it to display level I would have to install a million pluggins… but then I gave ubuntu a try…

OMG I’m L337!!! yes just like a noob getting the first head shot from skill and not luck my face lit up. The Live CD did its thing in minutes and I was on the net faster than plugging the network cable to the PC. Zero setup headache, Zero trouble… the computer that minutes ago was almost a windows brick was not running an OS that IMHO (and that of others) can rival vista in many ways. I cannot believe I waited this long to switch specially since I have not been hardcore gaming in the PC in a while (and I am sure I probably will be able to game in ubuntu too).

The beauty of it is that you do not have to install it if you don’t want to, or it can coexist with your current O.S. if you chose to. There is no reason not to give it a try. Download the ISO, put it on your disk tray and restart that windows machine… chances are you are going to just LOVE what you see and experience.

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