The Art of Storytelling

On a little side note, I want to say that if you read this blog and have defensive goggles take them off. I would never want to say something to put down anyone, including a whole country, unless I was trying to entice some thinking. I am glad that I am making some people mad about what I say, but then I realize that they are completely missing the point. When I post about humor not being present in every day life, most missed that I was able to find it with my close friends… is it better to get it from a stranger or from your buddies? not sure, my point was simply find it!

I have been curious about role playing for a while. Even though I had a previous experience, this past weekend was the first time that I actually played the Serenity game.

I ended up finding a local gamer, who is also a blogger, also a food lover and cook, also into martial arts, also into plenty of other things that I like. We met a couple of months ago during lunch and had a great conversation but busy schedules had prevented us from getting together more than during just social calls. We had met each other’s wifes and this weekend we both blocked out Saturday night to do dinner and hopefully start a game.

After a wonderful dinner at a local Indian restaurant we had not visited, review of that to come in yelp, we were invaded by puppies. Btw, if you are in the KC area and want a puppy come we can direct you the right way. In any case, after we had settled for the night Bea and I embarked on our first role playing experience. I have to admit that I was surprised that Bea wanted to do it, but super excited she got into it. I might go into details on another post, but I want to concentrate and maybe make sense of the title of the post.

Growing up in Colombia I was familiar with “Cuenteros” known here as storytellers. I have actually been told by many of my friends that when I tell an anecdote I go into too much detail, some like it, some don’t. The first storyteller in my life was my Grandfather who would sit and tell me about growing up, or the army or his job. He would always tell me little details that later became part of the story and I loved every single moment.

The closest thing that I have found to storytellers in the US have been comedians. They are the only people that I have seen that transport an audience with words, sometimes simply to their own lives but just from a different point of view.

Role playing games reminded me of storytelling. As the story developed and the people playing started to build a story I felt very excited. I had missed oral story telling a lot, and now I had found a place where I could not just hear it but be a part of building a fantasy world. The more I thought about it, there more I wanted other people to be there so the story could take other turns and other characters could come into play. While storytelling and role playing are a lot different, I find the similarities enticing and cannot wait to get another night of gaming going.


Did I turn into a spammer?

Not really. I just thought it would be nice to contact everyone at once and instead of a simple e-mail I set up a mailing list. I am not sure if I am going to start using it in a regular basis or just every once in a while. You are welcome to give me your opinions on what we should do. So don’t be afraid, it was me :)

Wiill you play with mii

A lot of my friends got Wii`s over the holiday season, some even have Guitar Hero which is an awesome over the net multiplayer game. So, if you have a Wii add me to your address book and send me your wii code.

Wii: 5819 2355 3304 5713

If you have Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii, add me to your buddy list and lets battle online.

Guitar Hero: 541281254161

You can post your numbers right on the comments. Because the cool thing about the wii is that you have to also add the number of the other person… nice security feature.

RSS Reader Mission

Guilt is a powerful motivator… this one might not work for everyone, but hopefully it will get a couple of people. If you are at all like me trying to juggle a life, work and the Internet world; you need as many life hacks as possible. One that I cannot believe I did not discover on my own but thanks to a couple of local bloggers is how to make folder inside of your google reader.

If you are not already using an RSS reader, you are wasting valuable time. It is a lot easier to read a feed than visit several sites. It makes it manageable for me to keep up with my friends. I prefer google reader to others I have tried because I can access it from any computer in the house, or all over the world for that matter. If you are not already using it, you should; even more so now with the little hack I just started using.

Go to the bottom of the screen when inside of google reader and click on manage,

Step One

Then click on change folders,

Step Two

You will have the option of creating folders and then just picking the one that suits you best. I recommend you use time based tags like once in a while reads and daily ones. I hope this little tip gives you some time for the mission I am about to give you.

One of the reasons I dislike RSS is that they seem to diminish the participation of people. It makes it a lot easier for people to just ignore the leaving a comment part of blogging. While it is all about the blogger having complete control over the content and opinions on their blog, it is at times not worth much if there is no interaction with the reader. Some of the post that have frustrated me the most are not the ones that someone has disagreed with me, but those that ended up with no comments after I put a lot of effort into them.

So my mission for you on this year is to participate. Not just here, but all over the web. Even if your comment is that you agree with the person, let them know… take the time to just type, maybe you will even end up leaving a long winded comment.. it feels great when you do it and when you receive it. Happy commenting.