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A lot of my friends got Wii`s over the holiday season, some even have Guitar Hero which is an awesome over the net multiplayer game. So, if you have a Wii add me to your address book and send me your wii code.

Wii: 5819 2355 3304 5713

If you have Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii, add me to your buddy list and lets battle online.

Guitar Hero: 541281254161

You can post your numbers right on the comments. Because the cool thing about the wii is that you have to also add the number of the other person… nice security feature.

Guitar Hero III ROCKS!

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My wife secretly wanted to be a rockstar and when we saw guitar heroes this weekend she wanted to tell me to pick it up, but she held back her dreams of fronting the band until I actually brought it up. One of my buddies said he was going to get it and I expressed interest… then I mentioned it to my wife and she was like go pick it up. I did a 180 on Panther (yes my car has a name) and headed to the nearest Best Buy :)

If you have never seen Guitar Hero, picture a toy guitar that interfaces with your console almost like DDR. The notes come down a bar that resembles a guitar and you are supposed to match the color and time your strum. It is really that simple, the rest of the stuff you pick up as you play the tutorials. It is very rewarding to string together combos to your favorite songs.

I am not sure what kind of song list past versions had, but this one is impressive and I am not even 1% into the game. It seems to have a lot of extras for good replay value. I think what makes it a must have is the online play. You can battle against people online as well as link your Wii to your GuitarHero.com account and show off your stats.

If you need a reason to get a Wii, guitar hero is just one more :) the wii remote fits nicely into the wireless guitar and you are rocking in no time. The first couple of times I played it seem like the initial load was taking forever, but a full power off and power on of the wii took care of that problem. If you are going to get a wii for the holiday season I highly recommend you pick up this title!

Want to battle me? take the friend code from the sidebar and send me an e-mail with yours.

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Programmers Depressed?

It is kind of sad that I get more amusement from the local TV news than actual information. While they are having their daily, being fat affects your heart (I call that ground breaking investigative reporting,) health segment they manage to make me feel bad. The screen shows people in front of computers in their cubicles and the voice over tell us how depressed people are more likely to die from heart disease.

This thought entered my head, are programmers more prone to being depressed? Do people think we are boring depressed people?

My job requires tons of concentration. More than just memorizing a new language where it matters if you are missing a single space, programmers have to solve problems on the fly and in their head. We tend to like either a quiet environment or we like to be able to control the noise. I personally can program to music blasting from headphones, but not to someone talking on the phone. Most programmers that I have met also like to have coding sessions where they just don’t communicate with others. Do other people at the office think we are introverted and depressed people?

I have been depressed in the past but it has never had to do with my type of job. I don’t think that having to work in front of a computer screen makes me more prone to depression, but maybe that is the general consensus. Do people think that Dilbert is depressed? I really would like to know, do other people see cubicle dwellers as sad, poster children for depression?

How to find a Wii

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It was very hard to find a Wii, but once the quest was over it was very much worth it. While it seems simple enough to get one, supply has been running low and demand has gone way up after a successful holiday season.

How did I get mine? I picked it up at GameStop. After several attempts at just going to the stores and not finding one even after I was told they were getting shipments, I decided to always call ahead. Funny thing is the that store that said they had one sold out on the 15 minutes it took me to drive there. Thankfully another store close by had one left and I made my purchase.

The wii is Amazon’s best selling video game console right now, and if I did not want the hassle that is where I would get it. If you do want to do some of the leg work you can use Yahoo find a wii site. Probably the best and cheapest way is to just call around your local retailers and wait for their next shipment.

When you pick up the console be sure to get some Wii points so you can enjoy some Virtual Console games. You only need those if you do not want to enter your CC information into the Wii. Must haves for everyone should be Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario 64. Also pick up Wii Play which comes bundle with an extra controller. And do not forget the Nunchuk for both controllers, they are a must have for most games.

Do not, and I repeat, Do not get the classic controller. I bought two of them and have not used them once. Most virtual console games will accept GameCube controllers and if you do not have a GameCube you can always go back and experience the great catalog of games for that system on the Wii. Yes it is backwards compatible. The best choice for a controller is a wavebird for the GameCube, the first truly great wireless controller.

One that that I have not picked up but want to is the Nyko Wii Charge Station so you don’t have to recharge or buy batteries for your controllers. Batteries do last a long time. The cook thing about the Nyko system is that it replaces the OEM cover with one that is rubberized and makes it easier to grip the controller. Right now we are using rubber gloves for that purpose, those even come glow in the dark which is kind of cool.

The must have games for the Wii for me are the following.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Not a game for just fans of the series, as a launch title this game shows us how the Wii is capable not just of beautiful graphics but extraordinary innovative game play. It is not a short game and the story is full of exiting twists and turns.

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Rayman Raving Rabbids

The second title of this new series will be out soon, but I still think this is the best party game I have ever played. The music stages and the memory one alone make this game a must have.

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Mario Strikers Charged

Second game to have online play is sure to make some of the critics shut up about the wii online experience.

So stop waiting to pick one up and join the world on experiencing the greatest console ever.

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My Wii.

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Puzzle Quest, Challenge of the Warlords

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  • Graphics (7)
  • Gameplay (8)
  • Replay (9)
  • Sound (5)
  • Multiplayer (2)
  • Total (6)

Many games attempt to mix genres and not many do it very well. I am happy to inform that puzzle quest does quite nicely mixing RPG and Puzzle elements. The combination is not a new one, but it is one where the puzzle element is not just mixed with the fighting system, it is the way you fight. Puzzle quest uses the connect 3 system of electronic grandkid of connect 4 (Bejeweled).

The graphics while not very animated work for the game. The characters have an anime flavor and the monsters are very RPG. The worldmap is HUGE and all the little towns have their own little feel to them. The story line is quite interesting and adds depth to the game in a surprising way. At first I thought I would not be very interested on the story but the more I played the more I wanted to follow the character progression.

The game’s biggest asset is replay value. This is a game that you can pick up any time and spend hours or just minutes and have just as much fun. There are plenty of sidequests besides the main story as well as paths. There are many choices to make, “Take the princes to the trolls to be married or add her to your party…” You also have four races to pick from and have male and female characters.

Even though the game is highly addicting the most annoying thing is the music. Most of your time is spent in the middle of battles and there is only one song for all of the. A different song per type of creature would have been an excellent mix. I ended up just playing without music. The soundeffects are ok, but not very impressive.

My biggest complaint with this game is the lack of head to head multiplayer with a single card. It would have beens simple enough to strip the game just for a head to head battle. The multiplayer does not work for online play, the only way to battle someone is if they are in the same room with you. While this does not ruin the game completely it does take away from a final score that could have been awesome.

The final word is that if you enjoy puzzle games or love bejeweled, this is a must have for your DS. However, if you are just a casual puzzle gamer I would stick to Tetris DS.