Talk Like A Ninja Day!

I don’t only want to boycott talk like a pirate day, I want it to END! Lets replace it with something more sensible, like talk like a ninja day… how does a ninja talk you ask? go here for your answer.

The ninja vs pirate debate is part of the internet culture, so you MOST pick sides… and while the Pirates might claim that they have an actual day for talking like them therefore actually having one up on the ninjas I call, Kramer please!

Ninjas are cooler, cleaner, and deadlier… if someone talks like a pirate to you today, grab your nearest shuriken and go to town.


I have never been a real collector. I have some stamps, and I had some coins in the past, but I have never been a real collector. This week two trains of thought collided. Someone started to use tumblr for something personal, and Daniel shared with me some of his funny FAIL pictures. I have been enjoying LOL cats a lot lately and they have brought a smile to my face. Enter my new collection idea.

I had wanted to start a Happy Monday Blog entry for a friend at work that had a hard time with Mondays, but since he did not really got into it i kind of stopped. However, I still “stumble” into plenty of funny pics. I used to love collecting stickers for the books, as well as garbage pail kids when I was younger… so I figured, why not start my own collection of funny pics. So I started a tumblr… sign up for the RSS.

*** Thing that makes me happy ***

6 – News of a blogger visit :)
7 – LOL Cats @ i can has cheezburer.

My Gatekeeper Catching More than just Spam

I tried to make the question as easy as possible, and then I made multiple ones where the answer was the same. My little spam blocker asks to simply type the number one, followed by the number zero. 10.

It seems that some people (I will not mention any names) have had serious issues trying to comment here lately. So unless you want to join the list of absent commenters due to difficult question… comment.

I did not even ask how you write two in binary.

** UPDATE **

I think the plugging does not work like advertised and I have removed it… so comment away.