El Que Dirán

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Hace tiempo vengo pensando bastante en le concepto del Que Dirán. Es un concepto a veces difícil de discutir porque la mayoría de la gente no admite el dejarse manejar en muchos niveles de su vida por algo externo como la sociedad. Todos tenemos dentro de si mismos un innato deseo de ser individuos, de pensar por nosotros mismos, pero muchas veces terminamos dejándonos manejar por lo que la sociedad dicta.

Mi primer ejemplo de este tema viene gracias a mi mama. Cuando vino una prima a visitar desde Colombia, trajo con ella la pena común que le da a la gente, principalmente a las mujeres cuando salen a la calle. Mi Mama ya estado viviendo por estos lados mucho tiempo ha dejado ese miedo al que dirán y no tiene ningún problema salir a la calle sin pintarse o ir a comprar ropa al centro en chanclas. Su prima se mortifico al ver la tranquilidad con la cual mi Mama salio sin importarle el que dirán. Reconozco que aquí también hay mujeres que no se atreven a salir a la calle sin pintarse, pero a la mayoría incluyendo a mi Mama no les importa.

Me pregunte yo en ese momento, será que el que dirán es mas preválente en Colombia que por estos lados. La respuesta fue no, el que dirán es distinto pero todavía existe. En algunos aspectos de la vida los Americanos son un poco mas prácticos pero de todas maneras la vida cotidiana todavía esta dominada en muchos niveles por el que dirán. Sin embargo parece que acá la gente se preocupa del que dirán en una manera mas localizada. Utilizan el dicho “Keeping up with the Joneses” que se refiere al aspecto socio económico de que dirán, comparando las posesiones materiales con los vecinos. Es una de las cosas que yo creo que mueve a este país capitalista, el no solamente querer tener mas, sino mas que los demás.

Personalmente a mi no me gusta el que dirán, y siempre he tratado de vivir como si no me importara. En realidad si me importa, solo que de pronto no tanto el lo material pero si en lo social. Pensando en escribir otra vez en Español tome en cuenta bastante que pensarían mis lectores, de hasta mas de lo que debía. Yo creo que todos nos preocupamos del que dirán en algún aspecto de nuestras vidas, la única manera de ho hacerlo seria ser un ermitaño que viviría afuera de la sociedad. Vivir en cualquier sociedad es vivir afectado, queriendo o no, por el que dirán.

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Gas goes up vs Israel Withdrawal

I had to stop for gas this morning before going into work. As I walked up to the pump I saw that the prices had now jumped from the 2.40s to the 2.70s. I was a little upset mainly because this weekend I will be going to Chicago and the gas there and back just became a bigger expense. I remember when it took 20 bucks to fill my tank, yes in my current car. Now it takes close to 40. I did not even fill up the tank today, just put 30 in. I started to think of the economy and where everything is at right now. Cielo and I were just talking about the so-called “Energy Bill” and how it did not do a darn thing for us. What difference did it make but make the oil companies richer?

Then I got back into my car and continued to listen to the Morning Edition on NPR. They were talking to a correspondent from the Gaza strip about the withdrawal. I am no expert on the Israel-Palestine conflict but it saddens me to hear about, it like any other human struggle where innocent lives are lost. Then on the same program they interviewed an actual young settler. It was a moving interview, she started to cry… she used one of the most powerful words in my eyes… she felt raped because of the people that were there to help them “move” were sleeping uninvited in a place that just yesterday she called her home. I then felt a little guilty about being so selfish and thinking paying more money at the pump was something to be mad about. I could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to be forcibly removed from my home of 25 years.

I have a glimpse at what it is to move from my home, but it was voluntary and not my government telling me you have until this deadline to move. A lot of young people are going to try to make the withdrawal as difficult as they can in hopes that it will deter Israel from doing the same thing in the West Bank. That is the plan though, to have Israel withdrawal from the West Bank happen also. I sure hope that this is the first step towards some peace between those two nations and not the spark that will light the conflict up even more.

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Logtar Looney Lunes

I had an excellent weekend, hopefully you all did too :) well it has come for me to do another LLL and this time it is about the city or town where you were born… a sort of beginings meme.

1. What is the name of the city where you were born and what does the name mean?
2. Tell us something historical about your city? (When was it founded, by who… etc)
3. You probably know a secret about your city that outsiders would never know… tell us.
4. How big is your city? (population wise, size wise, etc)
5. Do you still live in that city? Would you ever move (or if you have moved away move back?)

Bonus Question.
Why should anyone visit your city?or why should anyone stay away?

Copy and Paste the questions to your blog, answer and link or track back! Don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Mental vs Physical labor

My job is not hard work? I have had multiple discussions with people about whether what I do for a living is hard work or not. The implication goes beyond stating that what I do does not involve physical labor. Sure it is not hard physical labor but what I do for a living is hard work. When I get home at the end of the night I am mentally drained. It is at times so taxing that I cannot even relax and stop thinking about the work that I have to do. That is not even counting my ability to telecommute and continue working after I’ve had dinner.

It is a difficult subject to discuss because there are several ramifications, cultural, social and economic. My Mother always told me that if I wanted to keep a friend I should never discuss politics or religion with them, well I think this subject is up there in that category also.

I also want to include a little side note here. I hope it will illustrate the respect that I have for the people that do perform physical labor type jobs on an every day basis. What I did last night is a job that I certainly would not want to do every day. One of our ceiling fans at home became loose, so Cielo and I tackled the task of fixing it, which by the way we completed successfully. I had looked into the attic when we first bought the house and it looked crammed but not too bad. I thought going up there was not going to be the most difficult part of this little electrical endeavor.

Well I had a surprise coming to me last night when I had to literally crawl to move up there. I am still itchy from the insulation all over my arms. I spent probably 15 minutes there fixing the support for the ceiling fan with limited oxygen and limited maneuverability. So don’t think for a second that I do not have the utmost respect for people that perform physical tasks everyday for work. Also I want to note that I was a UPS loader, not for very long at all (I think about a month) but I did experience how difficult and taxing on your body it is to perform physical labor. All my jobs in the service and fast food industry I consider borderline.

Where to draw the line is the first murky decision that needs to be made to steer this discussion. I could draw a line between professional jobs that require a college degree and vice versa, but for this subject I think we can concentrate on mental vs. physical labor. It is a lot more difficult than just that, because how can we say that a doctor who performs a job that at times can be very mentally taxing does not have to also perform tasks that push the human body to its limits. Wow, when I first started to write about this topic I did not think it would be this difficult.

To simplify things lets just say that I have had people come up to me as a computer programmer and told me that a days worth of my work is not the same as their job as a carpenter building houses. I don’t have the skills to perform that job and vice versa. But at the end of the day did he work harder than I did? Is he more able to relax since he cannot perform his job while not at the site, but I am left to still think of how to make a program bug go away?

I am on call pretty much 24-7. The times for support come and go with projects, some require me to work 30 hours straight until something is completely set up and running, others a call in the middle of the night: come out of a deep sleep to remember details on how to make something work. My point is not that my job is a lot more difficult, I just want the recognition from people that perform physical jobs that what I do while not physical is still hard work.