I am not a huge history buff; for the most part the subject was very boring at school. I used to love geography and maps, but remembering dates was never my thing. It came as a huge surprise to me that classical music, in the grand scheme of things, is actually not that old. I mean Beethoven died in 1827. It’s kind of weird that the thing that has made me interested in history is actually a reality show. When the dude from Pawn Stars starts seeing dollar signs as things are truly old, it makes me dislike him a little… but then he is so good at what he does and just so extremely knowledgeable that I can look past the whole (it’s just about money part of the show.) His talk about old stuff has actually made the centuries click in my head a lot more than years of history lessons at school.

Getting back to the music thing, I did not realize that most of the classical music (or what is consider classical music) is in a way pretty recent. Bea and I recently went to the Symphony and had an amazing time. Reading about the composer, and how he really never though it was good gave the music a new dimension. Looking at professional musicians perform was delightful and watching Stephen Hough on the piano was probably a once in a lifetime experience.

The thought lingered in my head that more people should have access to the beauty that is art. One of the things that has always bothered me about the fine arts is that they are truly not that accessible to everyone. I was able to go see theater once as a kid in Colombia being middle class, and as an adult I probably get to a play or show about once a year. The symphony was first, but it is costly and not something that I could truly do once a month. There is a huge price tag attached to art.

It was an awesome surprise when at the movies I saw that Fanthom events is actually going to make performances from the LA Philharmonic available at many theaters. Sure it is not the same as watching this live, but it is at least a way to make it accessible to more people. If you have a chance check it out. The symphony is an awesome thing to go to!

I Want You to Want Me!

Last night we got to go see Cheap Trick, Poison and Def Leppard. It was an amazing show, for sure on the top 3 of the ones I have had the luck to see at the Sprint Center. All of the bands truly rocked and made me appreciate 80s rock more, maybe nostalgia is setting in and I have forgotten that hair band type of rock was replaced in my collection with alternative in the 90s. While the music is not my every day cup of tea, all of the bands played for the audience, just hits pretty much the whole time.

Not to detract from the other bands but OMG Cheap Trick has to be one of the best bands I have seen play. They look like they are having lots of fun up there and the music sounded outstanding. Then my second favorite was for sure Def Leppard, because you cannot help but be amazed at how cool it is that a drummer without an arm can rock more than some that have both! They sounded probably the closest to their actual original recordings than any band I have seen in concert, but I enjoy more when bands kind of change things up a bit more. Poison was not bad by any means, they did not looked washed up at all and rocked.

Overall the show was good. I still think that the acoustics in the Sprint Center are not the best for a concert and it ends up being more in the loud side of things, but it was a good night. The down town area seems to be looking better and better every time I get out there. Great show for sure.

Kid Rock – Rev Run @ Sprint Center

Kid Rock Concert
I have to admit that I spent most of the concert waiting for Rev Run to come out, but it was def worth it. I am not much of a country fan, except for maybe Garth Brooks who is an amazing entertainer. Chimpotle joined me on a night of Rock and Roll revival.

The night started with the National Anthem and a group of marines doing a little memorial for the fallen heroes. The guy opening the show up told everyone how Kid Rock spends his Christmas entertaining the troop overseas which to me was a nice touch. Kid Rock is proud of being an American and it shows.

Kid Rock was flawless and from what I could tell did not use a backing track but just sang his heart out. He puts on a good show that is worth the time, but the whole calling himself Jesus is not all that cool or shocking since so many others have done it before. The stage was nice enough, but the sound system did obstruct the view of the opposite side of the stage from where we were sitting.

The low point came when he brought out Dickie Betts from the Allman Brothers and the dude spent a long time trying to get his guitar to sound right in the middle of the concert. He then tried to sing and it was pretty sad, I am not sure how old the dude is but he should have used a backing track. He was not a bad guitar player, but I think he spent a little too much time on the stage. I am sure the southern rock fans, which were plenty (mullets galore), enjoyed this more than I did.

His new material is a lot more of the same. I was not blown away by any of the songs but I was certainly entertained and glad that he was singing and not that I was listening to a pre-recorded track. The concert hit its high point for me when Run Rev came out and Kid Picked up the DMC side to go back and do some of the hits. It was funny to see that Rev Run mentioned his TV show, but everyone seemed to have at least seen it.

Before the end of the show Kid Rock did gen on the turn tables and showed us that he is also a talented turtablelist. I remember that the first time I saw him he was DJing for MTV at one of their summer shows. He closed the show with Badwitdaba which was the song I was waiting to hear. The show went until almost 11:00 P.M. which was not bad at all.

Some entertainment came from the crowd too. We had a drunken girl dance most of the show on one of the top rows on the opposite side of the arena, she looked like she was having a blast. Then we had the 50 year old dude drooling over a couple of women that were dancing a suite over from us. I am sure he had no clue with could see him watching the woman like a hungry dog looks at that hot dog that is about to fall of the grill. Overall Kid Rock’s concert was one of the best ones I have seen live. He is truly a mixed bag of musical styles that he manages to blend them all into one big show.