Go Chicago Bears!

A Bears fan is like no other fan. The monsters of the Midway are a lot more of a football team, they represent what the city of Chicago is all about. Hard work, CAN DO attitude… the second city (which has nothing to do with being second to any other city, but with the city coming back stronger after the Chicago fire.) is the city I call my hometime in the United States and being an Chicago Bear fan is something I am very proud of. No it is not just that today they are playing in Super Bowl XLI, or that they are an excellent football team… they have been my team since I started following American Football and represent the city I love, and what they represent is exactly what I believe, that hard work will take you very far.

Grossman, Benson, Hester, Jones, Moose, Tillman, Garcia and Urlacher are going to win this game! GO BEARS!

Midwest Superbowl

I am a sports fan, but the Bears are making me a fanatic. Winning against the Saints yesterday, the NFL cinderella story, was excellente. I believe that sports have a lot to do with momentum and the Bears were able to finish the game yesterday beating one of the best offenses in the NFL.

There are so many stories around the superbowl now, two african american coaches, two midwestern teams, but the important thing for me is that the Bears have a shot at winning it all after 21 years.

Rex did his job and at least to me he looked like he does not have to start hot to do his job. The run game also worked and even though the defense won this game, the offense did what they needed to do for the Bears to become the NFC champions.

For the first time since I moved to the US I am going to watch the superbowl and not just because of the commercials. Also the Colts made it and I was happy for them. So unless you are from Indiana, or even if you are from Indiana, you should become a Bears fan for the superbowl!

Today in Sports

I am not the sports nut that Big Orange Michael is, but I actually was glued to the TV last night after finding out that my Chicago Bears (yes I am a huge Bears fan), not only won yesterday, they beat the Green Bay Packers 26 – 0. If you know nothing about football, or Wisconsin vs Illionios (we call them cheeseheads; and they they wear it proudly… they call us FIBs F4%king Illinois B4stages), all you need to know is that the rivalry between these two teams is pretty deep.

I think that it is time for Favre to retire, the guy does not only look tired, he looks like the painkillers have taken its toll. Even though I had never liked him because he is a Packer, I always thought he was an excellent player. He should have gone on top, not everyone is Michael Jordan and capable of coming back to win one more time. (I only count is comeback as a Bull).

My second team of choice now, the Chiefs, lost their QB Trent Green to a pretty ugly hit. They said the is ok, even though he cannot remember the play that he got hit. The play is said to be investigated because the was on his way to the ground when he got hit. The Chiefs then seemed pretty stunned and their offense pretty much fell apart. The last 4 minutes of the game started to look like a comeback to be quickly deflated by a poorly played onsite kick. The Chiefs gave the game to the Bengals in a final score of 23 – 10.

Other notable scores from yesterday include Baltimore also beating Tampa bay pretty badly 27 – 0, Atlanta dominating Carolina 20 – 6, and my old local team the Tigers almost pulling a way from the clutches of the Seahawks 9 – 6.

In other sport news Federer continues the dominance of his sport with a spanking of Roddick for the U.S Open, he had 17 aces vs only 7 from Roddick. Federer is known for his ability to returns tough serves, and Roddick for his excellent service so it is significant that Federer dominated the serve. Federer is being compared to Tiger Woods since they are both on the top of their individual sports. They actually met for the first time before the final. They are both very impressive athletes.

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I am not sure how many of you have made big moves during your lifetime, but man is it stressful. There is not only the packing and restablishing of the services in the new places, there is also the emotional stress of the people you are leaving behind.

I did not like Michigan as much as I had hoped I would. I like a lot of the people I met, but suprisingly enough it was a 50/50 kind of thing. I met a lot of jerks, losers and overall people that I just don’t want to associate with. Starting the process of meeting new people again can be a hard task… but what if the place where you are going everyone you meet is a decent person…

Growing up I moved around my hometown a couple of times. I never really considered it a big change, and most of my teenager years were spent in the same place. Even when I did move, I still saw my extended family every weekend and I managed to always stay in touch with most of the people I grew up with. When I started High School over there I got to know a lot of new people but only related to a few. Some of them I am still in contact with thanks to the internet. I had achieved a level of freedom in my city that was exhilarating for me. I could hop in a bus and get around the city with no problem. I would go visit friends, go watch movies or go to my favority burger and hotdog joint.

Then I moved to Chicago. Almost out of highschool and not knowing anymore language than what sesame street might have been able to teach me I became I suddenly lost all of my freedom. My parents were very concerned so I could not just say, I’ll be back later and set out to just hang out. Slowly I made some good friends, but it was not like in Colombia where the public transportation was very accesible to me. Here I had to be driven by other people if I wanted to get around. Not knowing English was another problem, I could not even go to a fast food place and get a meal. By the time I was a senior I had started to speak a little more english and I bought my first cars with the money I was making working at McD’s. It was as if the wings that were clipped when I moved had suddenly grown back.

One of the things I did first was drive as far as I could to get somewhat lost. Not to the point that I had to call someone, but where I would have to find my way back on my own. I got to know Chicago and the surrounding metropolitan area pretty good. I will never forget the day that I took Travis around Chicago and showed him the city and he said, I cannot believe a foreingner is showing me my country. That is just how I am though, if you put me in a unknown environment I eventually find my way around.

I love Chicago. It is still my favorite city in the world. Great food, great blue collar attitude and just an overall pride that tells East and West coasters, we don’t have to shout we are better than you… we know we are. 😉

A little over 3 years ago a job brought me out to Michigan. I have only the good friends that I made to be thankful about. Besides that this state really beat me up emotionally. People are overall cold and reserved. Even though they are always polite, they say how are you doing without really caring what you respond. At times I felt like responding, purple turtle, to see if anyone would even notice. I did make some great friends, but it happened toward the very end of my life here. I did get to meet a lot of people, but most of them were just passing friends. I hope my friends do come and visit me out in KC some times, but if I know anything from experience, only a couple of them will make it out there.

So far I have spent a total of a couple of weeks out in KC, but I am amazed at how nice people are. I would venture to say that the people are even nicer than the ones in Chicago, but maybe I have just been lucky and met all the nice ones first. My coworkers welcomed me in such a way that I never expected. I did not need to rent cars or pay for hotels because they were all ready to take care of me while I needed it. One of the things that always bothered me about moving to Michigan was that after I got the job my boss never invited me out to dinner, his church or any other event. I felt that since he was the one that made me move out here he should have done a lot more to make me feel confortable than do a simple drive by the apartments I was going to move into. When I voiced that to people in the past they always told me I was expecting too much. At my new job I have not even have to ask once, and I have gotten dinner, free stays and an overall commitment to make sure I feel confortable in KC. Someone could argue that maybe it is that the companies were different sizes… but in reality, my last employer could have afforded a lot more than what they did for me. Maybe it is just KC, maybe I am just lucky… even thought moving is not easy, meeting new people made me understand that “alone” does not apply when you have good freinds around.

Review Taste of Chicago

Saturday July 2nd we set out to go to the taste of Chicago. Mode of transportation, the Metra train. It is the easiest way to get downtown when there is a huge event going on. The walk from Union Station to Grant Park was not too bad, but it is still a good 10 blocks.

Let me just say that large crowds amuse me to no end. Seeing people push each other and argue over food or a porta-potty makes me smile. You see people from all different backgrounds having to interact in the same space. Speaking of space, personal space goes from cushy to non-existent once you are in the middle of that crowd.

I had never been to the Taste of Chicago on a weekend and now I know why. The number of people had to reach levels never seen before. It was amazing to see the sea of people with little streams running in all directions. Entertaining, that is the only way to describe the lines for people to get food. *Logtar tip* when in a large crowd try to enter the stands from the sides it seems to get a lot more results than following one of the center lines. It was crazy anyway you look at it.

Was the food good? Absolutely! I had deep dish Chicago style spinach Pizza, boneless ribs, funnel cake, Eli’s Cheesecake, and some ice cream. I wish I could have had more, but it was next to impossible to get more. The crowds did not let up as the day went on.

Santana and Los Lonely Boys were playing for free, the taste has entertainment every single day of the week and it is awesome to get to see big names play for free. I got to listen to a little of Carlos Santana playing, but actually getting to where you can see the show was just not going to happen.

Overall it was a great experience, I recommend it for anyone that wants to have good fun and fun. I do however advise against going on a weekend. If at all possible go to Chicago during the week and try to catch a free concert.

Enjoy the pics.

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