Da Bears

I try not to be one of those fans that panics after every game. Yesterday Da Bears defense encountered Cam Newton and allowed him 543 yards. The guy is an amazing talent, and the defense did stop him in the red zone, but overall it made many people concerned, including me.

Ulracher and Briggs are getting older, so is Tillman. I am a big fan of Ulracher and to see him do what he did the first couple of games was very gratifying as a fan, but football is a game of youth and physical punishment. I want them all to stay healthy and win the SuperBowl that they all deserve.

Being a Bears fan, makes you watch the defense more than the offense. For the years that I have been rooting for them it has been more about hoping that the offense does not screw up, than wanting the to do good. Cutler has an impressive arm, but without a good o-line it does not look like he has the confidence (or desire to get hit) to really get where he needs to be.

Yesterday we finally saw a running game and hopefully paved the way for Forte to get paid. I honestly wish that they continue to build the game around the running game and let the passing game grow from it. I am sure Martz is not all about the run, but who knows… I don’t think we have seen what the guy can do because not many of the plays end up developing.

You have to wonder if the coach is capable of just playing with what he has rather than having to make the players fit into X-Os.

A win is a win, and I love to believe that every season is the season. I think we have what it takes, but I hope that using the running game was not just a one game thing. I also hope that our defense can stay healthy and stop talent like Can Newton in the future. We cannot let the Lions beat us. Plus we do have Devin Hester returning balls, did you see that! That is number 11 if you were not counting.

Another Week

Another bunch of posts that will be turned into something coherent some other time.

Hi, my name is John and I have too many things on my mind right now.

The holidays are coming and my wife is turning… well, she can tell you if she wants, but her birthday is tomorrow. I got her some cool presents throughout the year :) I did find a very cool place to take her for dinner and she will get her first Chicago true Italian restaurant experience. (Yes I did try Italian in KC and everything was meh, and unless you have eaten at a Chicago Italian restaurant here, don’t challenge me… seriously.)

Work is crazy busy, and not just a little crazy, really insane crazy… but I do get tons of time off and will take the last week of this month off! Yey, I need the brain reboot for sure.

We will be meeting a blogger this weekend that I first started to follow because of the KC peeps… but anyway, that is for another post or her to reveal.

The weekends are filling up way too fast, there are holiday parties sprouting like chia pet seeds… and that is not even counting my family “must attend” events.

I need to find a lap pool quickly. Even though I seem to not be ballooning with all the good food now available, (Bea’s and my Mom’s home cooking paired with the proximity to a Trader Joe’s and various eateries… see my Facebook gyro face stuffing picture for detaisl) I do need to get some exercise in and a regular Gym is just not going to happen after having to fight Gold’s Gym to cancel my “month 2 month” membership… how so I attend a gym just a couple of weeks, pay for 2 months in advance and they still want 2 additional months just because it is their policy to rip you off?

I do miss KC, especially the Plaza that now has their lights on. We did find a great Indian restaurant that has great food, but not the service we used to get.

I have been downtown a couple of times already and being able to get there by train in 20 minutes is just a whole new world. How lucky is it that there is a express train right to our stop. Walking to the downtown office was not all that bad, but wind tunnels and cold weather might just make me take the shuttle when I have to go.

The cafeteria in our building is probably the reason I am maintaining my round figure instead of expanding it. They have food at good prices and I have healthy choices.

We have not enjoyed our back porch as much as we should have, in fact I had not set foot on it until one of my cousins came to visit. Pretty peaceful to sit there and stare at running water. Which also means that we have a couch and started to have people over. We will probably take some pictures soon.

So this is what you get for a Friday post, disjointed paragraphs because I guess I don’t twitter enough.

Crazy I tell you, Crazy

So I have been writing tons of posts. Yeap, write about two paragraphs and bam I have something to take care of and a post turns into a draft. I like having tons of drafts to work on later, but I really been meaning to post more often about our adventures here in Chitown. So for lack of time you are just going to get a disjointed post of thoughts and random info.

Things are work continue to be crazy busy, but there are several lights at the end of the tunnel. No big guiding lights, more like LED flickers, but still. I will be happier once the candidate that I really liked finally fills a position to free up some of my time.

We enter one of those weekend that I did not miss at all. There are 3 different invitations from friends to parties because the word has finally spread that I’m back, two on them tomorrow night. There is also an outing with the motorcycle crowd, but its early on Sunday and we have family commitments in the early afternoon. It turns into a balancing act of having too many things to do and not doing any of them.

I am super excited that a new Cirque de Soleil is going to be in town soon :)

The cats have a new play thingimayigy that I think Bea is going to review. Not sure if they will like it but they freaking better.

We have a couch, with double recliners!

Our place looks more and more like a home every day. We have put some of our pictures up and don’t have any more boxes to unpack. Big YeY!

So what is your crazy life like?


I dislike comcast, quite a bit. I was their customers years and years ago, well about 6 years ago. They had horrible customer service and never lived up to their speeds when I was with them when it came to internet. It was a no brainer to pick ATT for our internet service… that is until we realized that they deliver the service via DSL and not cable. I will not bore you with the details of the technologies, but DSL depending on your location can suck. We decided to deal with the DSL and so far it has performed well enough and the speeds are not all that bad. The bad part is that we do not have the capability of getting their Uverse service which lets you pretty much set up a little home network and share a DVR between all of your TVs.

With reservation we decided to give Comcast a call to see what they offered and when it was all said and done our first bill for just two TVs was going to be over 150 bucks. That was not their bundle with everything, that was just for plain old cable service with an HD DVR for one TV and a regular set top box for the second TV. Even if I dial it down to just getting one TV with digital signal for HD and a DVR they still want way too much money every month since everything is “rented.”

So I have been looking at alternative and TiVo now is its own company not associated with DirectTV any longer, but for their HD offering they want $300 bucks plus a $15 dollar monthly fee. Other non subscription alternatives are still $300 bucks.

Direct TV is not an option, nor are other providers (there is one I know of) because the condo association only allows comcast since the lines are already in.

We got the little converter box and a good antenna and started getting HD reception like a champ, until we realized that CBS does not have a strong signal. This is frustrating because I actually don’t watch much TV anymore, but Heroes and The Big Bang Theory which are the shows that I do like to watch are both in that channel.

I thought technology was supposed to move forward, why am I still dealing with bunny ear antennas and transmitter positioning?

Looking at my stacks of blank DVDs I figured, well the technology is there for DVDs to be used like VHS (set the time) type of recorders right. Sure they are, but a good unit is still over $200 bucks if you want it to have a tuner.

I could build a PC to take care of everything, there is even a Linux distro that is not all that bad to set up, but I would still be spending about 200 bucks for really good hardware with a sizeable hard drive and good TV tuner card.

I am almost ready to break down and get comcast, but they are a horrible company. We signed up our new number for the Do Not Contact list, but we are still getting telemarketers. Out of 10 calls in the caller ID, 5 are from comcast. If you have any ideas, I all ears.

Good Morning Glenview

For two days in a row we woke up in our new place. We are officially residents of Glenview IL. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get into the office in the morning, and even though we are currently living surrounded by many boxes waiting to be unpacked, we are home.

Driving back to the condo from my Mom’s place last night was when it hit me, we live in Chicago now and are not just visitiors anymore. When Bea asked if we should get something for breakfast on our way home, I told her we could go and pick up Colombian “empanadas” for breakfast. Even better is that we can go to Mekatos a Colombian bakery not too far from where we live.

Even though the Bears were handed a beatdown by the Bengals, I was watching the game with other Chicagoans. Driving down the streets I see people wearing orange and blue and businesses supporting the Bears. Its nice to spend a lazy afternoon on my Mom’s couch watching TV while everyone else naps.

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time. Drove back down with Bea to pack up our house of 3 bedrooms with a full basement for storage; while trying to downsize it to a two bedroom condo. Even though I have moved even internationally before, this time I was actually driving the truck to the final destination and we were doing all of the packing. I compromised with my job and did the move ourselves while scoring a month’s worth of vacation a year, which to me seems to make more sense in the long run, my back begs to differ.

The biggest mistake of the week was while giving away my fish tank I decided that rather than empty it all, to leave some water in and use it as fish transport. I had moved the tank before almost empty, but 25% of the water proved to be a lot heavier than I calculated. I am not in pain anymore, but it felt like I had ripped some tendon around my elbow for the next 3 days. Thankfully from moving before I had learned plenty of packing tricks to make boxes a little less heavy. There is probably enough for a full post just about packing, so maybe I will do that later.

Without the help of some of our “stronger” friends we were able to pack in almost professional time. I cannot thank Phil, John, Andy, Celeste, Alicia, Sherrie and Robert enough. We even did some post packing gaming and played Pandemic which I LOVED! and just like that I managed to leave undefeated on the BSG Board Game! (mostly because we did not play the last night).

Driving up the rented truck was no small feat. I would have more respect for truck drivers now, but after several rear death experiences caused by them either blowing past me way over the speed limit or cutting me off I actually don’t like them very much anymore. Truckers know they cannot cut off a car because their acceleration will spell trouble, but I had more trucks cut me off than smaller cars. Overall driving with a load behind you is a horrible experience, you are at the mercy of wind currents, semitrucks wakes and people that make our nation’s highways their personal racetracks. Hundreds of dollars in gas later and probably a couple of gray hairs I earned we got here in good time.

Unloading was done yesterday and we were able to sleep in our own bed last night. Even though there is still tons of unpacking to do we are actually “moved in.” Its bitter sweet because we left Kansas City in a very rushed way, but I guess that is the way it was supposed to be. We have been lucky enough to already have someone visit us up here, and another one this week. I am looking forward to being able to have people visit and show them around Chicago.