Friends have always been a very important part of my life. Time changes relationships, some are timeless, some are a waste of time. Figuring out which ones are which is one of the keys to a good life. I have not quite mastered that art though.

Friends are more important than money in the bank, because success is nothing if you don’t have special people to share it with.

I am lucky enough to have groups of friends everywhere I have lived. Even cooler is that thanks to the internet I have met some amazing people that are now real life friends. The only regret I have about friendship is not having enough time to spend with them as much as I want, or being in the same geographical location. I am hoping some day they figure out “tele-portation” without the side-effect of ending up meshed with an insect. Michigan and Kansas City are both missed not because of the places they were, but because of the people that live there.

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