Family comes before money, success and any other accomplishments. Without people to share them, anything you obtain in life will mean nothing.

My sister is an extremely important person in my life, we love each other tons, her name is Carolina… she has now a son name Louis Angel and a gorgeous daughter named Victoria- after my Mom who’s name is Victoria Eugenia… did you know that my wife’s middle name is also Eugenia.. My Dad’s name is Freddy A, and a little family tradition puts me in the predicament of using John as a middle name… you see all the males in my family have their fathers first name as their middle name… My Grandpa’s name is Antonio Jose, then my Dad is Freddy Antonio, I’m John Freddy and now if God blesses me with a boy I have to name him???? John…. Fun ha… I will dedicate a whole page to my family in the future, maybe a cool family tree :).

Half of my family lives in the US, but the other half still lives in Colombia, where I’m from.

Enjoy this old little album, which reminds me I need to update it… but it does bring some awesome memories for me.

One comment on “On Family

  1. hola

    Me alegra conocer a un buen valluno de pura cepa…
    Estoy haciendo planes de viajar a Kansas City en un futuro. soy de Palmira, estudie en la Universidad del Valle, Terapia Ocupacional.
    Espero seguir leyendo tu blog quiero conocer colombianos y colombianas en Kansas, para comenzar adelantando amistades.
    Saludos a tu familia.


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