Gout Pain

Before you continue reading, make sure you have a glass of water next to you. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Uric acid crystals will cause pain and inflammation. Dealing with the inflammation and pain is one thing, but the real culprit is the uric acid.

There is really no shortcut to getting rid of gout pain, you have to flush the uric acid crystals from your system. Water is required. Problem is that when you are experiencing the pain, you want it to stop NOW, not a couple of weeks from now. Gout will teach you patience, that’s for sure.

If this is your first flare up, don’t worry too much, it will get worse. The following are some of the remedies that have worked for me.

Day 1 – Ibuprofen + Water (Lots of it)
Day 2 – Continue with day 1 but add aspercreme with lidocaine
Day 3 – Ice has helped. Heat has not worked for me, but it could for you.

Find your prefer way to drink lots of water. I personally like to add lime or lemon juice since the citric acid helps get rid of the uric acid. That said, gatorade or whatever you prefer drink it. Lots of it, because the more you pee the quicker the swelling will go down and the pain will end.

While you are in excruciating pain start thinking of what triggered your attack. For me it is red meat and beer. It does not fail that when I consume too much of those two, I can expect a flare up to follow. Reducing or eliminating the triggers from your diet is probably the best way to prevent future attacks. Of course there are pills you can take to reduce your uric acid, but I prefer to not have to take pills on a regular basis.

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  1. Derrick

    Going thru the pain as I write this….I guess we’re brothers in pain. Keep the leg up, drink lots of water, and crawl to the toilet….gotta go….I gotta go throw something against the wall

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