What happened to Rock?

I guess the question could even be broader than that and ask what happened to music in general. Maybe I am getting old now that I am closer to 40 than 30. I just can’t seem to find good rock anymore. The most exciting thing that has happened recently is Corey Taylor rendition of Rainbow in the dark. How sad is that? No new music has really made me go, wow this is good rock. When J-pop seems to have better guitar than actual rock I think we are either getting old or everything that is produced now is crap.

I am not a fan of the Foo Fighters. The more I get to know Dave Grohl the more I like him, but I still find their sound just ok. Not something that I can listen to over and over like I did with Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Offspring and Metallica(before Living in Michigan and Mandatory Metallica killed that for me.) Bands like Aerosmith simply don’t exist anymore. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Disturbed and can listen to some of the pop rock and enjoy it, but it does not evoke emotion the way the rock of my youth used to.

I used to think it was simply age, but it seems that even kids today don’t have a Nirvana.

So is anyone out there listening to something that I should listen to? Or is the simple answer that rock is just dead?

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  1. I watched that video that you posted above the other day. I HEART DAVE GROHL. While I think that Cobain’s suicide was a tragedy, I see it as if he didn’t do that, Grohl wouldn’t have achieved what he has, and I think he’s a good musician and a good person. I like that he seems to have a brain. I admire his parents who took a hands-off approach and let him find what he found. I hope that when it’s my turn, I can do the same for my kid and it will turn out well for him. But that’s another story. I think we were in the same boat as the kids today. We had Paula Abdul and Madonna and Loverboy, and then Nirvana came along. I agree with Dave that it was timing. We were hungry for something new, and that was certainly something new and different. But I think the pendulum has swung back to pop…the Lumineers are a band, but not rock. Lifehouse, when they release something, like their guitars, but more in a Coldplay/Radiohead kind of way. They are pop. What Nirvana and Pearl Jam did was mix the two – they weren’t considered pop, but their songs were popular and on the Top 40 lists all the time. So they got played on the rock stations and the pop stations. Today, I’m not sure there’s a band that really does that unless you’re talking about 105.1 where you have “hits from yesterday and today” (think U2). But even so, you won’t find a Metallica or Limp Bizkit song on there. Sure, there’s crap today, but come on, let’s not forget Wreckz and Effect (I can’t even spell the name right) “Rumpshaker”. That was certainly crap from our time, and I loved that song. I still remember the bikini-clad women standing in the water blowing on saxophones. hahahaha. I’m sure my parents thought Boston or Journey were crap, and now they’re considered “classics”. So to answer your question, there’s a lot of crap out there, but there always has been, and you’re a different person now than when you were a teen, and music fills a different part of your life now. Growing up, the radio was what I listened to, same as generations before us. You don’t have a TV in your room when you’re 8 – you have Sirius radio or your ipod/pad/phone. I do not believe “rock” as we know it is around anymore. So get out the Journey and don’t stop believin’.

  2. OK we talked about this the other day, but now I have had time to organize my thoughts better. I will admit that we are no longer in the heyday of pure rock and roll. Whether you consider grunge and alternative as rock or not, you have to admit that rap, hip-hop, and pure pop have absorbed a lot of the listening audience for rock. That could possibly translate into why there are less new rock acts out there, at least new acts that are getting promotion and airplay.

    But I don’t think it’s the lack of new groups that was your point, it was the lack of quality. Specifically new quality music that you could say “now THAT rock music kicks ass”. I’ll be the first to admit that we haven’t had an explosively big band in ages (a Metallica, Van Halen, AC/DC etc).

    I’ll give you three new(ish) bands that I like.
    1. I mentioned Pop Evil as having a couple songs I like.
    2. Nigel Dupree (son of Jackyl front man Jesse James Dupree of whom I am a fan) has 2 albums out and while I haven’t listened to the second, I loved the first.
    3. Halestorm, a female fronted band that does terrific covers and also strong original tunes.

    I’ll also offer up an older local band, since almost nobody knows abou them (besides Toast) I think they count. Federation of Horsepower has a blues inspired sound that just knocks it out of the park for me.

    So I guess in summation I want to say that while there is less rock, and less innovation, there are still gems to be had if you mine deep enough.

    N }:-

    PS: here is the J-pop/metal band we talked about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIKqgE4BwAY

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