To Blog or not to Blog

I have been struggling to create content lately, not because I don’t have the content to put out but because I don’t know the right medium anymore. It used to be that the blog was the default for my rants, random thoughts and the like but today I have no clue where it should go.

Facebook has turned into a prayer book, and no I am not jumping on my religious friends at all but basically at the notion that instead of picking up the phone and calling a friend about an issue people now leave it to facebook to answer their prayers… or air their dirty laundry. A lot of my thoughts that used to fit so nicely here have now become displaced passengers stranded in an island where they don’t have the money to get into the next ship.

I used to feel like I could put anything I wanted here and most readers understood that I was being devils advocate and trying to make them think of another point of view, or simply exploring my own point of view. The internet is not the same place anymore. Can someone really become radicalized simply by reading the internet? Do I seriously long for the dirty place where the worst thing you could find was rotten dot com?

Having a lot to say does not cut it anymore, and frankly facebook discussions with people that barely understand the difference between religion, conviction and morals is really futile. Twitter is even worse. The podcast I wanted to start has some merit but it will not be a complete outlet, only a small drip… lol

Pair that with the fact that now things are more and more available to everyone and YES your Mom knows that you blog.

I have a couple of entries that should make an appearance soon, but then again is it time to move to a new format and maybe create a serious YouTube channel? Did the blog really die with the first decade of this century?

Back to the same thing, at this point I am not sure if I should blog or not. /sigh


  1. Although my blog is still out there, I hardly ever create any new content. I was becoming very repetitious. Whenever there was a topic I felt compelled to create a post about I would do a search for that topic on my blog and more often than not, I had already made my thoughts known.

    I finally reached the conclusion that I had made so many of my thoughts known on so many subjects, that my opinion was now redundant. Pick any news story from today’s headlines, or any controversial subject. You already know exactly how I feel about it and can write my blog post in your own head.

    My blog has made me obsolete.

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