First Ramble of 2013

- I need to invent a device that lets me post via brain waves… I thought I had already posted this year!
- I went on a cruise and I did not die.
- I am also not deathly ill now… maybe the last time was food poisoning?
- Maybe the seabands do really work.
- Maybe I do have a little of vertigo but more used to it.
- Hoping it stays this way.
- Still torn about the whole cruise thing. The big things that annoyed me before about it are still there.
- The people that serve you there are so underpaid.
- It was nice to have some candid conversations with some of them, truly nice people.
- Cozumel might be my favorite place in the planet now.
- Ceviche might be my hands down favorite food ever too.
- Pescaterian thoughts are swimming in my head.
- People’s bad attitude are something I really want to stay away from in 2013.
- I will be in Chicago soon! WOOT.
- I love having cops for neighbors.
- Nice knowing someone looks over your lootz.
- The more I have to talk about and say, the less I seem to post.
- I really don’t like not feeling like this is a true outlet anymore.
- I might have to start painting.
- Reading abstract art might not be as fun.
- Self censorship.
- Flu sucks… but I am kind of glad that we had it before vacation.
- Sad so many of my friends are suffering through it.
- Sand beaches or Sand! Bitches!

Bottle opener

2 Responses to First Ramble of 2013

  1. yo! emailed you, didn’t hear back sucka.

  2. I thought I e-mailed you that day, I’ll mail ya soon :P

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