Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!

– It is kind of amazing that my first little project at work had me talking to people in Bogota, Colombia.
– My brain hurt after having to do simultaneous technical interpretation.
– I had done medical stuff before, but technical is a bit harder it seems.
– Maybe I am just out of practice.
– So work is going pretty good.
– I love my nurse!
– I respect her for being able to endure 4 shifts in a row, that is just crazy.
– Every day it gets easier to think about my uncle.
– I truly feel he is resting in peace now.
– My future MiL’s first computer virus was the “Batman” virus.
– Not sure of she was just trolling me.
– Supposedly it displayed a banner on the screen, “HOLY COW, you have The BATMAN virus.”
– She made meatloaf last week.
– I skipped soccer on Friday.
– Its a double header and my back was just not into it.
– Appearently our team captain got into it with another chick… like fist flying and stuff.
– Glad I was not there.
– Seriously people, this is amateur soccer.
– I need to start bike riding again.
– And going to the Gym.
– And training the dogs.
– It’s actually really good to be busy.
– Even better to relax a little.
– The nurse and I saw the last Batman movie this week.
– It was hard not to think of the Aurora tragedy.
– The movie was excellent, great acting… lots of possibilities to spin something off.
– Christian Bale still sounds ridiculous when he makes the Batman voice.
– To think the best movies out lately have been superhero movies makes me both happy and sad.
– It seems Hollywood does not have many original ideas.
– Don’t even look at the remakes they are making the next year.
– I spent the weekend with the parentals in law.
– Stopped the shark week madness and made them watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
– Seriously had to stop the madness when I saw a hammer head shark growl underwater.
– There should be a law about movies that bad.
– Mr. Recommendation has a way to get me into all kinds of trouble, both good and bad.
– I am now part of Operation Thermal Reunion board members.
– Yes, I will be working on the site very soon to bring it to the current millennium.
– It screams geocities doesn’t it.
– It is an awesome faith based organization that wants you to play golf.
– Helping firefighters is a great cause.
– I suck at golf.
– I think I make good contact with the ball only a handful of times on 18 holes.
– It did not help that I played soccer late at night the previous day.
– Little sleep makes for horrible golf.
– Did I mention meatloaf already?
– Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


As my world seems to explode with political ads, I cannot simply be excited by the implosion of the republican party that now stands for nothing but whatever they think will get them elected. Obamacare being the evil that it is, specially coming from that no carrying illegal Muslim of a president we have. Bigotry seems to be the high fashion these days. It matters not that I studied for the constitution exam when becoming a citizen. “No siree(, Bob)!” my “brown” complexion makes me an automatic Mexican; better yet, if I go to Arizona I might even be deported to my country of “origin.”

I promise to hold back on the quotes… as “hard” as it might be.

I am just tired of how diluted our world becomes every day when we look for common denominators on things that really don’t matter. We ignore what is really going on around us and can unite us and go for those things that separate us. What do I have in common with a multimillionaire that pays little taxes? Nothing. What do I have in common with many other Americans struggling to make their house payments? A lot more. Yet, I see people every day supporting ideologies that people that they have nothing in common with (besides some rhetoric.) Ideologies sometimes as dangerous as ones that support that inequality that should have been abolished long ago. Equality only applies to the opportunity to make money, not to anything else.

This is not just about eating some crappy chicken either.

When the ads on TV do nothing but attack candidates it makes it clear that they are not trying to convey a message, they are just trying to win a race. They are not trying to win your support, they are trying to make the other guy lose more support. Political parties seem to now have a checklist to determine if you are now in line what with they believe or not. We don’t vote for individuals, we vote for clones that fit the current molds the best. The thing we are losing though is respect. Self respect.

Instead of discussing politics and trying to build on each other’s ideas we have do spend tons of time a day tuning out the same garbage over and over. Instead of talking of solutions we talk about how we can undo what the other person is doing. Nobody respects ideas anymore unless they are the same one as our own.

If you want to eat chicken from a place that does not support gay marriage, do so.

I personally have always been for gay marriage. I have debated that topic in the past before and the conclusion for me at least is that if you believe it is a choice to be gay, there is no reason for me to talk to you about the subject any longer. It’s something I have made my mind up about. A gay person’s choice of not being gay anymore is as easy as me trying to stop being brown by bleaching my skin and shaving my head to be something I am not. I could chose to pretend I am not something, but when you are what you are there is really no choice. The choice is on the behavior side of things not on what the person is.

We live in a world that seems to want to remind us of labels constantly instead of wanting to judge us for our deeds. I hope that changes. I chose to look at people for who they are and what their actions are, not for what label society wants to put on them. If you are not capable of that, good luck with your life deprived of the browns and the gays and possibly the non bigot pasty people too.

Restarting the Engine

Blogging has been something that has been difficult for me to do as of lately. I have a lot to say about thew world around me, but most of it is frustration and sadness. Thankfully that chapter seems to be over and now that my uncle has passed on I think I can once again put my thoughts here. Even when there are a millions things to talk about it seems secondary to someone close to you battling a terminal illness. I am sure I will eventually post about the lesson’s learned throughout the process.

Being back in Kansas City has been a great blessing in many respects. Sure, the fact that my love and emotional life are in a very good place now is amazing, but the balance that I have achieved in every other aspect is also very telling. I still love Chicago as much as always, but Kansas City feels like home.

Things with my nurse get better and better each time. I had spent plenty of time in my life trying to figure out who I was a not much time actually being. We seem to spend our time together actually doing things rather than talking about them. More than support for who I am or I want to accomplish (which I get) I feel that she is proud of who I am. She is proud to have me by her side as much as I am proud of her. That is a great feeling in the middle of many that I had never felt before from a partner in crime.

The new job is going great. It was that job that I thought I should have had a while back but I am glad I did not get until now. The experience that I have gained during my previous two companies has really enhanced my capability of doing a great job in this present job. It is pretty cool to be able to apply what you know to help others do a better job. The travel part is just icing on the cake.

I have spent this summer doing lots of things that I thought I would not do. Some I enjoy more than others, but I feel like I am being more open minded. I have a more solid grasp on what I want out of my relationships in life and I think the ones I have now are stronger than ever before.

The only thing the really sucks right now is time. I don’t have nearly enough time to do everything that I want to so. Hopefully can stick with it and start to blog again in a consistent basis.

How is this summer treating you?

Mi Tio Gilberto

There is a lot of pain floating around in my heart about my uncle’s passing. There is a lot of anger towards lots and lots of people. There is also the question of did I do enough. The thing is that he would not want me to remember him that way, he was the kind of guy that was never angry or annoyed, he was always laughing or trying to make others laugh.

He was one of those grown ups that always made me feel like my opinion mattered. Even from when I was really young he always asked me what I thought. That was empowering, and probably one of the reasons I have always been so self-assured. If my uncle thinks my opinion matters, then it must.

I still remember the day he got his prized car, a baby blue jaguar. What does he do? He hands the keys over to me and tells me to take it for a spin. I was young and only had my license for a couple of years at the time but he was very willing to trust me with his awesome ride. Come to think of it, any time we were together in a vehicle and I was old enough to drive I was the one taking him around.

Years passed, his sickness got a hold of him and I now had to drive the car because he could not anymore.

I remember the last time I drove the jaguar, it had been sitting for probably a couple of years with little or no use. The vehicle was in very poor condition and I had to tell him that I did not feel safe driving it unless we took it in and had it looked at. I hate the fact that I had to tell the guy that never told me no and always made me believe in the impossible, no… about his car, about him getting better, about the reality of a terminal illness.

Nothing that I say will ever convey who he was, you had to meet him to really experience his larger than life attitude. I am glad that Heather had a chance to meet him, even though it was when he was already beaten up and almost defeated he made it a point that I lifted his had for him so he could shake Heather’s hand and mouth nice to meet you because he could not say the words anymore.

I have many good memories of him and I am holding onto them very much. We spent lots of time together the last couple of years driving around to and from doctor appointment to hospitals but we had great conversations. He told me about his childhood and growing up, also about all the hell he used to raise when he was young. He always had a smile, always had a joke and most of all he loved life.

I am so sad that you got taken away so young Tio. I am glad you got to see the world and experience life. I love you, and I miss you so much.

Boston, the Float and 50 Shades of Crap

So much to talk about, so little time to actually do it. To say that I have been busy lately is to say that DaVinci had a little talent. Life is full right now, but in a good way. The only negative at the moment is that my uncle is close to the end… but that is a post that I don’t want to elaborate on right now.

I just got back from Boston and then right after headed down to southern MO for some river madness. Before getting into those two I want to get into something that I cannot stay quiet about.

So, remember how creepy it was that 40 year old women were lusting over “Edward” and “Jacob.” Yeap, just as creepy as a 40 year old dude lusting over a teenager. So one of those crazy ladies wrote a fanfiction about how cool it would be if an “Edward” type character was all grown up… and well, lets add some misguided view of the BDSM world and voila… we have crap literature. There is plenty of good smut out in the internet, not just pr0n but actual written stories about BDSM that are far better written and not so absurd.

I wish I was more connected with the BDSM world so I could be more pissed, but everything that I have heard about this gem of a book has made me want to vomit. It pains me to know that there are people out there reading this and thinking that it is in any way a representation of that world. It is just as bad as when people think that Colombia is a place where you fly to accompanied by chickens and pigs. I guess the world is becoming a place where you forget what fiction means and take everything you read as reality. I guess we can thank the news for creating more and more sheep every day. Then I read recently that they are going to make a movie… and I really needed a barf bag.

So switching gears from something I am begining to hate to something I had hated for a while, lets talk about the outdoors.

I am not a camping kind of guy. I belive that we have evolved so we don’t have to sleep on the ground anymore. So when a “float” trip was looming in the horizon I was so not looking forward to being in the outdoors. I was put at easy when running water and indoor plumbing were included in the plans. The whole pooping in the woods is just not for me.

I was dreading heading that far south because with the proximity to ARkansas I was afraid of some misguided minuteman that might want to catch themselves and illegal. Deliverance images flashed through my head as I drove down there and was almost ready to turn around and drive right back to civilization. I will leave some of the details out for a future post, I did save a life while going down the river… but let me tell you that I might become more of an outdoor person now.

The place we stayed at was fantastic. Beautiful scenary, very nice people, long chats by the campfire. I really enjoyed the time spent down there (where I was not fearing that someone was going to drown). It really cemented my future plan of some day owning some lakefront property in the future.

Last but not least I visited Boston for business. I got to see the green monster and ate plenty of seafood. The city is pretty and I wish I can spend some time there and walk around… however, NEVER DRIVE THERE!!! its ridiculous to have to wait 2 hours to go 20 miles. This is all I have for now, I promise that I will try to start writing more soon. Love being back in KC, and looking forward to traveling a little more.